Ultimate Guide to Getting Laid on Snapchat [New Info]

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Everyone talks about how to land a hookup from dating apps and websites, and even from in-real-life situations, but no one ever seems to mention the ultimate tool to getting laid - Snapchat. It's more powerful for getting laid than my dating or hookup app could be, and you need to know how to use it if you want to take advantage of this awesome app. Social media is one of the most powerful tools for dating and hooking up in this day and age. Snapchat, for example, is filled with so many opportunities for sex, and once you unlock its secrets, you'll wonder why you never tried it for hooking up sooner.

Here's how you can use Snapchat to have sex.

Be Interesting

This is a tough task for most of humanity, but luckily Snapchat makes it easier. If there's someone's attention you're trying to get on Snapchat, the best way is to post interesting stories. DIf you post the same things everyone else does - pictures of the sunset, pets, selfies, etc., she's just going to overlook your story like she does everyone else's. You want to stand out, and you can do that by showcasing all the cool stuff you do.

Going to a concert? Post a video to your story (and ONLY one). Traveling? Post a photo with a geofilter on it. Doing something cool at work? Post it!

The goal is to get her interested in you and your life enough to prompt her to Snapchat you first. If she sees something on your story that she's curious about or thinks is really cool, she'll probably reply to it.

Post selfies

If you're a good looking guy and you know it, take advantage of that. Snapchat runs on one thing and one thing only - vanity. I mean, it's an app where people can post their lives as if anyone cares or as if they're running their own web show. If you go through your Snapchat stories, you'll also be sure to find a million selfies. People love posting themselves, and it's a good way to show everyone how attractive you are and potentially snag a hookup. Posting selfies also gives her a chance to see your face regularly, and it keeps your face in her mind. She'll subconsciously think about you and might even swipe up on your selfie to compliment you.

Interact with her

Unfortunately, that doesn't always work because some girls are still not used to sending the first message. That's when you'll have to do the work. If you feel like you've been waiting long enough for her to say something and are getting impatient, then go ahead and try messaging her. An easy way to slide into her Snapchat messages is to reply to her stories. The first couple of ones should be replies random snaps of her doing whatever she's doing, but try to hint that you find her attractive. If she's at the beach, for example, and she happens to snap herself in a bikini, send her a heart eyes emoji along with, "looks like a perfect view," and watch her thank you for the sweet compliment. Continue to slip in compliments and flirty emojis while having conversations with her.

When sending her snaps, you should also be playful and make her remember you so that you become her favorite person to Snapchat. What would make it even better is if both of you become 'best friends' on Snapchat. Most girls seem to have a thing for earning the Snapc friend emojis that appear as different achievements when you Snapchat someone frequently, and she'll like the fact that you care enough to keep it. You should also use all of Snapchat's features to your advantage by sending cute and funny Snpachats to her.

You can't seem too thirsty, though, by replying to every single selfie she posts, and you don't want to reply to every story she posts. Instead, sporadically Snapchat message her until you feel like you've talked and flirted enough to where you can try to move things from Snapchat to IRL.

Hook up

The worst part of using Snapchat to get laid is asking for it. Obviously, you wouldn't outwardly say "let's fuck," but you're going to have to say something that will insinuate that. You could be clever, direct, or seductive in your approach, but I know that doesn't make it any less intimidating. Even if things have gone well up to this point, once you bring up meeting up and having sex, she could back out, and you'd have to respect that.

The only thing to do is just to do it. There's no right time to ask to meet in person or hook up; that's something you'll have to feel out for yourself. Each situation will be different, but you should be able to tell if she will be into the idea of taking things further than Snapchat. One easy sign that indicates that you should go for it is if she keeps replying to you. Girls won't reply, and much less flirt with you, if they're not into you, and that's all there is to it.

Referring back to the different approaches you could take, here are a few different things you could say to imply you two should have sex.

When trying to be clever, you're going to have to come up with something that she wouldn't expect. It's easy to say "what would you do if I was with you rn? ;)" but coming up with something to say that isn't the epitome of fuckboy texts insinuating you want to hookup is challenging, for some. Here's a free tip: if she ever sends you, or posts, a photo or video of her drinking (which is almost 100% guaranteed to happen), send her a chat saying "If you need someone to drunk text into your bed tonight feel free to hit me up." Being direct is a bit easier because all you have to say is the truth. The next time you're flirting with her, take it a step further and tell her you want her; the worst she can do is say no. Lastly, being seductive just means you have to unleash your inner erotic writer, but not as raunchy. Say something about her best feature, and say that you'd like to taste, touch, or lick it.