How Snapchat Cheaters Never Get Caught [wiki leak]

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Everyone knows that cheaters like to use Snapchat because of it's disappearing nature. When you send a picture or video, you can control how much time the other person can see it for, and once they have, it's gone. Of course, there are exceptions and complications when it comes to Snapchat and its 'disappearing' nature, but for the most part, it's the perfect app for cheating.

Almost perfect, anyways.

While with all the cool features Snapchat has that makes everyone like it so much, those are also the same features that can get a cheater caught if they're not careful about it. Features like Snap Maps especially is one way for a cheater to get caught. Tracking your location makes you wonder how not every Snapchat cheater gets caught. Snapchat knows so much about you and your whereabouts they should practically do everyone a favor and let them know if they're getting cheated on, but they don't.

If you want to uncover the secrets of Snapchat cheaters and all their tricks never to get caught, here's how they do it.

They make sure to turn off their location sharing

One of Snapchat's newer features, the Snap Map, is one that has caused many cheaters to get caught. This was more so when it first came out due to people not knowing they could turn off their location-sharing, left it on and didn't think twice about it, or they just didn't bother to check if they were on the map. People have gotten caught in the worst ways, from their bitmojis appearing next to somebody else's at their house that isn't their partner and finding them in unknown locations. It's resulted in so many screenshots of people getting exposed on social media for cheating.

To make sure that something like this doesn't happen to them, some Snapchat cheaters have turned off their location-sharing on the map, known as 'Ghost Mode,' so that no one can track them down and catch them slipping.

But there's still a way you can leave your location on not to raise any alarms, but still be smart about it so that you don't get caught.

If you decide to keep your location-sharing on, just remember that the map only updates where you are when you open Snapchat. If the cheater happens to be at someone else's house other than their partner's, then they'd be smart not to use Snapchat while they're there, and most of the time, they're too busy doing something else to open up the app.

Careful not to spend too much time on their phones while with their partners

It's easy to tell when your partner is preoccupied with something on their phone and not paying attention to you. It's something that gets a lot of people upset and jealous because it makes them feel like they're competing for their partner's attention with their phones. Some people even go as far as to snatch their partner's phones out of their hands and ask, "What are you looking at anyway?" only to catch their partner cheating. You could see why this would be an unfortunate situation if you're a Snapchat cheater because you basically gave yourself away.

That's why some Snapchat cheaters know better than to spend too much staring at their phones as they Snapchat someone else while they're with their partner. If they have any sense, they'll know not to give themselves away by constantly checking their phones and smiling at the dirty pictures they receive and put it off until they're by themselves or not with their partner.

Live by the golden rule

No screenshots.

That's the number one way Snapchat cheaters make sure they never get caught. If they're serious about not getting exposed, they'll make sure that whoever they're dirty Dnapchatting with doesn't take screenshots, and they don't either. That way, there's no risk of evidence of their conversations being sent to their partners and getting caught. Screenshots are the source of all conflict when it comes to cheating because it's the only way you can get caught besides in-person, but that usually doesn't happen. It's more common nowadays to get caught cheating through screenshots of your activity in texts or online, in this case, Snapchat.

By making sure no screenshots are taken on either side, trust is built that the other person won't expose them and they don't get caught because there's nothing to show.

But the other rule to live by is in never saving messages, either. When you're chatting through Snapchat, you have the option of holding a message and saving it to view later. This obviously could cause problems and reveal what your conversations with certain people were about if your partner should ever see them. That's why cheaters also make sure that the people they're Snapping don't save messages because even if you don't and the other person does, you'll still be able to see the saved messages from your end.

They know when to delete

When all else fails, or there's a risk of them getting caught, Snapchat cheaters do one thing: delete. This is especially true when they Snap someone enough to the point where they get those little friend emojis next to their name. This is a huge red flag and a sure-fire way to get yourself caught if your partner ever saw this, so Snapchat cheaters delete the conversation history when this happens. They think about if their partner were to see their Snapchat conversation log and see a golden heart next to someone's name that isn't theirs, and they know that they'd be caught. It's kind of hard to explain why someone of the opposite sex that they don't know is one of your best friends and most-snapchatted people in your contacts and come up with a good excuse.