These 5 Leaked Snapchats Broke the Internet

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Jerking off to celebrities on the internet has been a thing since the early days of the internet. When Photoshop was introduced, whew. There was so many head replacement nude photos of Jennifer Aniston, It was unbelievable.

Now though, things are a little juicier, and events happened that triggered an explosion on the internet. That's right, you know what I'm talking about - The Fappening. And that's just a taste. In the last couple years more and more pictures are getting leaked every day of internet celebs, cam gamers, youtube girls, actresses, you name it.

Here are 5 leaked snapchat photos that changed the internet forever. Enjoy.

  1. India Love Westbrook

    India, from the terrible reality TV show "The Westbrooks" recently had some pretty gnarly snapchats leaked of her. You can check them out here.

    The first one is a bit dark and blurry, but it's obvious that a girl is sucking on a titty. Whos titty you ask? None other than India Love Westbrook, that's who. It's not visible from the picture who exactly is doing the sucking, but it looks to be some cute girl.

    The interesting thing about this one though, is that someone took a screenshot of a video and sent it to themselves. That means there's actually a VIDEO out there on someone's iCloud that shows India Westbrook getting her titties sucked by some cute college girl and we can't even see it. It's torture.

    In this picture, you can see how absolutely stunning India is, and it's mindblowing. She's easily one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in all my days.

    The second picture is a little more interesting. You can't really tell who the picture is of, but you can tell she's got some titties that look a lot like India's. The picture also looks to be a screenshot of a video taken from someone's phone, and you can even see one of the thumbnails for the next scene at the bottom.

    It looks like it's a video of India playing with her boobs in a close-up shot - maybe to cover her face. Whatever the reason is, I'm glad she did it because in the video you can see her nipple piercings! This girl should be doing something else besides reality TV if you know what I'm saying.

  2. Paige Spiranac

    Since everyone loves Instagram fitness models, I think the next one should be of my personal favorite. Her name is Paige Spiranac, and she looks like a Barbie doll.

    With her beautiful cheekbones, caring eyes, huge titties, and hourglass figure, she's what you could call a knockout. She's such a knockout in fact that she has over 1.5 million follows on Instagram that (most likely) would love to see her topless.

    Well, all those fans got their wish. Check it out here.

    Being one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth, she was bound to have some of the most bangin' tits too, right? Oh yeah, she's got some bombshells that perfectly compliment her gorgeous figure.

    On the site, there's a side-by-side of the nude and a similar selfie of hers. It's easy to see that it's definitely her face, but there's more proof too. Her phone case is exactly the same, and so are her legs.

    I'm just thankful that someone when out of their way to give us all the glorious gift of Paige Spiranac, and I'm even happier I got to see her topless.

  3. Zara McDermott

    British model Zara McDermott is easily the hottest British woman I've ever seen - even her teeth are hot. To be honest, the first time I saw her, I thought she was American.

    Although she's known for doing some semi-lewd photos for magazines, she's never really bared it all for the world to see - until now. Recently Zara had some photos leaked of her looking even more beautiful than usual. Check them out here. There's also a link to her Instagram on that page, so I highly recommend you check that out first.

    In the first one, she seems to be laying down. It's a very close up shot, and it's honestly hard to tell if it's even her, but it all came from the same source so it must be legit.

    The next photo is of her wearing nothing but a t-shirt, and let me tell you; her body is perfect. You can even see a little hint of a nipple under the shirt that is just barely holding back her massive tits.

    You can't see much of her vagina, but she's not wearing any underwear, so it's there. Her hourglass figure is mindblowing though. There's no doubt that she's not happy about these pictures being out, but everyone else is.

  4. SheIsMichaela

    Michaela Mendez, if you don't already know, is a huge youtube star. I have no idea how she pulled it off, but the youtube community seems to love her. She mostly just uploads videos with titles like, "THE TIME MY TAMPON GOT STUCK" or "CRAZY TRUTH OR DARE."

    Some suggestive thumbnails are thrown into the mix and bam! A youtube sensation is born. Anyway, Michaela recently had some pretty nutty photos leaked of her getting down with some guy who's rockin' a 70's bush. Check all these photos out here.

    It starts off with tons of pictures of Michaela sucking a guy's dick in the dark. You might want to skip over these ones since they look like they were taken on a Razor flip phone.

    Getting to the better stuff, there's one where she's sucking a guys dick, topless. You can see part of her left nipple, but her face is as clear as day.

    Being a youtube star is all about sexual tension, and by releasing these photos I think SheIsMichaela is going to gain a few thousand subscribers. Maybe that was the master plan the whole time - who knows.

  5. Bella Thorne

    Bella Thorne has been on everyone mind since we were all kids watching Disney channel. She's unbelievably beautiful. Like, next level redhead hottie kind of beautiful.

    Here you can check out some of her most recent leaks. She likes to post a lot to snapchat and Instagram when she's partying, so there's always that 'fuck me' energy flowing through her - and it shows.

    She's always careless with her boobs, and they tend to pop out more often than not. That's good news for us though because her titties are so perfectly shaped, it looks like they were sculpted from clay by the hands of God.

    You can check out way hotter topless photos of Bella Thorne by just googling her name, but these photos leave a little more to the imagination. Enjoy.