7 Snapchat Fuck Videos You Need to See

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Snapchat fuck videos are the #1 source of amateur porn on the entirety of the internet. Back in the day, you used to have to break out the hand-held video camera and assemble the old' tripod before you could fuck your GF/wife on camera. Now, all you have to do is pull out your phone and the next thing you know, you're making a sex tape.

In 2019, the internet is overflowing with fresh, new Snapchat videos every single day. Just head on over to Pornhub to see a million snapchat-sex tapes that were (most likely) filmed just days ago.

Seriously, if you even tried to jerk off to every snap-sex tape, as they came out in real time, you'd rub your dick into a fine powder. Luckily for you, I've made a complete list of my seven favorite Snapchat fuck videos of all time. Let's check it out!


This video is one of my favorites. First of all, the girl in this video deserves a few more descriptive words, other than "SEXY." I mean, look at her - she's a knockout. The best part about this girl is her innocence. I'd bet good money that this girl has never exposed herself for the public in this kind of way before.

(Sadly) This girl probably has no idea this video is out, but honestly - it kind of makes it hotter to know how innocent this girl probably is. She, most likely, made all of these videos for her boyfriend and he did us all the pleasure of uploading them in a compilation.

The video starts out with a little nude teasing as she dances around in the morning light shining through her bedroom window - and she's fuckin' gorgeous. She has borderline perfect breasts, and an ass to match. It's also obvious from the tan lines that she's 18.

As the video continues, you get to see her boyfriend go south of the border while she films it. It's obvious later in the video that this girl is getting most of her pleasure from the fact that she's recording her boyfriend fuck her, and that's a huge turn on for anybody with a pulse. Go check out the video already!

"Cheating Girlfriends Snapchat Compilation" - YouPorn

Here you go. That right there is a video compilation for a very specific kind of kink, but a popular one, nonetheless. The name of the game is cheating, and these girls are great at it. If you are into cheating girlfriends getting fucked by dudes they barely know, this one is for you.

This video is one of the best compilations I've come across since the girls are all smoking hot and you get to see their faces! Now, that's not something you get every time you click on one of these videos. Nothing is worse than watching a vagina get fucked in one close-up 480p shot for five minutes straight. Nobody wants to see that.

Instead of that lame shit, this video includes a ton of POV shots, along with some alternate angles that you ordinarily wouldn't see when you're getting down and dirty with some girl.

The girls in these videos are cheating and proud of it. They often look into the camera and say hello to their boyfriends, but sometimes you can tell they're too embarrassed. These are real girls, after all.

"Teen Facial Compilation" - XNXX

Now that we've covered a few bases and peeked a few pussies, let's get into the real grit - the facial videos. These young girls are interested in one thing and one thing only - spum. And they can't get enough of it. Hell, they crave it. They are literally begging for it in almost all of these short clips.

This video has all of the requirements a good facial compilation video should - college-aged girls, beautiful faces, and lots of cum. The best part about this video has to be all of the teenage girlfriends who have no idea those videos exist. Some of them are timid and scared while others are excited and eager to take a full load to the face. It's pretty incredible if you ask me.

A few of the girls in the video aren't really teenage girls, but snapchat-only pornstars that are willing to trade their snapchat code for about $20 a month. It's kind of expensive for a wank, but sometimes the kink fits the bill well enough for it to be worth it.

You can add those girls, but unfortunately, those other girls are probably impossible to find. Plus, what would you even say? "Yo, I saw you take a fat load in your eyes on Pornhub, what are you doing this weekend?" Like, what the fuck. Just watch the video, OK?


Alright check this shit out. It's a compilation video with three separate panels for each video. That means you can watch more than one clip at a time - maximizing your jack-off efficiency.

It's a compilation of college kids doing wild stuff with their friends, taking dares, and streaking. There's also a lot of drunk girls doing wild stuff with their friends, in case anybody is tired of looking at dicks. I think this might even be the best video on the entire list because of the 'real' factor of some of these snapchats. Like, you can tell that some of these girls are too drunk to remember sucking two guys' dicks on camera. Some other girls are so obviously embarrassed, they don't even want to show their faces.

Seriously, this video has everything, you guys. There's even a video of a girl fucking some dude on top of a tattoo table. You can only get that kind of entertainment from Snapchat, ladies, and gentlemen. Another great part about this video (and others that are similar) has to be the randomness of it all. Some girls are blowing a guy in bed, while others are doing it on an elevator. You just never know with this one.

Now, go out there and find your own snapchat fuck videos to watch! More and more get posted every day on these kinds of sites, so have fun, everybody.