Our Story

Introducing the secure end-to-end platform for like-minded people to share sexy content.

xPost was created to fill the gap and provide a truly open social networking and content-sharing platform for like-minded people to share without regret.

It’s no secret that income-producing opportunities are far and few between. Between automation and artificial intelligence devestating low-wage labor (as well as a gross failure of monetary policy that’s contributed massively to income inequality) many people’s income has been left behind, if not destroyed all together - until now.

xPost provides a simple and easy solution to bring eager women and men extra income - simply by sharing their sexy pictures online.

xPost is proud to empower these digital pioneers to “bring home the bacon” from the safety of their own couch.

Whether assisting in earning extra income, or replacing a full-time income - xPost creates an exciting cash-flow-producing opportunity for anyone interested in showing off what god gave them, simply by using the smartphone in their pocket.

If you’re looking for some extra cash, or simply a safe and secure way to share your sexy content, xPost, finally, is here.