5 Nude Snapchat Accounts to Follow for Free

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  1. VioletSpread

    Now here's a girl that knows how to ride. If you add her on snapchat, you'll soon find out why she's one of the most popular nudie snapchat accounts in the game right now.

    If you google her name, you'll find an absolutely huge stash of porn clips she has filmed of herself. She's actually made quite a name for herself on sites like Reddit and Imgur.

    With an ass like Madonna and tits to match, VioletSpread is (in my opinion) one of the hottest girls on snapchat. She plays with lots of toys and somehow manages to get me in the mood regardless of where I am or what I'm doing.

    If I didn't know any better, I'd assume she had cast a spell on me. I mean, this girl is truly something to behold. If you don't believe me, just add her on snapchat and see for yourself.

    All you have to do is type VioletSpread into your freind search bar in snapchat, and add her. Seriously. That's it.

  2. The Legendary Naomi Woods

    Just in case you want to get straight to snapchatting, her snapchat is 'naomiwoodsxxx1' and you can add her right now.

    If, somehow, you don't know who Naomi Woods is then you should start looking at the internet more often. She's most commonly known for her wonderful work in the "Brother & Sister" category on most sites. It's obvious that she will be making videos that'll be jerked off to for years to cum.

    She has one of the most naturally beautiful faces I've ever seen on a pornstar - or even in general for that matter. I'm serious; her face alone is what initially got me interested in her. She's the kind of girl who's so pretty that it doesn't even matter what the rest of her looks like. You'd fuck her.

    Barely wearing any makeup at all, Ms. Woods appears in most of her pornos with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and gorgeous lips (both pairs).

    You can check out some of her pornos right here if you want to see how pretty she really is. In some ways, she actually looks a lot like Ariana Grande - and we all know how fucking hot Ariana Grande is, right?

    If you have any sense at all, you'll add this girl ASAP. She's just a beautiful as she is horny, which in this case, is great news.

  3. Adria Rae

    Here's her snapchat: adriaraexxx

    Honestly, Adria Rae is (beyond a shadow of a doubt) one of my favorite porn stars. Picking her for this list was second nature to me. I mean, she's got it all; plus an ass that could achieve world peace. You know what I'm talking about. The kind of ass that makes you forget what your own name is? Yeah.

    She's getting so popular so quickly; it's difficult to find a porn site that DOESN"T have one of her videos on the front page. If you still don't believe me, you can go check it out. See if I'm right

    OK, let's talk about what makes Adira Rae's snapchat a cut above anything else free on snapchat. In almost every snap she somehow manages to effortlessly complement all of her best features while simultaneously giving us a look at her in a way we usually don't get to see - or masturbate to.

    Most likely, you see her every day on your favorite site and think about how crazy hot she is. But until you follow her snapchat, you'll never really know how it really is.

    You can lookk at some of her snapchats over here for a little taste of what's to come. Have fun!

  4. Nikki Delano

    Nikki has always been one of the most bangin' ladies in the world of porn, but recently she's been taking her talents to snapchat, where she posts dozens of nude snapchats to her story (and followers) every day!

    If you aren't a fan of the 'mom' vibe or a girl with bolted-on tits, then Nikki Delano might not be the right fit for you. If you want to check out all of her dirtiest videos, check them out right here.

    In her porn videos, she tends to be in the more 'hardcore' section of pornography. You can watch as she regularly gets pounded by bros with alarmingly huge dicks, so hard that her skin turns red. But, I guess it makes sense. She's think kind of woman who enjoys that treatment

    She's a lady who's got a massive ass and a rack that reminds me of Stiffler's moms' rack. Her snapchats are usually a little different from her porn videos too. She still goes pretty hard for some of her stories, but that's not the only thing she's about.

    She still knows her fans love seeing her masturbate like she's trying to wash a dish caked in concrete, but she slides in more than a few wholesome bits of content as well. It's nice to see a part of her life that isn't just taking foot-long penises from every angle.

    This is her snapchat username: nikkidelanoxxxx - just in case you were curious.

  5. Carter Cruise

    Carter Cruise is a twenty-first-century porn icon. She's been in almost every porno I can remember since the time I started masturbating. She's one of the faces you'd recognize if you saw her out in public. Now, if you would go up and talk to her is a different question entirely.

    It's a good thing snapchat exists; otherwise, people like you and I wouldn't be able to look at them naked for free. If you don't already know what she looks like (or what she looks like when she's taking a dick), here is a wonderful collection of videos she's starred in.

    It's obvious that Carter is the personification of beauty, but does she have any quality snaps? The answer is yes. She posts some of the sexiest snapchats I've seen from a pornstar in a while.

    Most porn stars focus on the hardcore shit most of the time, but Carter tends to give you just a little taste of what she wants you to see. She teases her followers like a middle school bully, and it works wonders.

    Her snapchat is great because it leaves a little to the imagination sometimes. She makes you feel like you're really getting a full show - and not just a raw fuck-show with zero foreplay.

    I hope you add all of these girls on snapchat today, and I hope you have a good time. There's really nothing like snapchat nudes, are there? Well, maybe a blowjob in the morning, but that's about it.

    Oh, and this is her snapchat: Cartercruise