Top 25 Sexiest Pornstar Snapchats To Follow NOW

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Pornstars are taking over Snapchat. It's a fact that some love and others hate. Some pornstar's Snapchats are free, and others you have to pay for, which is why some people aren't too fond of this idea of paying for porn when you can just watch it online for free.

But for the most part, we're loving the hell out of getting porn straight to our Snapchats instead of lurking around PornHub in the middle of the night. If you don't follow at least one pornstar on your Snapchat, then you're missing out on one of the best decisions of your life.

Here are some of the hottest pornstars you need to follow right now.

  1. Dani Daniels

    It's only fair that we start off with the 2018 'Best Premium Snapchat' winner.

    Dani Daniels has been in porn for a while now, but more recently, she's kind of been considered the queen of private Snapchats. If you have her public Snapchat, then you'd know how crazy she gets on there, but she also teases everyone with her snaps and tells you if you want to see more, you're going to have to add her premium Snapchat. I imagine it works really well because when I'm watching her snaps, I'm ready to pull out my debit card and purchase a membership to her private snap.

    She goes above and beyond for her viewers and always provides exciting content that you'll never get bored of. She's a very frequent poster, and her fans show an immense amount of love to her that she replies to practically every message anyone sends her, so if you're going to have a chance talking to any pornstars, it'll probably be Dani Daniels. She's shown her fingering herself in the back of Ubers, getting caught, playing with herself in an airplane bathroom, and many more sexual shenanigans.

    For access to her private snap, you can visit her page on FanCentro, but you can also add her public snapchat and swipe up on any of the preview snaps she posts daily (username: suckingallthed).

  2. Asa Akira

    If you want to keep up with a porn legend, then you need to follow Asa Akira. I'm sure you've heard of her and maybe have even seen a few of her films, considering she's been in over 500 of them. Whether she's posting nude shots to her story, whatever event she's at, or what she's doing, it'll always be entertaining. She recently was the host, along with Aria of PornHub, of the first-ever PornHub Awards in collaboration with Kanye West. Throughout the whole night, she was snapping and posting pictures and videos of the awards, while also showing off her amazing tits that were out for display in her custom Yeezy dress.

    Her Snapchat might not be private or premium, but that doesn't mean you won't get nude snaps from her - plus, it's free! Assa makes it clear on her social media that she's totally against and annoyed with Instagram and Twitter's photo policies concerning nudity. She's had her Instagram account deleted multiple times for posting her nudes, and she's favored Snapchat for that now.

    Add her and see what this amazing woman is up to (username: asaholeakira).

  3. Alby Rydes

    When she's not starring in porn, Alby Rydes also stars in various music videos, including NBA star Iman Shumpert's. Since we love to document everything online nowadays, Alby is no exception, but we're not complaining. This tattooed-babe is currently pregnant, so she's stepping away from porn for a bit, but you can still watch this now super-hot MILF on Snapchat every day. Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she's toned down her sexiness one bit. She loves to wear revealing clothing and has an insane body that she likes to snap often.

    If you find that her public snapchat (username: rebellefleurxx) isn't enough for you, then you can purchase her premium Snapchat account to get all-access to her most X-rated snaps and get the chance to talk to her.

  4. AJ Applegate

    Crowned booty queen and squirt queen, according to her Instagram bio, AJ Applegate's name is fitting; her perfectly round ass makes her the best pornstar to add if you like booties. She, too, saves her best snaps for her premium Snapchat, which you can find on FanCentro, where she shares her most exclusive content for buyers and frequently interacts with them on that account. She's known for anal scenes, and of course, squirting, and you can get a taste of that on her private Snapchat. She'll post some super hot solo-porn, have guests on her Snapchat, and just be naked basically. It's a good time if you want to see her in between her latest releases.

    She tends to post daily and communicates with all her fans. So if you love petite, big-booty blondes, then AJ Applegate is the perfect pornstar to follow on Snapchat.

  5. Angela White

    For those of you that are more into boobs than ass, you'll love Australian pornstar Angela White. This girl is stunning and has the boobs to match, and she's been a top performer in the porn industry for a while now. She recently was an inductee to AVN's Hall of Fame in 2018, and she was also the AVN Awards' host and winner of their Female Performer of the Year for the same year. She's a boss and always on top of her game, and the same goes for her Snapchat. This pornstar with her own fleshlight mold is an avid user of Snapchat, and lucky for you, it's a public account.

    That means you get to see this gorgeous, busty woman every day on your phone screens for free, and watch her do daily activities while looking so good. But she also throws in surprises and shows off her huge tits often. You can also watch her masturbate regularly, among other fun things.

    Add her now!

    Username: angelawhitesnap