Top 11 Sexy Snapchat Girls You Need to Follow

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You might think Instagram is the place where you can find the sexiest women on the internet, but you're wrong.

It's Snapchat.

Every day women post stories you wouldn't believe that are either nude or damn near close to it. Snapchat's culminating reputation as a sex app has all led to this - a plethora of women selling, as well as posting for free, their nude bodies and sexy selfies that are better than porn. With this plethora of women, however, comes a choice that can be hard to make - who do I follow? With so many options, you can end up just cluttering your Snapchat with hundreds of women who aren't always active, don't post the sexy stuff you're looking for, or who post too many boring day-to-day activities.

Brittany Renner

Instagram models are probably some of the best women you could follow on Snapchat. Since Instagram is so strict about nudity and have too many rules they can't break, girls take to Snapchat to show off a little more than they would on their Instagram story.

Brittany Renner is a perfect example of this.

If you don't know who she is, or haven't seen her Instagram page, she's an "IG fitness model" who's also a published author. Her book talks about how people may perceive her based off her looks, and you can guess why she has trouble with people and their assumptions. She's a complete knockout and has one of the most insane bodies I've ever seen; it almost doesn't seem real. She's grown in popularity with her followers, and she knows it's because of her body, so you can expect her to always post something spicy on her Snapchat story.

Username: brittanyrennerr

Alycia Tyre

Although you're likely never to see Alycia Tyre naked on Snapchat, her body is shown off enough on her Snapchat to make you think you have. She's a YouTuber and popular Instagrammer who has an insane body - and she recently got her tits done this past year. Take it from me, they look great, and you're always sure to get a glimpse of them on her Snapchat as she frequently posts herself in bikinis, revealing tops, and other clothes that accentuate her figure (Fashion Nova sponsors her).

It'll be like you have your own personal model in your phone always sending Snapchats.

Username: alyciatyre

Vicki Chase

Pornstars are the next best type of girls to add on Snapchat, and the only reason I say "next best" is because you usually have to pay for access to their Snapchats. There are a few angels out there, however, who don't create a separate, private Snapchat that you have to pay for, and one of my favorite angels is Vicki Chase. Although she could definitely make some serious money off a premium Snapchat account, she's blessed us all with keeping it free, and we love her for it.

If you're not familiar with Vicki Chase - you should be. She's a Mexican pornstar and Vixen Angel, and one of the most gorgeous women I've laid my eyes on.

Username: vickichasexy


This Snapchat account doesn't just belong to one woman, but many. Arsenic is a media company that started as a network of models but continues to share the art of a woman's body on their social media - notably, their Snapchat account. Arsenic's Snapchat account, called 'AresenicTV,' has always been known to feature only the hottest women from L.A. and all over the world. They have a huge house called the Arsenic house where all their models and special guests come to play and where their snaps take place. There, several photo shoots and cool events are always happening, so if you don't want to miss out on all the fun these girls are having, go ahead and add them today.

Username: arsenictv

Asa Akira

Someone that's always fun to watch no matter what she's doing is pornstar Asa Akira. Her name should sound familiar to you as she's one of the best-known pornstars, and has been in over 505 films since the beginning of her career. While you won't really catch her in the newest porn, you can find her still doing all the things she used to in her videos on her Snapchat account. Also, if you happen to be into pregnant girls, Asa is currently expecting! That, of course, doesn't stop her from continuing putting on shows for all her followers to watch, as well as posting some pretty funny snaps.

Username: asaholeakira

Abella Danger

This girl is one of my personal favorite pornstars. She's relatively new compared to someone like Asa Akira, but watching her you'd think she's been doing this for ages. Abella Danger has one of the most gorgeous bodies you could find in porn, and she's all natural! Her perfect ass is what makes her Snapchat worth adding, and if you're a butt type of guy then you'll love her; she never misses a chance to show off her ass. She's also just a very interesting person to follow - she's a classically trained dancer and will often show off her skills on Snapchat, but it's mostly nudes if I'm honest, which I'm not complaining about. You won't regret following this Vixen Angel and seeing all her adventures, as well as her amazing body.

Username: thebelladanger

Dani Daniels

It only makes sense to follow PornHub's Best Premium Snapchat award winner of 2018, right?

Well, if you aren't willing to pay for her premium for whatever reason, Dani Daniels also has a free, public Snapchat that anyone can add. While you may not get the same things as her Premium viewers get to see, it's still pretty hot and regularly updated. Although I should warn you, it is mostly just promo for her premium Snpchat prompting you to swipe up to "see more," but if you don't mind those posts, then you should definitely check out the hottest pornstar Snapchat out there.

Username: suckingallthed

Bonnie Rotten

Yes, another pornstar - because how could you ever have too many on your Snapchat?

If you're into tattoed babes, then you'll adore Bonnie's Snapchat. She's an alternative pornstar with a wicked body and awesome tattoos. She was actually the first alternative pornstar to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award back in 2014, and since then she continued to reach many different achievements, including having a daughter! While she's been in the industry for quite a while, she now works with some of the newer faces in porn, like Gina Valentina. But when she's not on set filming her next scene, you can find Bonnie playing with her fans on Snapchat. No matter what day it is, even a holiday, Bonnie will always take time out of her day to post something for you all to drool over.

Username: bonnierottenx

Reality Kings

A little hack you can do to get multiple naked women on your Snapchat from one account is to add porn production companies!

Your favorite porn websites (mostly) all have Snapchat accounts where they post exclusive behind-the-scenes of what's going on behind the camera and during shoots. You get to see some familiar women, and new ones, as they film some sexy scenes, and also go about their day with them. Reality Kings often does takeovers, where pornstars take control of the account and snap the day away, giving you an intimate look at a day in their life, as well as showing appreciation by taking nudes!

Username: rkstars


Another famous name in porn that you can add on Snapchat is PornHub. The porn powerhouse also has their own account where they, too, post pornstar takeovers, dirty Snapchats from the girls on their roster, and taking you behind-the-scenes of all the coolest events. As you all know, PornHub is extremely popular, and as a result, they've collaborated with many people and brands, and get invited to the hottest celebrity events in porn and culture. You can guarantee that wherever PornHub goes, they will take you with them on their snapchat story. Don't miss out!

Username: ph-official

Bailey Bae

If you're into sweet and innocent looking girls, who turn out to not be that at all, then I highly recommend watching Bailey Bae's Snapchat stories. She's a cute, petite blonde who seems like your average girl-next-door, but once you add her Snapchat, you'll see how dirty she can get. She has a very playful and bubbly personality and loves to chat with her followers on Snapchat. While her more extreme stuff is on her private Snapchat, you can still enjoy everything she shows on her public account.

Username: baileyflirts