9 Wildest Snapchat Freaks You Must Follow

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Playboy doesn't own porn, and neither do porn sites! Porn belongs to those who love it and those who make it! That being said, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that porn has slowly begun to drift from the pages of nudie mags and the webpages of porn sites. Social media has made it easier to find porn, keep up with your favorite porn actresses, and consume porn.

Personally, I get most of my porn from Snapchat. Just like I get some of my news from Snap, and I keep up with my friends and favorite celebs alike, I get my porn on Snapchat.

A lot of pro pornstars that you might recognize from sites like Brazzers and BangBros have taken to Snapchat to make and sell their porn. This way they cut out the middle man and keep the cash flowing in their direction! Plus, there are a lot of amateurs, that are more popular for their Twitter memes than their nudes, who also post on Snapchat and make great content - in fact, they're some of my favorites!

Here are the wildest Snapchat freaks you need to follow ASAP!


If you're into expensive looking girls in expensive looking lingerie, then you should definitely check this girl out! You don't even really need to follow her on Snapchat to get a taste of what she's like; you can get plenty of an idea of what you're getting into by taking a peek at her Twitter (@THATtittyhoe).

It seems that every other day she has a new gorgeous set of lingerie to show off to her followers. She's funny and sexy both on and off Twitter, and she's insanely pretty to boot! If boobs are your thing - which of course they are - then obviously THIS tittyhoe is the right choice for you.

Ava D'Amore

Kinky much? Well, Ava D'Amore is kinky enough for all of us. This girl is tatted and always seems to be in some sort of leather.

This sexy sex worker can be found on twitter at @switchava where you can find her email, many vids account, and only fans account where she sells her insanely hot content.

Taylor Allard

Just like all the best artists, all the best porn stars and Snapchat hoes seem to be from New York City.

Taylor Allard is not only a meme queen on Twitter, but is a sensual goddess in her porn that she sells through her Patreon, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Honestly, I'd follow her on Twitter even if I wasn't into girls! She's funny, she's hot, and her ass could kill.

Sovereign Syre

All hail Sovereign Syre, for real though. This porn star does it all. Not only does she spend time in front of the camera naked for our viewing pleasure, but she's a comedian, a writer, and a podcaster!

On her twitter (@sovereignsyre) you can find links to her SFW content and the more salacious content she makes on her private snapchat and website.

Again, this girl is funny and hot, so I encourage you to follow her to be both entertained and turned on!

Asa Akira

If you don't know who Asa Akira is, you must have never seen porn before in your life. Like Pam An, Asa Akira is on her way to becoming a household name by hosting podcasts, appearing on Barstool Sports, and doing anal on camera.

She's a published author twice over but still takes the time to post on her premium Snap just for her loyal fans!

Cherie DeVille

Cherie DeVille is clearly old enough to be my mother - or, based off the type of porn she does, my step-mother - but I'd gladly fuck her. She's easily the hottest MILF next door in the history of MILFs, and I think I might be in love with her.

Her brief, yet hilarious, political career makes me only love her more! Sure, she's not the first sex worker to run for president (I'm pretty sure a Dominatrix ran a for president too), but she definitely gave Donald Trump a run for my money. If only she would have one a major primary… then she would have definitely had my vote.

But I digress; even with her busy schedule doing porn and running for political office, she finds time to post on her Snapchat!

Christy Mack

While Christy Mack may not be active in the industry anymore, she's still one of my favorite actresses ever. She's hot and hardcore looking with all of her tattoos, but she's still sweet while being insanely sexy.

Though she doesn't fuck on camera anymore, she does still do plenty of modeling and hosting at clubs. That means that there's plenty of opportunities for her to upload hot content to her Snap… which she does on a regular basis.

You'll catch her uploading photos of her gigs and her body anytime she can find time alone in front of a mirror.

Blair Williams

Blair is the definition of zero to sixty. This girl started out as an innocent graduate from a Christian school and seemingly overnight became one of the most beloved porn stars online thanks to XHamster's The Sex Factor.

She's definitely got that good girl gone bad vibe going on, and it only makes sense because that's who she is!

I'm obsessed with her


I'm not sure why, but any girl who's 420 friendly is automatically much hotter in my book. I'm not sure why, but smoking weed is so sexy! And I think a lot of guys agree.

This babe's Twitter bio (@olgvsm) opens with "dabs and dildos," so obviously I'm in love with her. This Russian babe posts a ton of content to her Snapchat on a pretty regular basis. She's also not just into fucking dildos on camera, but real dicks! I love me an amateur hardcore porn star, don't you?

Plus she sells a bulk collection of nudes on her Dropbox for a pretty decent price!

Princess Luna

Sure, Princess might be in her name, but she doesn't act particularly proper at all… thank god. You'd never know it just by looking at her - because she looks so innocent - but this girl has a dirty side. She gives me major Princess Peach vibes for some reason! I'm not sure if it's because she's a self-proclaimed porn princess or because she dresses in pastels and looks sweet.

I think that's what makes her such a great Snapchat freak to follow because you would never expect anything so dirty from someone who looks so cute!