3 Ways to Take the Best Dirty Snapchats

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Dirty snapchat pictures; Something that every person on the face of the planet has a sprinkle of interest in, to say the least. However intrigued you are with lewd photos, it's no question that you enjoy lewd photos that look good.

The difference between a mirror selfie in nothing but your panties and a top-down centerfold-esque smooth-skinned goddess glimmering in the skylight is the difference between night and day. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

  1. Teasing

    Sending nudes over snapchat isn't as black and white as you might think. You can't just take a quick picture of your open vagina and send it off to your man... Well, I guess you could, but it wouldn't be nearly as good as something with some taste.

    Teasing can be a sure-fire way to make sure your man is all revved up and ready to go. If you have any sexy lingerie laying around, you could take a picture of it on the floor and maybe ask him if he wants to see you in it. That's the kind of stuff that men want to see, even if they don't know it.

    You can also take a picture of your dildo (or any other sex to you might have laying around) and send it to him. Something you're going to want to remember here is that men are driven wild by dirty talk. You don't have to be raunchy about it right off the bat though.

    You could maybe tell him that you just bought this new (sex toy) and you're just dying to try it out. I can guarantee you that he will reply within seconds.

    Sometimes even just using the chat feature on snapchat is enough to drive a man wild. You should ask him questions about what he's doing, what he'd like to be doing, what he'd do if he were right next to you in bed - you know, things like that. Things that make the imagination run wild with possibilities, but also torture you a little because you two are so far away.

    Try not to get carried away at this point. He's most likely going to try to convince you to give him the good stuff, but you have to make him wait. It's the only way to drive him nuts.

  2. Selfies

    Eventually, you'll come to a point where he's sending you selfies of him, you're sending him selfies of you, and things start to get a little wilder.

    Taking the perfect snapchat selfies can be complicated, but here's the one secret that makes it all easy and effective; progression. In a way, this is still a form of teasing - except you're showing a little more than a piece of clothing laying on the ground. Start off with a cute selfie where you're wearing something that leaves something for the imagination.

    You can mess with tons of different angles and lighting, but just remember to pace yourself. Next, take a picture of you in your underwear or maybe some sexy lingerie you just picked up.

    Flashing your nipple in a short video is one of the best ways to fire this guy up. Even if it's just for a split second, he will lose his mind. Boys are simple when it comes to sexual tension; they're always feeling it. When you build that sexual tension with a guy and then you send a 2-second video where you're flashing your nipple - He's 100% going to be pitching a tent.

    A lot of men are into see-thru clothing or thin t-shirts. Something I noticed guys love, is when girls take a photo of themselves, in a long t-shirt, and no bra underneath. I don't know the exact science about it, but for some reason, it's just so irresistible to them.

    A white t-shirt can be even better as long as you have the right lighting. Just barely being able to see those nipples through the shirt will be enough to make him accidently fire off a round or two.

  3. Videos

    Pictures on snapchat are cool, and all, and don't get me wrong, they'll get the job done... but videos are the way to go. Even one sexy video can change the mood of a snap sex session in an instant. When he receives that short 3-second video of you playing with your boobs under a shirt, or when you're rubbing your pussy for the camera, he going to lose control.

    The key to getting him riled up with videos is making sure the repeat feature if turned off, If you send him a sexy video of yourself bent over a table flashing your ass for only him to see, he's going to finish instantly - which is not what we want. We want to make him hurt in the best ways a man can hurt. We want him to be frustrated - so that's what we will do.

    To achieve this goal, you are going to want to have some idea planned out. Of course, you don't have to do everything by the book though. You could easily just ask him what he wants you to do and then follow those orders. Or you could take charge and only show him what you think he should see. It's up to you.

    You could hop in the bathtub and wash up before you send him a snap of you, sitting in the bath with bubbles covering up all your goodies. Then after that maybe a Video of you touching yourself under all those soapy suds. Whatever you want to do, remember to use some good dirty talk at this point - that's what is going to drive him over the edge.

    To finish off this seductive deed, you should ask him if he wants to cum. Nothing turns a guy on more than a girl that is literally begging for his cum. There's a reason cumshots are so popular in the porn industry.

    Go ahead and ask him if he wants to come a couple of times and then ask him what he wants to cum to. I mean, do whatever you're comfortable with, but make sure it's going to be enough to get the job done. Hopefully, you've gotten him warmed up enough to erupt at any moment, but if not, this is your time to shine.

    Take whatever video he wants you to take (or whatever you want him to cum to) but before you send it, put the repeat feature on. This will let him look at your glorious body the entire time he's finishing off. Trust me - he's going to love it, and so will you.