How to Meet Hot Girls on Snapchat

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Ever seen a hot girl walking around and wondered to yourself, "I wonder what her snapcode looks like (among other things)?" Well, join the club, because every smokeshow you've seen in the past 5 years, almost definitely, has a snapchat.

They're not just sending snaps to their moms either. These girls are down to send regular nudes as long as you can follow these steps in order to get them exactly where you want them - in your bed.

Let's jump in and see what it takes to reel these girls in like steelhead.

Dating Apps

Setting yourself up with a dating app profile (or two) has to be the easiest way for anyone to find a snapchat-sex buddy. By putting yourself out there to a sea of horny girls your age, you are inviting these girls to a good time.

You might be thinking, "Oh, I don't see why girls on a dating app would be looking for a snapchat fuckbuddy like me?" Well, you'd be surprised. I'd say 1/5 girls on apps like Tinder, Bumble, and even happn, are looking for something besides a boyfriend.

A lot of these girls are just looking for casual sex with a trustworthy guy that could someday (possibly) turn into something more than a friends-with-benefits situation. And I'd say about half of those girls are willing to send some naughty snapchats in your direction. That is IF you can talk your way into her snapchat friends list.

It's best to look at the profiles that offer certain... qualities that other profiles are lacking. I'm talking about a slutty bio and some less than church-appropriate attire. It's best to try and match with every cute girl you can because the more matches you get - the better your chances are of coming out of all this with a few snapchat usernames.

Also, it's never a bad idea to set yourself up with multiple dating app profiles. If you've got a Bumble and you want to 'like' more girls than the app will allow you in the free version, all you have to do is download Tinder and boom - you've got twice as many daily likes than before.

Using Your Apps

It's no secret that cute girls are attracted to cute guys, so setting up your profile(s) is incredibly important. If your profile contains nothing but pictures of you wearing ski masks and Tapout hats, the odds of you getting any fine lady's snap code are going to be at an all-time low.

Include 2-3 photos of yourself where you can see your face. Even if you aren't very classicly handsome, you can still reel in quite a few babes by just being confident. Girls are attracted to confidence more than anything, so when they see you covering your face or even just uploading random .png files, they are instantly scared away.

While decent pictures are a must, your bio is also very important when it comes to picking up cute girls on Tinder. Having no bio at all is actually better than having a weird one, so if there's no way you can think of a cute joke or a little detail about yourself, go with no bio.

Once you've attracted some attention with your beautiful new profile, it's time to start chatting - which is the most important part of this whole process. Without any quality conversation, Tinder doesn't have much of a purpose - other than to boost the egos of millions of girls all over the world.

Let's figure out how to talk to these broads, shall we?


Talking to girls is nervewracking as hell, but it's totally worth it. In real life, talking to girls is a heart-pounding experience that with either end with you feeling like shit, or you get laid at the end of the night. Sadly, it's usually the latter. On Tinder, it's a lot more simple.

I mean, for Christ's sake - you aren't even in the same room as them. Plus, what's the worst that could happen? She doesn't reply, and you learn from your mistakes? C'mon. If you can't bring yourself to get this far in the guide, then you should probably review the rewards. (spoiler: It's worth it) - even if your heart is pounding out of your chest when you send that risky message.

I've found that the best results come when you joke around a little bit. Humor is a language as old as time, and it has probably been used to hit on girls SINCE the beginning of time. See, when a girl on Tinder notices your sense of humor as complimentary to hers, she instantly trusts you more. Not to mention how bored girls get when your conversation is dry.

If you end up having a boring conversation with a hot girl and she stops replying - hopefully, you'll know why. But don't worry! For every shotty Tinder conversation, there are 5 good ones just out there waiting for you to strike them up.

You can feel out her sense of humor by saying two little jokes with completely different tones/themes to them. If she laughs at one and not the other, it's safe to say she leans further toward whichever sense of humor (light or dark) she's a fan of. If she laughs at both, you're in luck. Most girls won't laugh at both jokes unless they are very, very interested. If your jokes are shitty and she is still rolling on the floor (laughing), she's itching for you to ask for her snapchat.

Securing the Username

Eventually, the girls you've been chatting up will be ready to take your little internet relationship to the next level. Some of the hints she might drop won't be very noticeable to the untrained eye, but fortunately for you, I'm going to share all of them with you right now.

First, she'll be a little more interested in your conversation. She'll start to ask you questions about yourself that might get a little personal. For instance, they might ask you how tall you are or what color your eyes are, and maybe even how big your dong is. If it's that last one that lands in your lap, don't hesitate. Play it cool and ask her if she has a snapchat.

If she says, "yeah." then she's probably not interested. See, the thing about that question; "Do you have a snapchat?" is perfect because both of you know that all you want is her username, but it's a "yes" or "no" question, so it gives her the opportunity to reject you completely.

Any time you (in conversation) give a girl the option to refuse you flat-out, they'll pick up on it and remember that you're not too aggressive. Being aggressive is a big no-no when finding partners on the internet.

Once she gives you her snapchat username, give her an add and don't snapchat her until an hour later. That'll make it seem like you had better things to do for the last hour other than chat with this smoking hot chick that just gave you her snapchat. Once you lock down these girls (a few at a time), you'll have so many horny girls on snapchat messaging you that you won't know what to do with yourself. Be careful out there and enjoy yourselves!