How to Master Kik Sexting in 13 Easy Steps

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When it comes to getting freaky online, Kik is the preferred app for a lot of horny people! Kik is a great app for sexting strangers online - which I'm sure you already know since you're reading this article - however, how do you get so good at Kik sexting that people can't help but keep coming back for more?

Here are a few steps to master Kik sexting to the point where other Kik freaks will be begging for your attention:

Know where to look for usernames

When you're looking for someone to get freaky with on Kik, there are a million places to look.

I have come to the conclusion that everyone on the internet is ALWAYS horny, which means that you have practically the whole internet to choose from.

The internet knows that Kik is the app to use if you're trying to get freaky because it doesn't store any of your data in a cloud and it's all encrypted. This means once you delete your messages off your phone, they're actually gone forever.

Look for Kik usernames on Kik username sites, Twitter, and other social media sites by searching for #Kik.

Find people with similar interests

The key to being an amazing sexter - especially on Kik - is to find someone who has similar interests to you. Sure, it's easy to find someone on Kik because everyone on Kik is horny and trying to get it on… but it might be harder to find someone who is both good at sexting and is into the same stuff as you!

You can look for people who share your interests by hitting up sites like Fetlife (for the kinky) and Omegle where you can input your interests as tags!

Talk about your turn-ons first

A great way to figure out if you've found the right person and/or to get all your interests and kinks out into the open is by straight-up talking about it first! Honestly, why be shy? You're talking to an internet freak; you have no reason to be reserved about what you're interested in.

This will ensure that you only stick to things that turn the both of you on - because the last thing you want to do is turn someone off to the point where they block you! And it will make sure that both of your needs are met while you're sexting!

… then get down and dirty

Once you've talked about what you're into, that's the time to get down and dirty in your messages.

Not only should you have talked about what you're into, but you should make sure you talk about things that make you uncomfortable and turn you off. Most people call these things sexual limits.

These turn offs and no-go areas can be anything from talking about specific sex acts - like anal - or using certain terms - like slut or whore.

Little things can bring up bad memories or experiences! And while you're sexting, you want to keep everything positive and sexy.

Send Pics

If you've talked about this already and have decided that this is okay, then you should definitely send pics. Kik sexting is a fairly reliable app so you won't have to worry about any The Fappening level hacking!

Additionally, why the fuck would you not want to send and receive nudes?

The risks of sexting are always a little high, but by using Kik and sexting strangers that probably have no reason to use your nudes against you, you're pretty safe!

Just make sure before you send nudes that your partner isn't in a meeting, at work, or otherwise in a compromising position for sending nudes.

Don't forget to use your words

While pictures are worth a thousand words, make sure that you're using your words too! Especially if you're sexting women, you're going to want to be specific with what you're telling them.

If you're sending messages that read "oooh" and "ahhh" and "tell me more," then you're lazy, and there probably won't be a round two. Sexting requires effort, and that means being descriptive and sending messages that contain more characters other than the eggplant emoji.

Tell your partner exactly what you want to do to them, what you wish you were doing to them, or what you're doing to yourself. And be descriptive!

Get adventurous with videos and audio messages

Your messages shouldn't just be stagnant photos and messages. You should throw in the occasional video or audio message.

When I was sexting with an old Kik partner, they would occasionally send me videos and audio messages with them moaning and talking dirty. It was like having phone sex with more visuals.

What you see and hear are important when you're having actual sex, so why wouldn't they be equally as important while you're sexting?

Your partner will love it if you send them videos and audio messages instead of just texts.

Leave your face, tats, and identifying marks out

When it comes to privacy, Kik has you covered when it comes to your metadata. But that doesn't mean that your photos might end up saved, sent around, or used against you by your partner. There's always a chance that you may have found someone super sketchy on Kik.

While most people are just looking for fun online, don't be surprised when you come across someone who has less than pure intentions in mind.

Unless you've built some serious trust, keep your face and other identifying marks out of photos.

Be careful, the last thing you want is to find your nudes floating around the internet and them obviously be of you.

Be okay with the potential for minor disaster

Anytime you're dealing with strangers or with sex you're going to have the potential to get fucked over.

Even if there are no feelings involved and you're just sending nudes back and forth, there is the potential for you to get hurt! That's just the truth. It sucks, and I understand.

Just make sure that you understand what you're risking in exchange for a sexual reward. If things go south, try not to be too disappointed.

The best way to protect against hurt feelings is by having low expectations! Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!