How to Use Snapchat to Hookup Tonight [Wiki Leak]

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Snapchat can be any number of things; like a tool for sending and receiving nudes (obviously), or a casual way to get to know somebody on a dating app or a hundred other forms of communication. I'm sure people use it for thing unrelated to sex, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

However, I do know the best way to collect a gaggle of ass through Snapchat. It all starts with a dating app, some pictures, and a message. I thought it was about time for me to pass my knowledge along to all of you.

So, now I'm about to show you how anybody can use Snapchat to nuzzle their way into their matches' heart and pants, alike. Let's get into it.

Start Swiping

If we want to use snapchat to get laid, we are going to need a dating app. Any of the top 3 in the app store will do, but I think the most effective platforms are Bumble and Tinder.

The method we are about to practice involves a lot of catch and release. Using a dating app like Tinder is going to get you a lot of matches, but a lot of bot/catfish/spam accounts as well. If you just want to rifle off 'likes' all willy-nilly, Tinder is probably going to be your best bet.

If you're into meeting someone a little more real, then you can always download Bumble. It's just like Tinder, but the girls have to message you first. That means you're going to save a hell of a lot of time avoiding all of those fake accounts. Using bumble also filters out all of the girls who don't reply to anyone's messages. You know - the girls that just like to scroll through their matches while they pat themselves on the back.

The most efficient way to meet girls is by downloading both dating apps, making a profile for each one, and seeing who's eye you catch.

Start Chatting

Once you've got both dating apps fired up and searching for more potential matches, you can start chatting with your current ones. Tinder is going to be the most frustrating platform to message girls, but after a while, you'll fall into a rhythm that'll feel consistent. Soon, finding real profiles will be a lot easier for you. Just takes a little practice.

Bumble is always a little easier - but sometimes it can be painful too. Since only girls can start conversations, it always hurts a little when you match with a hottie that never sends you anything. But don't let that feeling linger, because another hot match is always right around the corner - especially when you have a profile on each app.

Your first message to any girl should either be funny, complimentary, or basic. Trying to be funny doesn't always pan out right, but it's usually better than a "hey." You can never go wrong with a compliment, fellas. If there's a certain picture on her profile that catches your eye, tell her. Everyone loves hearing how good their pictures are. Just don't be creepy. Don't comment on her body at all. At least not until you get ahold of that snapcode.

When I find myself dry on material or at a loss for words, I usually go with something basic like, "heyo" or "hi." It's not very exciting, but at least I didn't tell a bad joke or ask her for her measurements.


After a little light conversation (and maybe a compliment or two) you're going to want to show her significant interest. What is significant interest? Well, it's when you long for someone - even someone you've never even met. You can show this interest (or fake it) by asking her a ton of questions. One of those questions should be, "What's your Snapchat?"

Try and avoid being too direct with these girls on Tinder. If you expose yourself as a horndog, or just plain expose yourself, she is very likely to block your profile and forget that you ever exist. If you charm her enough to get her Snapchat, you can solidify yourself in her friends-list for a good amount of time.

On that same note; you don't want to be too indirect. No girl wants to sit on the face of a guy that's been asking her about her favorite Disney movies for two hours. We're trying to get into her pants here, not her Disney-Discussion Facebook group - so let's keep the conversation's momentum up.

The hardest part about chatting with these girls has to be picking up on all of the signals. No woman is easy to read, and that's even truer on the internet. Communicating through a messenger can be tricky, but just do your best and keep an eye out of tonal changes. If she starts out with "HI! :)" and ends with "ok" or "ya," then you've lost your momentum. Learn what piques interest and what doesn't. And get to know them while you're at it.


Now, this is where all of your hard work (our hard work) is going to pay off. This is the part where you score, but before you do that - you're going to have to shoot.

Keep in mind that one girl's bad reaction to you isn't the end of the world. At the same time, don't act like these girls are a dime a dozen. Be nice and try to keep them interested in whatever you have to say - or vice versa. You want her engaged in your questions. The most engaging question to ask is, "what's your snapchat?" Once that snapcode is acquired, it's time to send some selfies.

Kick things off by sending her a picture of yourself. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, but you should include something funny or stupid along with it like, "what do u think about this" or "face 4 face?" It's important to keep her relaxed when you two are snapchatting - because if she's comfortable, you're comfortable.

By sending her a harmless (NON-FlEXING) snapchat selfie, you can bait her into doing the same. If she doesn't send you any pictures of her face, don't ask her to. When she feels comfortable sending photos of herself to you - you'll know. Plus, if you pressure her into sending pictures of anything, you could annoy her and ruin your chances for a hookup.

The selfie she sends you will also give you a good sense of her personality (and attitude towards you in general). You'll be able to tell if she's really trying or not. You can always tell.

Anyways, Snapchat is a great way to get to know girls from dating apps, but if you really want any chance of doing to nasty - ask for her phone number. Tons of guys ask for girls' snapchat codes on Tinder, but not a lot of guys ask for girls' phone numbers on Snapchat. It's, no doubt, a power move that will definitely make her think of you a little more. Not to mention, she can call you at any hour of the night in case she gets cold or lonely. Have fun out there and stay safe!