Ultimate Guide to Finding [and Sending] Snapchat Nudes

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Where to Find Nudes

When it comes to finding someone to send sexy snaps to, you don't have to look very far from your phone.

There are plenty of people - who you might already know - that are looking to hoe around on Snapchat. Whether you're going to have to open your wallet depends on what you're looking for. But odds are you'll be able to find someone who isn't looking to get paid to take their top off.

Here are a few sure-fire places to find someone to exchange nudes with:


Twitter has become more than people live-tweeting while watching the premiere of their favorite show or spouting bullshit about how the earth is flat.

While there is plenty of un-sexy stuff on Twitter, the site remains a haven for sex workers, porn stars, and those looking to post nudes. Why? Well, Twitter allows adult content. Unlike the likes of Insta - and now, unfortunately, Tumblr - who takes anything down remotely resembling nudes, Twitter doesn't care. You can post straight up hardcore porn clips, and Twitter is a-okay with it.

You'll find plenty of people who are looking to either sell nudes or get freaky with a stranger without cost.


While Tumblr has since undergone a serious nude purge - RIP Porn-blogs and Porn-bots alike - there are still users who have dodged the purge… for now at least.

There are still plenty of freaks and sex-workers who are keeping their Tumblr blogs alive by toeing the line of what Tumblr's new policy allows. Which is great for those who are still using Tumblr and allows them to keep their audience on a platform! While they may be taken down soon - which is a genuine possibility - they're surviving for now.

Tumblr is a great place to look because of how the kink community used to thrive on the site and because there are sex workers and people with premium snaps willing to sell their snaps for cheap right now.

Username sites

Okay, so you can't find anyone on Twitter or Tumblr or anyone in your contacts - which you definitely should go through! Who knows, maybe you have a former fuck buddy or an old friend from school who's willing to throw some nudes your way! Thankfully people have realized that people like you are looking for Snapchat usernames to add… so they've put them all in one place.

These Username sites list Snapchat codes and Kik usernames of people who are notorious for sending nudes. I recommend casting your net wide when adding these usernames in case any of them have been banned or if they're not responsive.

Premium Snaps

I've talked a little about premium Snapchats already, but allow me to expand a little bit on how to find good premium accounts.

These are the bad boys that you're going to have to drop money on - which is totally fine for some of you reading! Some premium accounts are super cheap (we're talking like $10-$20 here) to have them added forever. There are some that will have you pay monthly - put those are more common when it comes to porn stars.

What's nice about premium accounts is that since you're paying them, the girls are more interested in keeping you around (especially if it's a monthly payment thing) so they'll pay you more attention!

Sending Snapchat Nudes

Okay, so now you've found someone who's down to send some sexy Snaps back and forth with you. Now let's talk about how you can master the art of sexy Snapchatting yourself. I mean you can't leave that girl on the other end of the line hanging! You have to make sure you're giving her something steamy in return, am I right?

Let's talk about when you should send nudes, what you should send, what you should say (if anything), and how to make sure what you're sending is going to get you something sweet in return:

Never include your face

Privacy is important. We live in a time where most people are pretty sure that their digital assistants and phones are listening in on our conversations… so while privacy may seem like a luxury of the pre-digital age, you can still protect yourself when it comes to sexting. The last thing you want is your nudes floating around that are clearly of you.

So do yourself a favor and keep your face out of pics. While I think that neck down photos are a total sin when it comes to social media profiles and dating apps, I think they're necessary when it comes to sexting. You have to be careful. A dick could belong to anyone, but unless you have a few identical siblings your face is going to be unmistakable.

Plus, I'd recommend avoiding any identifiable tats or marks in your pics too.

Don't be afraid to use video!

Sexting is classically defined as sending dirty photos and texts. But let's be real, Snapchat has a video feature so you should be making full use of that when it comes to your sexy snap sessions.

Videos allow you to be a total tease or show off everything you have going on in one shot. Plus, you can get all breathy up in that mic and say some sexy sweet nothings for your lover to swoon over. Dirty talking is important (and hot)!

Use text and emojis too

If you're not comfortable with talking out loud, you have the text feature to help you out! I'm a wordy person, but I definitely prefer writing things out (if you couldn't tell) than to say them at the moment. So if you're worried you'll get tongue-tied in a video write out what you want to say instead!

Sexting is inherently fun and flirty. You don't have to get all serious with it, so make sure you use some emojis in your sexts to make your internet lover smile too. Or you can get a little cheeky and use them as censors in a dirty picture or motion track them over your naughty bits in a video. Get creative, yolo, am I right?

If you're not smiling while sexting, you're doing something wrong.

Let's talk about Screenshotting…

Screenshotting is the enemy of sexting. When you're sending photos over Snapchat, you're probably hoping that the person on the receiving end isn't saving them.

Unfortunately, there are apps and other ways of screenshotting pics or videos without Snapchat sending the "someone has taken a screenshot!" notification. There are apps that were specifically developed for this, and I'm pretty sure with the new screen recording feature on iPhone you can get away with screenshotting on Snapchat.

No one is safe from screenshotting. This is why you should definitely keep your face out of your pics, but it's also a reason to talk to your sexting partner about boundaries!

Make bounderies before you get into it

If you're messaging someone, you trust maybe you're okay with them taking screenshots, but I really think you should talk about it before it happens!

Maybe you're okay with them taking screenshots of stuff that isn't fully nude or under other specific circumstances… or maybe you're not okay with it at all. Your partner isn't a mind reader, so talk it out!

Know the rules of premium Snapchat accounts

If you've decided to go the premium Snapchat route, then you might want to make sure of what the rules are before you fuck things up for yourself.

A lot of sex workers will immediately block you if you screenshot a message, so make sure you're clear on what the rules are before you waste money and get banned for life.