How to Fuck for Free Using 9 Unexpected Sites

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If you're trying to get laid, you've probably exhausted all the normal routes. You've probably gone to the local watering holes and hit on girls, you've probably swiped around on Tinder until your thumbs have gone numb, and you've probably tried every single dating app on the market in an effort to get laid. And I understand the struggle, believe me.

Dating apps are hard. It's incredibly hard to get someone to care enough about you to message back, and it's even harder to get someone to meet up with you in person. Plus, it seems that people have stopped taking dating sites seriously completely. Honesty, how often do you actually chat with or meet up with someone off a dating site?

They key to getting laid for free using the internet isn't to turn to dating app after dating app, it's to look where people seldom find romance! Insanity is doing something over and over again while expecting a different result, is it not? So then you'd be insane not to try these weird apps in an effort to get laid!


When it comes to social networks, you probably don't think of Linkedin as anything more than a basic networking site - but the key word here is "networking." It can be a social networking site - or hell, Linkedin can be a dating site - if you want it to be!

While people never recommend mixing business with pleasure, it can sure as hell be fun. Plus, you're not usually adding random people on Linkedin. You're usually adding people that you have a semblance of a connection with! This means that they're more likely to feel comfortable meeting up with you and they're going actually to message you back!

Be careful though; if you're going to use this route to hit on people, you have to make sure you don't become that creep that hits on girls on Linkedin. Your flirtation needs to be subtle! I suggest asking about getting together for drinks to bitch about the current job market or the state of your industry or something!


While Facebook seems like a dinosaur - much like our grandparents who've overrun it - in the age of social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook is still one of the best of the social media apps for getting laid!

Why? Well, firstly everyone has one. Even if you haven't logged in to Facebook since you the early '00s, you probably haven't deactivated your account. Sure, after the whole scandal with Cambridge Analytica, a lot of youths decided to purge their accounts for good, but most people are still on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the primary ways people find events near them, connect with family and friends, and organize themselves. So, obviously Facebook has one of the largest pools of potential lovers to choose from, but you also will find a lot of singles events and groups on the site! Use all Facebook's features to your advantage.


Everyone was crazy about this app when it first launched a few years ago. However, there's been a huge resurgence in use since they spiced up the features of the app in a much-needed way. They added battle features so that you can battle your friends, take down gyms belonging to other teams, and team up with other players to fight and take down powerful, rare pokemon.

In big cities, college towns, and suburbia you're going to see a lot of people furiously tapping their iPhone screens near local landmarks or public art.

Join the app if you haven't already and start building your XP! Going out and talking with other fellow Pokemon lovers will help you meet new local people. You'll be surprised how many bars are Pokestops! Beer and bonding over a shared interest is a great way to met people!


When it comes to being slutty and thirsty, it's much more acceptable to openly thirst after people on Twitter than almost any other social media site. Sure, you can go through and casually like someone's Insta photos from a few years ago and get roasted in that girl's group chat with all her friends, or you can directly thirst tweet at someone, and it is completely acceptable.

Twitter is also a great way to casually follow the people your friends follow and get to know them online. This will open you up to a lot of local friends-of-friends you may not have ever met otherwise!


Okay, this option is a little questionable… however, there are plenty of stories of people hooking up with people from they've rented Airbnbs from and people who've stayed with them!

Look to rent from younger people who don't seem too uptight about people staying at their place with the intent to go out and party. These people are probably more likely to risk their Airbnb rating by hitting on you in hopes something will happen between the two of you!


While Omegle has always been great for people looking to sext with strangers from the internet, it also can help you meet people who are looking to hookup in real life. I would suggest using the college feature if you're either of college age or still use your collegiate email.

All you have to do is enter your email and find someone who goes to or went to the same university as you, and you'll be golden! Just turn up the charm, and I'm sure they'll be looking to release some stress or relive their college days.


Again, this is another app where you might not expect to meet anyone off of. Next door is a social media app that connects you with the people who live in your neighborhood!

A lot of people use this app to find lost dogs, communicate about community functions, and alert one another to possible crime!

This is a generally useful app; however you can use it to meet people in your area to sleep with potentially!

People also use this app to plan block parties, get-togethers, and other fun social stuff!

Either organize an event or go to one and see who's looking like they need a warm body.


If you've ever found yourself home alone with nothing to do on a Saturday night, this app is probably the solution you've been looking for!

Nearify is an app that aggregates all the events going on near you so that you're never left without knowing what's going on tonight!

This app will help you find single's nights, ladies nights, music events, and other things of the like. It will help you go out there and get social!


For all of you out there with a furry friend, this might be the best way to meet your next fuck buddy!

This app is similar to wag, but it's for people looking to have puppy play dates as well! You'll find a ton of girls who are looking for a friend to go to the dog park with!

Dogs are notorious for helping their owners get laid, so download this app if you have a puppy!