Here's How to Get [and Send] Sexy Adult Snapchats

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Adults and Snapchat go together like peanut butter and ladies. I mean, the platform is based around sending pictures that disappear after you look at them. What do you think the main selling point was? The functionality? No.

Snapchat was made by horny adults, for horny adults, so you know it's going to be the perfect tool for people that are trying to send and receive sexy pictures. It is designed to protect you from any Jeff-Bezoz-type adultery/blackmail, so you don't have to worry about your wife digging into these photos - unless you want her to.

Let's jump into what makes up my method, and explore why MY method is the BEST method for picking up girls on Snapchat.


Single moms. They're a staple fuck for anybody over the age of 28, and they're easy to find. Snapchat makes communicating with these moms a breeze since they're all so bored "watching" their little monsters play soccer. They're always nice and chatty during the games, and they're always a pleasure to converse with. Just make sure you actually have a kid on one of the playing teams - otherwise, there could be some issues.

College girls are always a great choice for snapchat-sex. They're young, horny, and in the best shape of their lives. Not to mention they're on their phones twenty-four hours a day. These girls aren't too committed to anything/anybody in specific, so getting them to give you their snapchat code won't be a struggle. They're just looking for someone to chat with too!

Acquaintances of (almost) any kind are a solid choice for a snapchat partner. It's always kind of a rush when you're secretly snapchatting someone you know and see every day. If you have any co-workers that have caught your eye, try asking if they have a snapchat - you'd be surprised how most people react.

Since our main goal is to find a sexy snapchat partner, so college girls are going to fit the bill better than anyone else, but don't let that discourage you from asking for your temp's snapchat.

Getting the Username

You could go to any old username site for your filthy usernames, but that's not going to work unless you've got $89.99 a month to spend on fake usernames. For the best results, you're going to want to make connections in the real world, with real people.

Places like coffee shops, classes, or even your kids birthday party are good places to ask for a cutie's snapchat username. I mean, you could go virtually anywhere and find a sexy young thing with a desire to trade snapchats. The biggest thing that's going to hold you back is going to be your confidence.

Every single guy on the planet gets nervous before he approaches a pretty girl, ok? It's been that way since the dawn of time, and it's not going to change anytime soon, so we are just going to have to deal with it.

Make sure you're being friendly and engaged in your conversations - nobody likes to feel like they're being ignored. Try and have fun with it too. Talking to any girl should never be a chore unless she's a total drag. You know what I'm talking about. Just keep in mind that you're going to be sending these girls photos of your dick at some point, so choose wisely.

Dating Apps

Another fantastic way to meet hot young single girls in your area is the dating app method. All you've got to do is sign up for a dating app. Any dating app. Just search for one in the app store and download the first two that catch your eye. Bumble is a great one for you if you hate making the first move since the girls have to do it.

That Bumble feature also makes it a lot easier to find a dirty snapchat buddy since you aren't wasting any of your time sorting through matches, trying to figure out which profiles are fake and which ones are legit. The, after all of that, you have to message all of them something creative to grab their attention. And even if that works, there's a solid chance the girls won't even continue the conversation.

Bumble takes all that time you could have wasted on fakes and converts it into more time to converse with girls that have a real interest in you - sexually and whatnot.

Taking the Next Step

After you find a girl on Tinder/Bumble, it's time to chat her the fuck up. Chatting on Bumble's messenger is completely different from chatting on snapchat since you have to take real-time photos of yourself instead of cowering behind a keyboard (like we all love to do).

Start by sending a simple chat message. Something like, "yo!" or "Hey! Is this ___?" should do. Sending a simple greeting a fool-proof way to break the ice and let her know it's you and not some weirdo who bought her username on some sketch website. If she's even remotely interested in you, she'll reply with something friendly - at first.

After asking her about herself, her goals, her take on life in general - it's time to get steamy. The best way to funnel yourself into her pants is by complimenting her on her selfies. If you say something like "How do you take such good selfies? I keep looking like shit in all of mine." - She might get a little flattered and maybe even a little horny. She knows what your goals are - well, mostly.

Send her reply-snapchats while you're fresh out of the shower or something, but do it in a way that makes it seems like you don't care at all. Like, just send a reply to whatever she said originally attached to a photo of you with wet hair. Her imagination will run wild, and the possibilities will be running around in her head like greyhounds. Now it's time to get some real photos going.

Taking the Pictures

Now that you've got a solid amount of usernames and a steady hunger for nude pics, it's time for your body to shine. If you don't have a great body, but still want girls to send you tittie pics over snapchat, you can always get them riled up with some dirty texting. I've found dirty messages to be the #1 way to get a girl to touch herself for you on snapchat.

Ask her what she'd rather be doing right now (other than whatever she's really doing) and ask her what she's wearing. Girls love to imagine what could be, but they like it even more when you tell them.

Once they're all hot and bothered after reading your detailed (yet sensitive) description of what you'd do with them, ask for some pictures. Say something like, "I'd do anything to see you under that bra." and soon enough, you'll find out.

Just keep repeating these steps to collect your a nudie library (and maybe even a booty call list) of your very own. OK, have fun, everyone!