11 Kik Username Sites That Won’t Disappoint [New List]

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Kik has become the single most trusted apps for those looking to get freaky with other freaks online. Why risk all your sexts getting saved to the cloud or hacked by blackhat internet hackers when you can have all your sexiest data protected with Kik?

The real question is who you should message on Kik! If you don't have someone in mind, where can you find Kik usernames of people who are willing to sext you?

I've compiled an updated list of Kik Username sites that are reliable! Here's my list:


Kikfriender is one of the favorite username sites out there. Why? Well, this site functions as a dating app in a way!

You sign up with your Kik username, add your age and sex, and you'll put up a profile saying that you're looking to get dirty sexting activity!

You can use the bar across the top of the site to randomly choose a guy or girl who's looking to chat. Or you can browse girls or guys based on where they're located!

In addition to finding people who are looking to sext on Kik, you can find people's usernames who want to sext on Snapchat.


Let's say you want to find someone to Kik with but you identify as something other than a boy or a girl. Or let's say you're open to sexting with people of different genders. In these cases you'll be a fan of Kik boys!

This site allows you to add your Kik username along with your gender (the options are male, female, trans, or other) and your sexuality (straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or other). This site is much more inclusive and will help you find people who don't quite fit in the box of the gender binary and heterosexuality.


If you prefer forums, then you'll definitely like KikSexting.com.

On this site, you'll find people who are looking for specific things, and you'll be able to post threads and profiles where you specifically state what you're looking for.

Additionally, you'll find sexual information, Snapchat usernames, and people who are selling pics and videos!

This is a great choice for those with specific interests!


This site is another one that functions as a dating site! However, this one has a few twists and customizations that the previously mentioned sites don't have!

This site allows you to set a max and a minimum age as well as a country as filters. Plus, this has a randomization filter that's more similar to Chat Roulette.

While this site only lets you categorize yourself as female or male, this helps people who care more about age or location.

Additionally, this site allows you to post super detailed profiles which help you find exactly what you're looking for.

This site also helps you spot catfishes by offering a verification service! Keep an eye out for non-verified users!


Again, this is another site that's geared more toward those who like forum type interactions. You can post personal ads of sorts on this site, which helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Additionally, you'll find a whole section devoted to Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp, Wickr, Twitter, and even Instagram.

This site also hosts a forum where you can find hot nude selfie.

This site appeals to a wide range of sensibilities!

Honorable Mentions

Sites that are specifically dedicated to finding Kik usernames aren't the only sites you'll find Kik usernames on!

Most social media sites will have groups of people looking for and advertising Kik usernames! Plus, it's pretty much a given that anyone who's looking for someone to "Kik them" is looking for sexting.

Plenty of people use their personal accounts or side accounts to look for people to Kik, all you have to do is know where to look!

Here are some honorably mentioned non-Kik username sites that are just as great, if you know what you're looking for:


Let's be honest; Twitter is one of the most openly filthy mainstream social media sites out there. Honestly, I think it might be the dirtiest.

People on Twitter post straight up porn, share their nudes, sell feet pics, and shamelessly tweet about how horny they are.

All you have to do is a little searching around to find the right person's Kik username for you. Check out the #Kik tag!

Plenty of people post their Kik names because they know it's acceptable to be openly horny on Twitter, so they shamelessly plug their usernames in hopes of getting some Kik sex.


While Tumblr is no a PG-13 wasteland thanks to the porn purge, there are plenty of horny Tumblr users that haven't been swept up in this purge.

Those users who survived the purge but who are still using Tumblr to find sexting partners are mostly using Kik as a way to communicate. I mean, it's much safer giving out their Kik Username than it is your phone number!

Tumblr has made searching a little harder, but you should still be able to search "Kik" or "texting" and come up with viable results.


Instagram is one of the more prudish social media sites apart from Facebook. However, there are plenty of people on Instagram who are looking for people to chat with.

People who mass a fairly decent follower count will message out their Kik username in hopes that a mutual thirst follow will get in touch.

Plus, Instagram people will use Kik as a way to be a little less than faithful to their partners.

Long story short, you'll find a large range of types of people on Kik from Instagram profiles! Search #Kik and see what comes up!

Google Plus

Okay, I know that you might have thought that Google Plus was entirely a thing of ancient myth, but there are still groups on the platform looking to sext with people on Kik!

There is, however, an expiration date on this specific adult Kik group, as Google is eliminating personal Google plus accounts in April!

Tragic, I know. But you should milk these groups while you still can because there are people in these groups that will vanish once Google Plus accounts are deleted! Find a Kik sexting partner now before these groups disappear forever.