Follow These 5 Sexy Snapchat Girls Accounts

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Besides Tumblr, girls are posting their nudes to Snapchat. Why? Because there's no one to stop them! On other social media sites like Instagram, they don't take nudity all too well. Porn stars like Asa Akira have frequently spoken out about how they hate Instagram's censorship rules that constantly get their accounts deleted, and while you can get away with it on Twitter, you don't see too many girls wanting to post their nudes on their page for everyone to see. Snapchat gives them a sense of control on who's allowed to look at their nudes by choosing who to add or not, and most often, who pays or not.

If you want to see some of the best porn content outside of PornHub, here are five girls who post sexy stuff to their Snapchat stories.

  1. Emily Ratajkowski

    While you're never going to get full-on nudes from supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, you can get damn near close. This model never shies away from showing off her body in swimwear and strategically posed nudes that hide her intimate parts. Regardless, Emily Ratajkowski is one of the hottest models using Snapchat right now, and even more than that, she leads an exciting life that you can get a behind-the-scenes look at through her snapchat. Just recently, she was arrested during the Kavanaugh protest in D.C. - which she documented on her Snapchat.

    You won't regret following this super-hot badass of a woman.

    Username: emrata

  2. Alycia Tyre

    Known on social media as 'Sahlt,' Alycia is a frequent snapchat poster that not only shows her day-to-day activities but her insane body as well. Her figure is incredible, and even better, she recently got some new titties!

    Seriously, they look amazing.

    The 20-something social media star has built up a following of over 1 million Instagram followers, and she loves to keep them entertained with regular posts. Similarly, she usually posts every day to her Snapchat story, where you can see snaps of her outfits, body, and bikini-wear. Along with being able to see her insane body, you'll get a glimpse into her life and see what she's up to every day. This is another reason why models, pornstars, and just about every girl likes to use Snapchat, and why their fans love it, too. It feels more intimate and like you know the person when you see what they're doing every day, and porn fans especially love the connection it gives them to their favorite pornstars.

    She might not get naked on there, but again, it gets pretty close, and she's drop-dead gorgeous enough to enjoy her Snapchats still.

    Username: alyciatyre

  3. Dani Daniels

    If you want to see the good stuff, you're going to have to pay for it - but it's well worth it.

    You might recognize Dani Daniels' name as one of the top pornstars in the industry right now, or if you watched the first-ever 2018 PornHub Awards, as the winner of the Best Premium Snapchat account. Her win was well-deserved given she's probably the most active and most entertaining pornstar to watch on Snapchat. Her content is always fresh and exciting, and she knows how to make you feel like you're there in the moment with her. Whether she's fingering herself in the back of an Uber or in the air inside an airplane restroom, Dani Daniels is likely to never disappoint if you subscribe to her Premium Snapchat.

    You can add her for free, but be aware that you're in for a load of teasers that'll leave you wanting more. To promote her Premium Snapchat, she posts teaser snaps which never show her fully nude or the action you want to see but instead asks you to "swipe up" to get access to her Premium account where she posts all her porn snaps. If you were going to purchase any pornstar's Premium Snapchat, you might as well buy the best one from an award-winning pornstar, but you can try out her free Snapchat first.

    Username: suckingallthed

  4. Holly Hendrixx

    Yet another award-winning porn actress, Holly Hendrix has made a name for herself in porn and has won AVN-awards for her performances, and is now taking them to Snapchat. Not only is she a great pornstar with a hot body, but she's really cool. You get to see both sides of her life on Snapchat, plus a LOT of booty pics. If you're an ass-over-boobs person, then you'll love Holly. Even though she has a small frame with petite tits, her booty definitely still has jiggle to it, and she loves to show it off on her Snapchat for all her followers to see.

    Getting an inside look at a pornstar's life is always interesting, but when you throw in nude snaps, it makes it all the more fun. If you add Holly on Snapchat, you won't regret it.

    Username: hollyhendrixxx

  5. Kendra Sunderland

    Another name that might be familiar to you - and if not's, have you been living under a rock? Kendra Sunderland is a great porn-success story, starting with her webcamming herself and going viral after getting naked in Oregon State's library.

    Since then, Kendra Sunderland has become a porn sensation, and even gained the honor of being named VIXEN's Angel of the Year, having her own fleshlight mold, winner of XBIZ and AVN awards, and is currently in the running for the cover of Maxim. She's gained a lot of success over what seems like a short period of time, and it's only growing. Recently, Kanye West collaborated with PornHub and Kendra Sunderland to create an exclusive line of sweatshirts with her name and an abstract painting of her face on it.

    There's a lot to keep up with this girl, but if you want to make sure you never miss out on any nude snaps or exclusive porn that she posts to her Premium Snapchat account, your best bet is to e-mail her support team at [email protected] since her username is nowhere to be found on the Internet.