The Art Of Sending Sexy Snapchat Nudes [wiki leak]

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Everyone is capable of taking nudes. It's easy to snap a quick picture of your genitals and send it off to someone and get the response you're looking for, but if you want to take it up a notch and make Snapchat sexting something worthwhile and fun, then you need to start taking your Snapchat nudes more serious. Snapchat nudes aren't just a form of sexting, but a literal art form to express your body. Believe it or not, but your nudes could be turned into fine art and sold in upscale NYC art galleries. But if you don't imagine sending them off to famous artists for printing, you've still got a reputation to keep up, and if you're not Snapchatting your boyfriend or girlfriend, there's a chance someone's going to tell somebody else about your nudes, and if they were "fire," or not.

Obviously, you want that to be a yes, right?

Well if you do, you have to make sure that your nude snaps are replay-worthy (because they shouldn't be screenshotted unless you give permission).

What's the way to do this?

Here are some things to remember when taking Snapchat nudes.

Know your angles

While you might think no one else has a "bad side," we're all our own harshest critics and hyper-analyze the selfies we take more than anything else. That's why we've all come to learn what our best angles are and which poses make us look the best in photos. You definitely want to take that knowledge and apply it to the dirty snaps you're sending. Naturally, if you take pictures from whatever angle they could turn out to be photos you're not proud of or deem worthy enough to save to your camera roll, so why would you send nudes you're not proud of?

You want to make sure you capture yourself at your best. If you hate the way your body looks from an underhand angle, then don't feel like you need to take any photos from that angle. Do what makes you feel sexy and comfortable, and you'll enjoy the experience a lot more.

Take videos

For most people, Snapchat nudes means sending sexy pictures of yourself with some type of caption to somebody but rarely do people ever take advantage of Snapchat's video feature. It's one of the most basic tools on the app, but it makes a real difference in how hot your Snapchat sexting can be.

Imagine you're snapchatting someone and things start to get real steamy, and you're going back and forth sending a bunch of teaser pictures. At some point, you're going to get tired of photos and looking at one-dimensional snaps of someone's body.

The other person is likely to feel the same if all you're sending them are pictures.

To keep things from getting repetitive and boring, you should incorporate videos when sexting on Snapchat. It gives you more freedom to be yourself and show what you want to in all its glory. A video of you grabbing or smacking your ass is much more exciting and arousing than a simple ass shot. It still does the trick, but a video beats a picture, always.

Plus, with all the stickers, filters, and GIFs you can add to your videos on Snapchat, you can make your videos even better. Maybe you don't want to show off everything just yet, and want to have and tease the other person. You could use any emojis and motion-track them onto to your nipples, genitals, or anything you want to cover. They'll be begging for more.

Ask and receive

One thing you should remember when sending Snapchat nudes is it's all about asking and receiving. That means, from time to time, especially when you get stumped about what to send, you should ask the person you're Snapsexting what they would like to see. Catering to the needs of the other person is an integral part of sex and even sexting. Vice versa, they should be asking you what you want to see, ad if they're not, give suggestions from time to time. This is how both of you receive what you want from the experience, and both are equally satisfied.

Asking what the other person wants to see from you could give you new ideas on what to Snap that you might've never thought of before, giving you a chance to expand your Snapchat-nudes-game and creating new "art."

Use lighting to your advantage

The number one rule of photography is lighting. It makes or breaks your photos and can give off different moods and messages to whoever views it. You should take lighting just as seriously when you're snapping nudes. Shadows, for example, can alter the way your body looks in good or bad ways. A shadow on your stomach, boobs, ass, or anywhere you want the person to pay attention to is not usually a good idea because it'll shift the direction of focus to other parts of your body that are highlighted with light.

But you can also take fancy abstract art nudes using lighting. One of my personal favorite techniques that is super easy to do is to use the blinds in your home to your advantage by using the light streaks in your photos. If you take a picture of your full-body, for example, with the light streaks that show lines of light and shadows together, your photos will look awesome.

Use your entire body

While we all have our favorite parts of our body and like to accentuate those the most when it comes to sexting, don't forget about the rest of your body!

Receiving the same dick or tit pics, again and again, can get pretty dull, so you want to make sure you're giving a good variety. Even parts of your body that you might not think are sexy, like your ankles, could be to someone else; which goes back to asking and receiving. If you really like hands on a guy or shoulders on a girl, ask to see that from them. Even if you don't really know what they like, experimenting is never a bad option. Take pictures and videos of random parts of your body you think they might be into and see how they respond.

It's all about having fun and getting creative!