9 Unspoken Rules of Kik Sex You Must Know

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Kik sexting is the best way to get some internet strange - or to sext with minimal evidence on your phone. Kik has become a favorite of internet freaks and cheaters alike which makes it the perfect app for discreet messaging.

But with any app, there is an unspoken set of rules that most users abide by. We've decided to put this unofficial code of conduct into words for you!

Read on to learn all the things you need to know before getting freaky on Kik:

Set boundaries

Just like when you're gonna have sex, you should set some ground rules before things get down and dirty. The last thing you want to do is go too far down one road and kill the mood entirely.

You should figure out which fantasies you have in common and what other things you might want to sext about.

For instance, you might not specifically fantasize about anal or fucking outside, but since your sexting partner is you might decide to give that stuff a try. Who knows, maybe you'll find that you love that stuff!

If your partner sets a specific limit that they're not willing to push, you need to keep that in mind, maybe even write it down to keep from forgetting.

Be adventurous but don't push hard limits

Sexting is all about fun and exploration! So don't be afraid to get wild with your photos, your videos, or messages. Explore different things that you might think are fun and allow your imagination to run wild.

However, you should make sure you don't get too carried away when it comes to getting wild. Make sure you're not pushing any previously set boundaries. There's nothing that'll kill the mood faster than violating trust!

Be honest about your fantasies

You shouldn't be embarrassed about anything when it comes to your sexuality! Kik conversations are the perfect place, to be honest about your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies with people.

The odds are other internet freaks aren't going to yuck your yum and will probably be into exploring with you.

Kik is the perfect place to get comfortable with yourself, so find someone who's down to get freaky with you in specific ways that you want to explore.

Plus if something isn't working for you, be honest! Tell them how they can get you off, tell them exactly what you like!

Be anonymous with strangers

One of the things that people need to keep in mind when talking with internet freaks - especially at first - is that you need to maintain anonymity.

While there are plenty of people who are out there just looking for a little dirty fun, there are people out there who will pretend to be harmless until they have some dirt on you.

Keep your face, identifying marks, and tattoos hidden until you can be sure you can trust someone. You can do this with clever camera angles or by editing photos and censoring out the spots that could identify you to the rest of the world.

Don't give out personal info!

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last tip, but you should never give out personal information - no matter how harmless it might seem - before getting to make sure you can trust someone.

Simple information like your last name or your middle name, where you grew up, or your phone number can send you down a road that you might not want to go down.

Think about it: you put so much information online it isn't difficult to figure out someone's full name or where they live with minor pieces of information.

Don't believe me? Give a millennial a photograph of yourself and some basic info, and I bet they can figure out your social security number (or something equally as private).

Delete Messages

Again, you want to keep shit private! So make sure you delete any sexts that could get you in trouble.

This especially goes for you people out there who have significant others, company phones, or other people in your life that wouldn't be too thrilled with you sexting on the internet.

Using Kik is a great way to keep your sexts private too because none of your information is stored on servers! It's stored on your phone! So no cloud can get you in trouble or record of your messages apart from whats on you and your partner's phone.

Don't save pics if they ask you not to

Saving pics can be a huge no-no for some people. So make sure that when you start sexting you discuss whether or not you'd be comfortable with your nudes being saved on the other person's phone.

If your partner sends you something you really want to keep on your phone, ask on a case-by-case basis.

If they're worried about their nudes being able to be seen by people offer to download a photo vault app!

Send nudes when you know they can view them in private

While some people are down to sext all day and every day, not everyone has twenty-four-seven privacy.

You may want to check with your partner when they can get nudes! Because sometimes surprise nudes are fun - especially if you have a long-standing kik-relationship with someone - however, there may be times where nudes are inappropriate!

Ask if you can send nudes at any time of day. Or ask if they're alone before you send a pic! The last thing you want to do is send them nudes while their boss is standing over their shoulder or something!

Understand the repercussions

While you can talk all day long about privacy and discretion, there is always the chance that the person your talking to is going to do the opposite of everything that you ask.

There are shitty people on the internet. Some people will use your nudes against you or steal information from you if they're given a chance.

The best thing you can do is have your bullshit meter on high alert and try your best to make sure the person you're messaging isn't an asshole.

However, if the person your sexting does turn out to be a total dick try to get over it. Sexting people on Kik can be rewarding, or it can be a total shit show. Just know what you're getting into beforehand.