Kik Sluts: 9 Kik Sluts You Need to Message ASAP

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You probably remember Kik from years back when you would use it with your friends to message one another, or maybe you remember your kids using it, or perhaps you had never thought to use the messaging app but have heard of it, but it's very different from the Kik that first got popular. What was once an innocent messaging app to contact your friends, do business, and chat with anyone you wanted to, has now grown into the number one sexting app on the market. People love using Kik as their primary app for sexting, which you might find surprising, because it offers more anonymity. Most apps now require your phone number to operate, including Snapchat, but Kik runs on solely usernames. People can create and change their usernames to whatever, whenever.

Another reason why Kik is so popular for sexting is that the company does not have access to your messages; they are stored only on the device, which is yours and the person you're sending them to.

People have been using Kik for sexting so much that now when you bring it up, people automatically associate it with it. If you happen to tell someone to Kik you over the Internet, they'll probably know that you mean you want to share nudes. But you can't just say that to anybody because not everyone is on board with the idea, or even has Kik. One rule to remember is that if she has Kik, she's probably down for the dick (or sexting at least). I don't see why any woman would have Kik for anything other than sexting.

But where exactly could you find these girls? Well, here are a few options.


There's a subthread for just about anything on Reddit, including dirty Kik usernames. People will share their details on this subreddit, which is dedicated to "the naughtier side of Kik," and if someone is interested based on their description, they can ask for their username. Although the rules on this thread indicate not to share your username in your post, many women still do, and you can easily find some just by scrolling through. Even if you don't come across some instantly, you can always read each woman's, who you can identify with the "[F4M]" tag at the beginning of their title, post where they'll describe who they are, what they like, and who they're looking for. If you like what you read, you can send them a message through Reddit if they haven't provided their username.

This thread gets hundreds of posts every day, so each time you check back, you can be sure to come across some new women to message. It's also one of the only places I've found with a good amount of women posting their usernames looking for dirty Kik messaging.


The use of hashtags on Twitter lets people highlight a keyword in their tweet so that they're easier to find in Twitter searches, and others can click on them to see more posts with that keyword. Two hashtags that are well known for relating to Kik sexting are #kikme and #kikslut. Even if you don't have a Twitter account, you can still view the search results and click through the different hashtags that come up in each post to find women sharing their Kik usernames looking for some dirty chat. There are no rules about posting your username directly in a tweet, unlike on Reddit, so almost every post will contain their username that you can go ahead and message on Kik. Some girls, however, will ask that you DM (direct message) them first, which does require you to have a Twitter account.

Each tweet will comprise of some description of who the girl is, what she's looking for, and sometimes, promoting herself to potential buyers of her nudes. Either way, those who provide their Kik username are open to receiving dirty chats, you just have to be respectful upon the first message - which means no dick pics!

Kik Dirty

There are quite a few websites out there who are dedicated platforms for Kik users to share their usernames, and one of these is Kik Dirty. It's a forum site similar to Reddit, but everything is about Kik, Kik sexting, nudes, Snapchat, and Snapchat sexting. So if you're also on Snapchat and are looking for some more female friends to add, you could check out this site and see what you find under the Snapchat topics.

But when it comes to Kik sexting, it's Kik Dirty's specialty. There are thousands of posts to the topics of 'Kik Girls' and 'Kik Sexting' alone where women are searching for someone to message. Most of them are looking to exchange nude pictures or want to have a nice, dirty chat with a guy. If you click on each girl's post, you can read more and find out her username, as well as what she might be into. There are hundreds of pages to scroll through, so if one doesn't stick, another will.


While all these other places to find Kik girls work great, none of them help you find local girls in your area to Kik message like does. They're another site dedicated to helping you find Kik usernames of women wanting to share nudes, except they try to find you local women, unlike the others. Another thing you might enjoy about this site and why you may choose to use it over others is that they're secured with 256-bit encryption to keep your information and details private since you need to sign up for an account with them to use their services. They have new users being added every minute, and guys have gotten laid using this site, not to mention sent a bunch of nudes to their Kik app.

Plus, you don't have to do any searching or scrolling through pages of posts with usernames; does all that work for you and provides you with the usernames that match your criteria and are in your area.

Kik Sexting

Lastly, Kik Sexting is yet another forum website where women post their Kik usernames to dirty chat with others. The descriptions on this site seem to be more detailed than others I've seen, and pictures are even included sometimes, so you know what the girl looks like ahead of time. Thrown into the mix you'll see men posting "wanted" ads looking for some girl to be their princess, but it's mostly females posting to the forums.

You don't need an account to browse the threads unless you wish to reply to them, but that's unnecessary since every girl includes their Kik username on each post so that you can message them directly there.