5 Snapchat Nudes Tumblr Hasn’t Deleted Yet [Urgent]

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Tumblr was once a safe haven for kinksters and pervs alike. Unfortunately, in an effort to make up for a huge child porn scandal, Tumblr has gone PG-13. That's right, no more nudes. No more porn. And no more - and I quote - "female presenting nipples," whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

But now that Tumblr has gone prude on us, we have to find other places to get our porn. However, there is a small window of opportunity that we can take advantage of of… Interested? Then read on.

The bot that Tumblr has chosen to use to "clean up" their site is super primitive. It's like a baby when it comes to artificial intelligence. The machine has not yet learned what exactly porn looks like (but when it does figure it out, maybe it can define "female presenting nipples" for us). This has lead to a bunch of harmless posts getting flagged as adult content. But this has also let a bunch of porn slip through the cracks. Thank god for that right?

I know that I eventually will have to find another site to get all my favorite porn, but for now I - like the rest of us - can continue to enjoy the scraps that the bot has left behind. I'm not jumping ship until I have to! After all, Tumblr is probably single-handedly responsible for my sexual awakening (well, I guess the site shares credit with the pink power ranger). Giving up Tumblr pre-maturely would feel like giving up gluten without having celiac.

Now, I'm sure that you know that Tumblr is a place for plenty of the world's freaks to find Kik sexting partners, strangers to bang, and - of course - people to follow their XXX-rated Snapchat accounts.

When it comes to cam girls, Tumblr has been pretty good about shutting them down fast. The same goes for porn stars and other sex workers. However, there are a ton of girls who were missed the first round of the porn purge. Their profiles live on. For how long is a bit uncertain, but for now, they're still on the site!

Additionally, a lot of sex workers and Snapchat girls are losing a big chunk of their audience in this Tumblr porn purge so you'll see some of them offering discounts until their pages eventually go dark.

Here are some of my favorite nude snapchat girls Tumblr hasn't deleted yet:


So, reader, how do you feel about blondes? And butts? And boobs? Well, fortunately, Mel has it all. This girl is mega hot but how long will she survive before Tumblr eventually gets around to deleting her?

Since some of her photos are already hidden behind an opaque white box warning that the post may contain adult content… I'm going to guess that Mel's time is limited. However, she's still a super hot Snapchat girl who doesn't seem to have any plans on stopping her activity on her story.

She's one of the girls who's feeling the pressure of the purge and is offering access to her Kik and Snapchat for reduced prices. You're just a measly Cash App transaction away from bliss. I recommend getting this girl's info before she's gone!


Porn blogs are dwindling in numbers. However, this one has managed to survive. And thank god. Sure, there's a good chance that this blog will eventually be gone too when the bot gets around to the blog, but for now, we shall cherish this blog run by a hot girl who has a thing for calling guys daddy.

You're going to have to dig for this girl's info, but it won't take long for you to find her Snapchat. And even if you do decide that you're going to take the time to scroll and figure out how you can add her, you're going to enjoy the ride.

A lot of her posts are hidden behind pesky white boxes too; however, there is plenty of content on her blog that hasn't been censored yet! Thank god for slow-learning A.I.s!


If you're looking for something exotic and hot, then this is definitely the girl for you. Unlike a lot of the girls that are in danger of losing their blogs, Kayla walks the fine line between what is and what isn't acceptable.

What she posts on her Snapchat is a completely different story.

But when it comes to her Tumblr, the girl doesn't post very much that will get her into trouble. After all, Tumblr drew the line at nipples… not cleavage!

Though they did say that pornographic writing can get you suspended or banned, so she may be in some hot water but who knows!?

Plus she gives out her Snap for FREE!


Whether you're a girl or a guy, this girl is for you.

Lilly or Rose or whatever you want to call her also walks that fine line between what will get her banned and what might get a post or two taken down.

She does do a little more verbally than she does with photos on her blog, but her Snapchat is a completely different story.

This girl is smoking hot, and if you're a guy that fantasies about having a GGB threesome, this chick may have some real-life stories that will have you salivating.

She embodies what was so great about Tumblr in the first place. She's just a girl with a blog that wants to have a little fun.


This girl has done a great job of dodging the purge in that she's taken down all the naughty photos of herself! She does have a few up that are of her in a bikini, but she's toeing that line beautifully.

Allie is a classic girl-next-door who hopped onto Tumblr to let her freak flag fly. She often asks her followers to send her messages asking raunchy or dirty stuff, so there's no secret that she's a freak.

All you have to do is get her attention, and I'm sure you'll get her Snapchat like I did!