What You Need To Know About Snap Fuck [Read Before Sign Up]

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With the hundreds of hook up apps and websites available, it's easy to see why you would be skeptical about SnapFuck - an "online platform for casual sex and hookup seekers through sexting and Snapchats." Instead of having their own designated app as some other hookup sites, SnapFuck's goal is to help you meet and connect with women in your area to exchange dirty Snaps, and, hopefully, lead to casual sex.

If you didn't already know, lots of people take to Snapchat to sext others because the pictures and videos you send disappear within a matter of seconds that you choose to allow the other person to view for. But the problem here, and the only thing keeping you from joining the group of people who sext on Snapchat, is getting the usernames of girls who want to fuck and send nude Snaps to you.

That's where SnapFuck comes in.

They claim to hook you up with tons of local girls in your area who want to send you the type of photos you see all over their website; which is basically full-on nudes showcasing every private area of a woman's body. Now, you might be asking yourself, "But does it really work?"

Lucky for you, I did the dirty work for you and signed up for SnapFuck as a free member to get the truth, and here's what I got from the experience.

It's not really free

When you visit their website's home page, there's a lot of text trying to convince you to join, and one of the things SnapFuck likes to emphasize is that their website is 100% free and that by signing up, you'll get unlimited lifetime access.

But that's just not the case.

While signing up, before you can even enter their member's area and get to the site, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card information for a charge of $0.00 to get access, but if you look closely and read the fine print, there's a number of other things you'll be charged for if you're not careful. These include a free 2-day trial to some site called 'FreeLocalDates' that will automatically renew to $49.95 per month if not cancelled, a 7-day VIP trial to MaxHDPorn.com that also automatically renews to $49.61 per month unless cancelled, and a 10-day trial to ExclusiveAdultVideos.com that automatically renews, too, for $49.87 monthly if not cancelled.

I was reluctant at first, but I had to enter my card information in order to complete this review, and it wasn't my favorite thing to do. You better believe I wrote down all the dates in my calendar of when to cancel all those other extra fees. If you add all those costs up, they can make for a pretty hefty bill on your credit card if you're not careful to remember that you'll be charged for these things if you don't cancel them after each trial period ends. So access to SnapFuck is free, but the "free bonus offers," are not.

Fake reviews

If you bother to take a look around their site before signing up, you'll notice a few reviews from "users" talking about how awesome SnapFuck is, and comparing it to other apps like Tinder and OkCupid, but chances are, these reviews are probably fictitious. These reviews claim that SnapFuck is the easiest way to get laid, rave about how much better it is than other leading hookup apps, but I wouldn't rely on those reviews when deciding if you want to sign up for SnapFuck or not.

One of them doesn't even have a real picture - it's a drawing.

Using pictures of girls who are not members of the site

Again, if you bother to look at their home site, you'll notice the number of images featuring nude girls showing off their bodies with sexy Snapchat selfies, and they're enough to make any man want to sign up. But don't be fooled, I couldn't find a single girl that looks like the ones on their website in the member's area. Yes, there are still some pretty cute girls on there, but none of them match up to what they feature on their home page, and their pictures aren't nearly as explicit; you'll have to add them on Snapchat for that, but I guess that's the point of the site.

But if I had to guess, those pictures were probably taken from somewhere else - in fact, these photos look like they came from 2009. If they didn't just snag some old nudes off the Internet, then they probably paid some girls to take those photos so that they could post them to their site - but either way, it's really deceiving to people who come to the site looking to get that type of content, and is incredibly misleading.


One of the biggest issues I had with SnapFuck was the unmistakable use of bots on their site. After I finished the sign-up process, I left my profile blank. Within a matter of 15 minutes, I had my inbox flooded with messages from "girls" wanting to meet and chat with me. I don't know any girls who would willingly message a dude with an empty profile looking for sex when they could easily find a guy with a complete, real profile. This leads me to believe that SnapFuck uses some sort of virtual profiles to make it seem like women are browsing your profile and messaging you.


Overall, it seems that SnapFuck is just not worth your time. If you want to hook up with someone, your best bet is to download an app that has a hookup reputation, like Tinder, and meet girls that way. At least then you'll know that the girls are real, and you can use these apps for free without putting in your credit card information. SnapFuck is a really good idea, but the website itself is less than stellar.

I wouldn't waste my time on it if I was you.