9 Unexpected Websites to find Kik Girls Online

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Kik is the choice app for those who are looking to get freaky with internet strangers. Why? Well, firstly the app is extremely easy to use, and since it doesn't store your information on a cloud your information is safer! Additionally, if you ever want to start fresh, all you have to do is change your username.

The real trouble arises when you have no one to sext or chat with! So where do you find usernames? Here are some unexpected sites (that you probably already use) where you can find Kik girl usernames:


If you're looking to let your freak flag fly on any sort of social media site, odds are you're probably going to turn to Twitter.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, people take Twitter a lot less seriously. It may have something to do with the fact that less of our aunts, uncles, and grandparents have figured out how to use it yet or because tweets are so short and sweet how could you take them seriously!?

If you're looking to sell nudes, find someone to sext, or otherwise act a fool online, Twitter is the place for it. This is why you see so many people throwing out their Kik username in tweets asking for strangers to message them… which is essentially an invitation for dick pics.


Instagram is where people go to thirst trap.

If you're feelin' yourself, you're probably posting to your Insta feed or story in some capacity.

On top of this, people develop huge followings on Instagram. If you're hot and capitalizing on it, odds are you have an Insta where all your devoted fans follow you.

This goes for internet hoes and kik girls alike. In order to keep people interested in them, Kik girls will post a ton on Instagram!

Try searching for #Kik and see what kind of girls you can find!


Since Tumblr has decided to gain some morals in the face of a huge scandal, you won't be finding too many nudes on the platform anymore.

Believe me. I'm just as heartbroken as you are. When it comes to porn and discovering what you're into, Tumblr was the choice platform for a lot of people. Hell, it's where a lot of people had their sexual awakening. It was where a lot of people found their favorite sexting partners and discovered their favorite pornstars.

While Tumblr may have gone PG, the users are pushing against the new guidelines like rebels we are. A lot of people are tiptoeing the line of what's acceptable by posting sexy photos with "female presenting-nipples" cropped out, and what not.

A lot of users are still using the site to find people to sext with. All you have to do is search for people with the search term Kik! Before you used to be able to search by kink and by other sexy terms, however, Tumblr has removed all those keywords from showing up in searches.


Okay, I know that Facebook seems like the least sexy of all the social media sites; however, I promise you it's where the freaks go to play! If you don't believe me, start poking around in the private groups!

Facebook continues to be one of the best sites out there for arranging and hosting events. It also continues to be one of the best sites out there for groups and keeping in touch with people over long distances.

Search around for Kik username groups, and you'll be sure to find a group that'll accept you!

Google+… while it lasts!

Google has officially announced that it's going to delete private Google+ accounts… not that anyone has noticed.

Since this social media platform has been completely overlooked, a lot of people have taken to their accounts and used them for delinquent behavior. There are several private groups where people are choosing to share their Kik usernames and the usernames of the hottest Kik girls they can find!

Join these groups and get what you can out of them before they go away forever!


When it comes to sharing information forums are the place to go. Plenty of users have taken to Reddit and created threads where you can go and share the usernames of your favorite Kik girls.

On these threads, you'll find plenty of usernames and information for girls on kik as well as nudes and videos that they've sent to other users!

It's nice to get a sneak preview of what a girl is about before you add them, right?


In the wake of Vine's death, there was a void that needed to be filled… and it's been filled by the interesting platform that is TikTok.

TikTok is an app where you post short videos and can collaborate with other users to make little meme-like videos and whatnot.

While TikTok is no Vine, and it's a little bit of an odd place, to begin with, it's definitely a place where thirst-trapping is common. And where there is thirst-trapping, there is kik-ing.

You'll find plenty of people who are horny on this site and more than willing to exchange Kik usernames with you… and maybe nudes later.


If you're on the freakier side, then you should definitely sign up for Fetlife. Fetlife is essentially Facebook but for kinky people, which is a dream come true for most.

Like Facebook and other social networking sites, Fetlife has forums and groups where you can post! Posts range from discussions to the closest things to personal ads without violating the group's rules!

There are plenty of Kik centered groups and forums on this site which will help you find someone freaky and kinky enough on Kik!


This is a very unexpected yet difficult place to find Kik usernames, but it's not completely impossible. You won't be able to land your favorite Youtube star's Kik on these types of sites; however, you will be able to find lesser creators on the site that are willing to chat with anyone resembling a fan.

Look out for cute girl Youtubers who don't have massive followings but are definitely willing to chat with their audience. Plus, you can look in comments for people who are open to Kik-ing!