Here’s where to Find Nude Snapchat Girls

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Tumblr… sort of

Tumblr was once the hub for plenty of porn and other things of a sexual nature. But thanks to some assholes who had to ruin it for the rest of us, the site has decided to go PG-13 on us all. I know, it's unfortunate. For a lot of us, Tumblr was where we discovered our sexuality or at the very least our sexual tastes. Tumblr taught us what kinky stuff was wayyy before 50 Shades of Grey.

While it feels like we're losing an old friend, we can rest easy knowing that the bot that Tumblr has decided to use to "clean up" the site is absolute trash. Honestly, it's a baby A.I. that has absolutely no idea what the difference between a nipple and a tan bouncy ball. Anything remotely fleshy colored is being mistaken for nudity… but then again so are completely SFW photos of completely SFW subjects.

What does that mean? Well, it means that there are plenty of porn blogs and kinky people that have gone untouched by the purge. And for that, we rejoice! Also, there are plenty of people that have looked at Tumblr's new guidelines as a challenge. You'll find plenty of people with their Snapchat usernames posted or selling them for a pretty decent price (we're talking like ten bucks or so).


While our sacred sexy Tumblr is in danger, Twitter is thriving with sensual content. And thank god for that. Twitter has always been a hotbed for hot stuff as they don't share the prudish rules and regulations that are put into place by the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is a haven for porn stars, sex workers, and other people looking to explore their sexuality in a digital public forum.

On Twitter, you'll find plenty of girls who are down to send their Snapchat to add to people who not only thirst follow but have the nerve to slide into their DM's. There are also plenty of girls who just have their Snapchat username in their bio. Look out for girls who post nudes or semi-nudes to their Twitter. Also, keep an eye out for thirsty tweets and if they follow a ton of Porn stars or sex workers.

There are also plenty of people who are looking to sell their Snapchat username for a half-decent price. A lot of girls who aren't super professional will probably sell their Snap for something like ten or twenty bucks for a one-time sale. There are other girls who will charge monthly or weekly. These girls are definitely the more professional type.

However, I have some insider information: most girls will definitely sext you if you throw some money her way. I'm serious. Most regular girl-next-door types are more than willing to sell nudes, feet pics, videos, and you name it. Sexual liberation is great, isn't it?


Okay, I know I've trashed Instagram for being prude. But that being said, you'd be mistaken to think that you won't find people to Snapchat sext on this platform. Sure, you won't get to sample the wares like you might be able to on Twitter (as a lot of girls will post nudes on there and then follow up with selling or giving their Snapchat info) but you'll definitely find sex workers and sexually free girls on here too.

I myself follow quite a few porn stars and artists who make sexually charged art who sell their Snapchat for a pretty reasonable price on this platform. A lot of them even have back up accounts just in case Instagram gets tired of their antics (a lot of these people definitely toe the line of what's allowed on the platform - for instance Brooke Candy basically always posts nudes).

And like I said before, you'll probably be able to get some girl from your high school science class or from your old barista-ing job to be down to send you nudes too. All you have to is slide into the DM's, make it clear that you're interested in fucking around, and see what happens! You might find yourself with not only a Snapchat setting buddy, but someone who's down to fuck!

Porn Stars

What do you think porn stars are doing when they're not doing porn? Well, apart from eating and sleeping they're usually making more porn. Porn is more profitable when there isn't a middle man! Sure, a porn star may get paid a couple thousand for a single shoot, but the production company will usually make much more off that video than the star would. So what do they do? They cut out the middle man via Snapchat or Only Fans, and they make more porn!

Most porn stars will usually spend their downtime on cam or satisfying their following in some sort of another way on some other platform. That being said, a lot of porn stars - maybe not megastars like Asa Akira, but some of the smaller stars - will usually put their Snapchat username up for sale! If you're tired of looking for someone to add on Snapchat and have some money in your pocket, this might be the way to go!

Plus porn stars are professionals. That means that they're going to make better content - because let's face it, not every girl-next-door is a natural born porn star - and if they offer to respond to your messages as a part of the deal they'll probably know exactly what to say to get you going.

Your contact list

While you were reading through this, you probably didn't stop to think that you might have the perfect Snapchat sexting candidate already in your contacts, did you?

How many girls are in your phone that you would categorize as "missed connections"? How many girl's numbers did you get at a bar only to be too drunk to go home with anything other than a Taco Bell $5 box? How many girls did you flirt with in college or at work that you have yet to reconnect with? Well, this might be your opportunity to get your flirt on.

Sure, you face the risk of real live rejection, but at the same time, you can't have a reward without the risk. So why not give a girl a flirty text or send a cheeky Snapchat to your former co-worker or acquaintance. And by flirty text and cheeky Snap, I most certainly do not mean an unsolicited dick pic. Don't do that, ok?