15 Sites to Find Kik Females Online [#3 Will Shock You]

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Sure, everyone knows that social media messaging apps have become the number one place to find sex chat online, but there's one you never really hear about or gets attention, and that's Kik. We've all heard cheating stories where someone has caught their partner texting someone else over apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, texts, and even Direct Messages on Instagram or Twitter. What most people don't know is that Kik can also be used for cheting, but most importantly, to send nudes and sex chat with others.

If you're unfamiliar with Kik, let me tell you a little about it. It launched in 2010, and millennials used Kik in their middle school and early high school days to chat with their friends and crushes, and when they all grew into adults, it pretty much died out - or so we thought. You could say that now, Kik has converted from a friendly messaging app into the ultimate adult sex chat app.

There are a few reasons why people love sexting on Kik and why it took off and continues to be the best messaging app for adult content. One of them being that Kik doesn't have nearly as strict content regulation rules as other social media apps, even those you think are more relaxed, like Snapchat. Your messages belong to you and the person on the receiving end, and Kik does not view them or regulate them.

It's also more private, which anyone who shares nude content of themselves over messages would want. For starters, you don't have to link your phone number or even need one to use Kik. Instead, Kik runs on usernames that you create and can change, and that's how people can find you.

If you're ready to uncover the world of Kik sexting and meet the members of its community, read on to see some of the top places where you can find women interested in Kik sex chat.


Don't let the name fool you; KikBoys is a way to find the Kik usernames of both men and women. It's a place where people who want to sext over Kik can find one another by listing the usernames of those who have submitted them to their site. You can search for usernames by sexuality, country, and gender. They list bisexual, gay, and straight usernames of men and women so that you can add them and enjoy conversation over Kik.

Unlike some other sites of its nature, KikBoys has a user-friendly layout and appears to very modern and well kept. They make it easy for you to find usernames and submit your own if you choose. With the click of a few buttons, you can view the profiles of many women that share their Kik username, age, and sexual orientation. Similarly, you can submit your username to the site and include all that information, plus select your chat type and indicate whether you want dirty or clean chat.

Kik Friend Finder

This site is based in the UK, so if you're looking to chat with some foreign women, then Kik Friend Finder is the site you should check out. It's similar to KikBoys in that women can post their username themselves, and there's plenty to look through. You can choose to view usernames in four categories: male, female, adult male, and adult female, and can also select their roulette feature to chat anonymously with a random user on the site and get their username.

When you choose a category, a grid of profiles will appear with the person's age listed, along with their username and a short description. If you click on their username, it will take you to their full profile where you can see their profile photo and instructions on how to add them. One thing to note again is the choice of clean or dirty chat. In their descriptions, women will state if they're looking for clean or dirty chat only, so please respect their choice! Don't go looking to send nude photos of yourself to someone who clearly stated they're interested in clean chat only.

You can also post your username to this site so women can find you by creating an account with your e-mail address and selecting your gender.

Kik Friender

This site is more than just a post-your-username-and-go type, such as the others, but a real networking and community site for Kik users. Link Kik Friender is like a social media site of its own, where people can message others, create a profile, find Kik usernames, share photos, and much more. Like the other sites, people will also tell you if they're open to sending or receiving dirty Kik sexting on their profile, and it's one of the first questions asked upon sign-up. When you visit Kik Friender, you can choose to search for Kik usernames using their search tool, where you can filter to show profiles with photos and if they accept dirty sexting. You can also scroll up to see the latest Kik username profiles and add them, or you can browse under their categories.

The categories on Kik Friender include local Kik usernames of both guys and girls, clean chat usernames, dirty Kik sexting, and even Snapchat usernames. You're probably going to want to select the dirty Kik sexting category since everyone who's posted their username there is open to sending and receiving dirty Kik messages.


Catering to both Kik and Snapchat sexters, KikSnapMe is a platform where people can post and share their usernames for Kik and Snapchat. If you're looking for dirty chat on both apps, you must select the 'Kik Sexting' or 'Snapchat Nudes & Sexting'links on their homepage to view the usernames of those that are looking for the same. This site gets a lot of traffic and new usernames daily; the 'Kik Females' category in 'Kik Sexting' alone has over 73,000 pages worth of usernames!

There's plenty of usernames to view and thousands of girls to message that you can find through KikSnapMe. On every post, the person's Kik username is listed first, followed by their age, gender, and a short description about what they're looking for. Common things people include in this 'About Me' is how horny they are, their measurements, what they're looking to send and receive, and other things you might not expect. Every person is different, so every description will be different. There'll be no shortage of usernames for you to try, however, when using KikSnapMe.

Kik Usernames

This last site also has plenty of female Kik usernames to sort through. With over 30,000 posts in this category, Kik Usernames is another excellent place to find horny Kik females. A list view of thousands of women's usernames will appear when you click on this category in a similar fashion as KikSnapMe where their username, a profile photo, and the option to 'View Username' is given. You can view someone's profile, and some of them will give out their username there, but for others, you'll have to create an account on Kik Usernames in order to view their username.

Honorable Mention: Twitter

Hashtags are a wonderful thing to use on social media apps to find posts under a particular category, phrase, or topic that you're looking for, and to no one's surprise, Kik sexting is also widely used in hashtags. People in communities of all kinds have come up with their own hashtags so others can find like-minded people that are interested in the same things they are, and sex is no exception. If you search up the hashtags #kikme, #dirtykik, and #kiksexting, for example, people will share their usernames in a tweet that you can add.

Looking through each of these posts from the suggested hashtags will lead you to more that you click on to find different posts, or you could come up with your own and see who's used it to post their dirty Kik username.