How to Get Real Kik Girls to Message You [9 Steps]

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I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of messaging bots. It seems that regardless of what platform you use to chat or sext, you're going to find yourself chatting with some pretty primitive A.I.

What you really need to do is figure out a way to talk with real live girls! And even when you're messaging girls on dating apps, how often do you actually get a response?

The key to avoiding the bots and the fakes and phoneys is by turning to Kik to find someone to chat with. By using Kik as the main way to meet and talk with girls online, you'll finally get the satisfaction you've been searching for.

Here are a few ways to get real live girls to message you on Kik:

Put your username out there

One surefire way to get people to talk to you is by putting your username out there. You can do this by tweeting with a hashtag #KikMe or posting on Instagram. Using the proper hashtag on the right social media site will definitely earn you a lot of attention.

However, putting your username out there doesn't guarantee you're going to get the kind of messages you've hoped for. You'll likely get a lot of spam and unsolicited dick pics.

Post on forums

Another great way to not only get your name out there but to find other people's usernames is to join and post on forums. There are a number of sites that are simply dedicated to helping people sext on Kik. But there are threads on your favorite forum sites - like Reddit - where people share their usernames and photos!

Mess around on roulette sites

While this may not be the fastest or most efficient way to find a girl to talk to on Kik, it might be one of the more entertaining options.

Roulette sites are sites like Chat Roulette and Omegle where you get matched in either video or text chat with a stranger! This is a great way to meet a ton of random people fast. You can also input your interests on Omegle so it will match you with people who have that interest in common.

You'll meet a lot of weirdos this way, but you'll have more fun finding viable options to sext!

Turn to the Kinky side of things

Another great site to find girls to Kik you is Fetlife. I know that you may be off put by going on a site that's very 50 Shades of Grey in vibe, but there are people on this site that have more vanilla interests and who spend a lot of time on Kik!

There are forums and groups dedicated to nude sharing, Kik sex, Kik D/s relationships, and anonymous Kik sex.

While you may not think of nude sharing or stranger sexting as particularly kinky, it is! And there are a ton of people on Fetlife who are very into sexting on Kik.

Mass text a bunch of girls and see what sticks

When it comes to dating and fucking around online, my greatest tip for you would be to cast your net wide. Strangers on the internet aren't going to feel obligated to text you back or politely decline your advances. They're either going to ignore you or take the time to chew you out. However, there are a lot of people who will respond to you, but they just can't at the moment!

So when you do text a bunch of people, you can expect a few different kinds of responses: silence, anger, enthusiastic "yes"s, and delayed responses. So even if a girl doesn't get back to you immediately, you might get a surprise later in the day!

Don't be lazy

When you're sexting, it's not all about you. If you wanted to be catered to, then you'd pay for phone sex. However, you're not paying for a service (unless you are, then you can expect to be lazy with your sexting), so you need to put some effort in.

Make sure you're using full sentences when you're sexting, none of that "ooh" and "ahh" bullshit.

Be descriptive, be dirty, and if you don't know what to say read some erotica or something!

Give them what they want

Like I said earlier, sexting isn't entirely about you. It's a two-way street. I mean, it takes two to tango. So if you want to keep Kik girls in your inbox at all times, you have to give them what they want.

Ask what turns your sexting partner on, ask them what they like, ask them about their fantasies. And after they tell you, make sure you fulfill them as much as you can over sexting.

If you make someone's fantasy a reality, they'll keep hitting you up, because they won't be able to get enough of you!

Keep in touch

I mentioned earlier that internet people aren't going to feel at all obligated to message back. After you get your nut, you might not feel particularly compelled to keep in touch either. And that's not your fault, that's just how it works online.

However, if you want to always have a girl in your inbox that's down to get down, you might want to occasionally check in on them and have conversations that don't involve nudes.

This will make them feel comfortable with you, and you'll become someone they think of when they want to have fun online. So instead of going on username sites and finding another random, they'll message you first instead.

… and they'll come back for more

While stranger sexting is fun, there's nothing like having a reliable sexting partner online. You should try your damndest to be that person for a few Kik girls!

If you show that you're amazing at sexting, will happily fulfill her dirtiest fantasies, and keep in touch you'll have her coming back for more.

Plus, you might gain a reputation on username sites as being someone who's worth messaging! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Kik Casanova that girls can't get enough of online!?