Will Snap Cheat Get You Laid? [REVIEW]

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Imagine a site that hooks you up with lonely, bored wives and girlfriends looking to cheat on their husbands and boyfriends through Snapchat. How enticing, right?

Well, that's exactly what Snap Cheat wants to do for you. In this day and age, no one wants to risk getting caught cheating through texts and phone calls, so the alternative has become Snapchat. Cheaters know that the best way to get away with cheating on your partner is by using Snapchat. If you're smart about it, and the other person has no desire to expose you or get caught, too, then you could cheat on your partner for the longest, and they would never notice, and Snap Cheat knows this.

Whether you think it's immoral or not, there's a market out there for people looking to cheat and people like Snap Cheat capitalizing on it. For whatever reason, instead of leaving their partners, people like to cheat and have their cake and eat it, too. One Internet search and you could come up with several different apps and websites for cheaters and people seeking something more than their relationship. Snap Cheat is just one of many of these websites, but the difference with them is that they're getting Snapchat in the mix.

If Snap Cheat peaks your interest as a wife, girlfriend, or a man looking to get laid with someone taken, here's my thoughts on the hookup website.

First Impression

Snapchat's distinguishable shade of yellow is the background color of Snap Cheat's home page, where an image of a naked blonde girl appears to give you an idea of the type of girls you could be talking to. Hovering above her, you'll see Snap Cheat's promise that reads, "We find cheating girls in your area that want to fuck." Not only does Snap Cheta get you usernames and snap codes of women who want to cheat, but they're women in your area, increasing the chances of you getting laid. Just underneath this section, you'll find a blog post that details why cheaters need to use Snapchat and why it's the best app for cheating.

There's not much else to this site's design, and while it's simple, it's easy to use, navigate, and is straight to the point.

Once you decide that you're ready to ready to proceed, you can click on the impossible-to-miss blue button that says "Continue if you want to fuck," then answer a few questions. The questions you'll need to answer involve your ability to be discreet, verifying that you're 18 years old or older, are okay with no strings attached sex and fucking girls in relationships, and if you can handle wild sex.

Snap Cheat also has a guarantee to their members that every profile they see on their site is a real person, so in order to abide by that, you'll have to go through a CAPTCHA that asks you to select all images with girls in them in a photo grid.

If you want to get Snapchats of girls you're into, you should continue to answer questions about your preferences and the ethnicity of girls you like.

Finally, you'll be at the point where you enter your e-mail address to finish registering and you're all set to go!


There aren't many features on Snap Cheat itself because the idea is just to get usernames from their site then move on to Snapchat to continue conversation with a girl.

So the only feature worth noting is that.

After using Snap Cheat for a few days, I got a handful of girls' usernames, some from my area and some not, but they were all pretty fun to Snapchat. I asked them all if they were really married or had boyfriends, and all of them said yes. Some of them were willing to take things further than Snapchat, but others weren't - it all depends on the girl you're talking to. But either way, you'll have a good time using Snap Cheat and talking to the women you see on there.

They really are interested in sex only, and you won't have to worry about dealing with any jealous husbands or boyfriends because as long as you do your part, these women do a good job at keeping your communication a secret.


Snap Cheat is technically free to use, but you do have to enter your card info in order to proceed. I hesitated at first, but after reading through their terms, you will only receive a $0.00 charge on your card, and will only be charged $49.95 to your card if you forget to cancel the complimentary 2-day free trial to FreeLocalDates' GOLD membership once the time is up.

But again, this charge is only for FreeLocalDates and not Snap Cheat.

Pros & Cons of Snap Cheat

The design of Snap Cheat is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and not too flashy. There's one button to get you started on everything SnapCheat has to offer, so you'll never click on something totally different that'll lead you to some sketchy website or annoying ads. Also, you won't have to spend too much site on this website besides for getting new usernames because all the action happens on an app you already have on your phone - Snapchat.

The only con I can think of is the whole entering a payment card part. I will admit that entering your credit card for a free website's access is pretty strange.

Conclusion & Decision

There's a lot of vagueness to Snap Cheat that they should address in order to create more trust between them and their members, but it gets the job done and delivers on its promise of finding you girl to cheat with. These girls are bored and want some excitement, so do you want to be the one to give it to them?

If you do, you should check out Snap Cheat.