5 Key Steps To Steamy Snap Nudes

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Unless you're in a relationship with someone, and even then, you probably don't send your nudes through text. Instead, you use Snapchat - mostly everyone does. Ever since its launch, Snapchat has been associated with sexting because of the fleeting nature of the pictures and videos you can send that can disappear within 10 seconds or less. This made it ideal for people who wanted to have a quick sexting session without worrying if their pictures will be saved.

While that part is a little more complicated now with screenshots and weird apps people use to save your snaps (be careful out there), Snapchat remains the most popular app for sexting, next to Kik.

By using Snapchat, you're open to even more possibilities of making your nudes look great versus if you were just opening your phone's camera. If you're just snapping and sending right away without any second thought, you're doing it all wrong.

Here are five things to remember when taking snap nudes for the best results possible.

Get Into It

Taking nudes is more than just a horny hobby; it's an art! You should always appreciate and treat your body as such as much as possible, and what better time than when you're trying to snap some nudes?

This is your chance to show off every amazing inch of you, even if it's just to some guy you may or may not talk to again, but this is more about you than him. Really getting into taking your nudes could create some beautiful shots if you take them the right way, but the attitude is what makes it better. You wouldn't take nudes when you're in a bad mood because you'll most likely end up hating all of them. Your best bet is to take them when you're in a horny mood, which I'm sure everyone does, and never take any if you don't want to or don't feel like it.

You want to feel like your best self and want to put in enough effort to where it's fun because if it's not fun, then it's not worth doing.

Treat It Like It's Real Sex

That means that there should be a build-up to your sexting. If you go straight into showing your bare tits or sending your dick (don't ever start like that pls), then there's really no point in continuing further if you already got what you were looking for. Instead, you should treat sexting and sending nudes as foreplay, and include all the essential steps before having sex.

You want to start off by snapping someone while you're still fully clothed and start the conversation this way. It's a lot more fun watching each snap get dirtier by the minute instead of diving in head-first to some nudes. Including text and chatting with each other helps you flirt and say explicit things that could lead to sexting and sharing nudes, and from there you want to keep building the tension. Conducting your own striptease through Snpapchat can be really satisfying, and when you both finally give in and show everything, it'll be so much more worth waiting for.

Use Filters, GIFS, and Stickers

Snapchat is filled with tons of features to make some interesting nudes. You don't have to send just your body with no context - in fact, that's probably the most boring way to snap someone nudes. You have better chances at keeping the sexting going and receiving responses if you put some effort into your snaps and make them fun to receive. Using the different filters and lenses on your pictures and videos could give them a really cool effect, and can work as a clever way to censor some bits on your body.

Another way you could incorporate some features into your nude snaps is by motion tracking parts of your body with stickers! Not only can you add stickers to your images, but you can also make them move on videos by holding the sticker and pressing it over the part of the video you want it to cover. I've found this feature to be particularly great for covering your nips in naked snaps.

GIFs are also a relatively new feature to Snapchat that can be used in both pictures and videos. You can add any GIF you want to your images, and these can also work for covering pieces of your body to create more sexual tension.

Talk Dirty

One thing people get wrong about sending Snapchat nudes is they think they don't have to talk or say things, but that's wrong. Being silent while sexting is just as bad as being silent during sex. If you're not used to actually texting someone while sexting them, you should try talking dirty while sending photos of yourself to see what reaction you get and how it could change the dynamic of your sexting. Adding a line of text could add so much more context in the mind of the other person on the receiving end if you add something like "I want you to take this off of me" along with a snap of you in your panties.

Use Video

Pictures are great, and while you can make them self-destruct in a matter of seconds, they can get boring and repetitive. Spice things up by taking videos and sending them to the person you're sexting. Seeing things in real-time motion makes it sexier, and instead of typing something dirty you can just say it out loud.

Take advantage of being able to create your own homemade 10-second porno and get as wild, or as mild, as you want to and explore with different ideas.

They'd also be cute to save and look back on later.

You can make your videos as long or as short as you want, you're in total control and can also give a glimpse at your more intimate parts through video to get the other person begging to see more. Snapchat videos are also helpful for couples in long-distance relationships when sexting because it's faster and more convenient than Skype, and you can send them whenever you want.

Try all these steps the next time you exchange snap nudes with someone!