Snap Sext: Is It Worth It? [REVIEW]

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Hookup sites make it easy for horny people to meet and fuck. Instead of beating your meat and watching porn, wishing you can have sex with some hot girl, you can actually talk to some with the help of sites like SnapSext.

If you haven't heard of it, and are wondering why it sounds an awful lot like Snapchat, there's a reason for it. The idea behind SnapSext is that you can communicate with women or men in your area who want to hookup and sext online, with an emphasis on visuals. You can share photos with people, as well as videos, if you choose to, and can also post them to your profile and even watch user live streams and video chat with others. SnapSext wants to make it possible so that you can trade nude pictures and videos with people, and talk to them so that you can eventually meet up and have sex if you both wish.

Of course, these type of sites don't come without a price if you want to get the most out of them. It's hard to find a hookup site these days that don't cost a thing, but sometimes you need to spend some coin to get the best results.

But does it really work?

Well, that's what we're here to find out. Here's what I found out about SnapSext and I let you know if it's truly worth signing up for, but more importantly, spending your money on.

First Impression

While SnapSext's website doesn't appear to be the most design-savvy, it's a simple interface to operate, which makes it a plus. The site's homepage tries to lure you in and beg you to sign up with their huge registration box and slideshow gallery of hot babes that are on the site along with their usernames and ages.

Judging from these pictures, the site looks well worth it to join because it's almost hard to believe how stupid hot these girls are, and their profile pictures are enough to make you nut; but the question begs, are they real? Are these type of girls really on SnapSext and can I really talk to them?

Let's look a little closer…

Signing up for SnapSext is probably one of the easiest things you'll ever do in your life. All the information that I had to input was my gender, who I'm searching for (man, woman, or couple), my location, and age. After I got all that down, the next step was to enter my preferred e-mail and set a password, and soon enough, I was done. Following this sign-up process I was logged in right away and ready to start using SnapSext.


The first thing you might want to do when entering SnapSext's member area, and the first thing that I did, is to browse member's profiles. You can see women's photo galleries that are filled with sexy photos and videos, and let me tell you - the girls are just as hot inside of SnapSext as they are on the outside.

From a person's profile, you can do quite a few things. Chat messaging through your inbox that every member has is possible, as well as group chat with multiple members and video chat. The video chat feature on SnapSext includes both live streaming and regular video chat between two people. Another great messaging feature that SnapSext has for you to meet even more people are integrated chatrooms. You can pick different rooms and talk to different people and join in conversation with SnapSext's members, and rooms range from NSFW to mild conversation.

But if you have someone in mind or know what type of woman you're looking for, with specifics in mind, you can use their search tool to filter things like sexual preference, gender, age, location, appearance, their profession, income (hello sugar babies!), compatibility with you, and their interests. You can filter for compatibility and interests to match yours by filling out your profile and customizing it.

One great feature that SnapSext utilizes is the "online now" that appears on someone's profile when they're active on the site. This is an important feature I've found that not every hookup site has. The whole point of a hookup site is instant gratification, and if someone isn't even online, who knows how long before they are and see your message?

This way, you know who's online and ready to chat, and maybe even hook up just as quick.

I picked out a few members I found in my area with the words "online now" displayed on their profile, and I messaged them. Within minutes, they replied, and I'll just say that the conversation got steamy pretty quick. There was no beating around the bush on this site, something I haven't experienced before, because everyone is there to hook up and sext.


Unfortunately, and the part that made me hesitate in giving SnapSext an outstandingly perfect review, is that if you're a guy, you can't use anything on SnapSext without selecting your payment and subscription option. Since I was only trying this out for review purposes at first (I ended up extending my membership afterward), I chose to go with the 2-day trial for $0.99, but you can also try out a 7-day trial to get a better feel for if you want to continue using SnapSext or not for $9.95.

The longer options can cost you $34.95 per month for a one-month membership, $11.65 per month for a six-month membership, or $6.67 per month for an eighteen-month membership. You might think these are some hefty prices, and they can be, but in comparison to other hookup sites I've tried, they're not that bad.

A year and a half membership is only $120, whereas other sites could charge you this much for half of that time.

Pros & Cons of SnapSext

Let's start with the pros:

First of all, I want to make the point that every profile you see on SnapSext appears to be real and genuine users, and you don't get any of those fake automated messages from "girls" wanting to chat five minutes after you sign up. After my time on the Internet, it's easy for me to tell apart fake profiles from real people, and I didn't find very much fake ones on SnapSext.

Probably the biggest pro to SnapSext, and the reason you're even looking up this review in the first place, is the fact that everyone here wants to have sex and dirty chat with each other, and that's exactly what you get. Everyone is on the same page and not many will be offended if you start off a conversation talking about sex (but if you want success, I 'd suggest not going that route).

Now, let's get into the cons:

Clearly, the only drawback to SnapSext is that it isn't free to use. Unless you cough up some cash, if you're a male, you won't be able to use SnapSext at all. Even worse, there are no free-trial options for men looking to try out the site, and either way, whether they stay or go, have to dish out some money.

Conclusion & Decision

From what I saw, SnapSext seems worth it - if you're willing to pay. If you're looking for a free hookup site, this isn't the one for you at all. But if you're willing to invest in it and your sex life, then it's worth the money because there are many active users on SnapSext, it's easy to talk to people and get the conversation going to where you want it to, and they have some pretty cool features.