True Story: How I Fuck the Girls I Follow On Snapchat

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Everyone can say that there's at least one person they follow on Snapchat whose stories they look forward to seeing just because of how hot they are. They're your secret crush who you wouldn't mind getting in bed with. Similarly, you post stories and check your views to see if they're in there, and your heart (or another organ) flutters. You hope to get the chance to fuck them, but never actually do anything to make it happen.

This used to be me until I got some guts and decided to try instead of waiting around hoping for the universe to throw me a bone and have the hot girls I follow on Snapchat somehow end up in my bed. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. If you want to know how I got my Snapchat crushes to fuck me, and how you can, too, here's what I did.

Post stories regularly

If I wanted to get the attention of the women I wanted, I wouldn't get it by being inactive on Snapchat when they're active almost daily. You want them to watch your stories so they can notice you, but you have to grab their attention to be memorable. Almost everyone I know, including myself, simply swipes through stories checking out maybe 2-3 seconds of what somebody's posted, tapping onto the next. Our attention spans have shortened thanks to social media, so chances are the girl you're interested in is mindlessly swiping through your stories every time you post.

That's why you need to pay attention to what she posts and also post things that are attention-grabbing. A good ol' shameless thirst trap always seems to do the trick, but you also shouldn't oversaturate your stories with photos of you at the gym or shirtless. One thing you can try to reel in her attention and talk to her is to post something you know she'd like or have something to reply to. What I mean by this is that she might post something to her story about an artist she likes, and you could then post an album you have (or got) of that same artist and hope she takes the bait.

A mix of both is what got me laid.

There were a couple of girls I was interested in fucking on my Snapchat friends list, and I posted thirst traps, selfies, videos of my cat, and anything else a girl would like. I also paid attention to the things they would post and specifically posted related things to my story to get their attention. Some took the bait, and others didn't (not every girl likes to message first), but the results were the same - I had sex with all of them.

How does this formula work?

You make it easy for them to start a conversation with you or to have something to talk about when you message them. Conversation, if you're good at it, can lead to sex if you do enough flirting without being creepy.

Reply to their stories

Another way to get their attention in a more direct approach, rather than hoping they notice your stories, is to reply to theirs. Swiping up on someone's Snapchat story is either a sign of friendship or sexual interest, depending on what you say. In your case, you want it to be the latter. That means you have to be selective to which stories you reply to, while also throwing in a few more friendly ones to mix it up. It may sound trivial and unnecessarily complicated to be mindful of this, but trust me, it'll help you in the end.

If you reply to too many of her hot selfies or snaps of her showing off her body, she could get annoyed or just see you as another creep. You also don't want to reply to them too often. If she posts daily, you'll have plenty of opportunities to say something to her, so just stretch them out as opposed to replying to everything she posts. Usually, if you're responding to someone's selfie, they know you find them attractive. However, I wouldn't do this until after a couple of friendly replies to something she posts, like of her dog, an event she goes to, or something like that so she can see you differently than all the other guys that compliment her.

Snap them

Once you've sent enough little messages and replies to her stories sending her emojis to let her know you think she's cute, having short conversations, etc., you should be at a point where you're regularly sending snaps to each other that aren't just story replies. This is where you plant the seeds for your potential hookups. As you're talking to and getting to know her, there are a few things you want to do.

One of them is to make sure you flirt. The last thing you want is for her to not register you as someone she could share her bed with because you kept it too friendly. You still don't want to bombard her with "what would you do if I was there ;)?" or other lame, creepy texts, but you should make it known that you find her attractive. That way, if she's not into it, she can stop replying, and you'll be on your way. Also, you should send her photos of yourself that suggest sexting. The first step to getting laid from Snapchat is to snap sext a girl. You can't just ask to hookup if you've never even had any sexual conversations.

The best way to get any girl in bed is through humor, and the same applies to sexting. The way I initiated Snapchat sexting with one of these girls was sending them a shirtless selfie, with a focus on my chest, and covered my nipples with some emojis and added a stupid caption.

She sent one back without the emojis.

Make plans

After you've been snapping for a while - I'd say about two weeks, then it's time to start making plans to meet in person and fuck. If things went well when subtly asking to sext, and she fell for all your flirting, then you've probably been building up the sexual tension with every snap you send one another. When you can't take it any longer, make a move to take things from digital to IRL - if she doesn't beat you to it.

The next time she sends you a nude, hint at the possibility of seeing her in person. When a girl I was snapping sent me a booty pic, I replied with "let me smack it *insert tongue emoji*" and sure wnough, she said, "When?"

Seal the deal

If she's agreed to meet up with you, you're well on your way to getting laid, but to be sure, you should always slip in a question if she's down to hook up to have absolute clarity. Snapchat isn't always the best means of communication, and things can get misinterpreted. The last thing you want is for her to show up and expect something completely different than you were. One way you can easily avoid this is to invite her over to your house. It's practically a given that when a guy invites a girl over to his house, especially for the first time they're meeting, that they're going to hook up. If she says no or offers a different location for you guys to "hang out," she's probably not down to have sex.

If she says yes, however, you pretty much have it in the bag.