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Here’s How to Get Snapchat Sex Tonight [ Ultimate Guide ]

If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself tapping through your friend's stories and the premium Snapchats that you've followed wishing that you weren't just imagining fucking them.

Snapchat is one of the best ways to keep in touch, many people have forsaken all other social media apps in favor of the little snap ghost! And honestly, I don't blame them. Why annoy yourself with all the shit on Facebook posted by your relatives or by former classmates who've joined pyramid schemes, when you can get your social media fix on your phone.

Plus, you can get your news and cute dog videos all on the app too! And since I know you've subscribed to more than a few premium Snapchats, I know you're getting your porn there too.

So why wouldn't you use the app to get laid? In my opinion, it's easier to get laid by using Snapchat than any other social media app. Why? Well, Snapchat already feels more private. All of your messages can disappear at will and so can your dirty pictures, which makes it the perfect flirting and sexting app. And once sexting is no longer satisfying, it's easy to take the fun from on your phone to real life.

But how do you use Snapchat to get laid tonight, well allow me to show you a few tricks:

how to get snapchat sex tonight

  1. Making Initial Contact

    I know that you're eager to get laid, but you can't just approach people out of the blue and ask if they want to fuck. Well, I mean you can do anything, but I'm not so sure if that'll get you that far.

    Here's how to make a great first impression and set the groundwork for getting laid:

    Choose someone you already know

    When you're talking with someone on Snapchat with the intention of getting laid after, you might want to make sure that you have a some sort of base connection. Whether it be that you met at a party or a friend-of-a-friend, you're going to want to have some kind of small connection with this person.

    While fucking a stranger seems like a great idea to you, it's unlikely that you'll even have a stranger on your Snapchat, to begin with. Someone isn't going to accept a random add from a stranger on Snapchat. And even if you do have someone you hardly know on your Snap, you want to make sure that they know who you are because they'll be unlikely to respond to your advances without knowing who you are.

    Be flirty

    When it comes to expressing your interest in someone, it should be a slow escalation. But you're definitely going to have to send that risky flirty snap at some point. It shouldn't be that hard if you know the basics of how to flirt!

    Over text chat, a lot of people miss the point. But what you can do is send a photo to make sure that your point solidly gets across. Or comment on a photo that they've posted on their story and see what kind of reaction you get from them!

    Keep it light

    I promise you that you're not going to get anywhere if you come on too strong at first. Flirting shouldn't make the other person feel uncomfortable. It should make the other person feel excited!

    So before you send anything, ask yourself if you'd cringe if someone sent that to you before knowing them well.

    I recommend keeping things light until the other person starts making things steamier. In the meantime, stick to flirting in a way that would still be considered rated PG-13.

    Stick to compliments and cheeky flirtations, don't get too raunchy too fast or you're only going to crash and burn.

  2. Getting Sexy on Snap

    Start Getting Suggestive

    Like I mentioned earlier, flirtation should be a slow burn. Flirtation should be a gradual escalation; it shouldn't feel like you're dropping a sex bomb on an unexpecting target.

    I recommend letting the other person take the lead when it comes to flirting. But if they aren't going that extra step, you might have to be the one to test the waters.

    Again, don't go full Triple-X-This-Film-is-Not-Yet-Rated on them. Start by complimenting their physic. Maybe make a few jokes about "what they do to you." From there you should see if they're down to clown or not.

    Throw in Some Photos

    As things start heating up (GRADUALLY), you may want to start sending pictures of yourself if you haven't already started! I'd recommend making cute and/or suggestive faces in these pictures or flashing them a shot of your body.

    If they reciprocate, then you know you're in business!

    As soon as they start sending remotely sexual photos of themselves, then you can start getting sexier.

    Treat this as foreplay to what will hopefully culminate in an in-person meeting! And if you start getting frisky enough to warrant the removal of clothing, then I'd recommend that you send a sexy pic with a caption asking if they want to see what you got going on under your sweater or your jeans.

    No one likes a surprise dick pic, and you want to make sure they're in the proper setting for nudes and not at the dinner table!

    Escalate to Videos!

    Again, if you feel like getting friskier, you should definitely make use of the video feature. Send videos of… whatever it is you would usually do on your own to them.

    This will definitely get the point across that you want to meet up and bang if nothing else already gave them that idea!

  3. Going from Snapchatting to Sexing

    Now that you've gotten your freak on thanks to that cheeky little Snap Ghost, you need to make the transition to getting wild in person. So how do you exactly go about that? I have the answer:

    Neutral Meeting Zone

    If you don't know this person super well, then you might want to pick a relatively neutral zone to meet up! And by this, I mean a bar or a coffee shop. This should be a place you feel comfortable, and that isn't directly across the street to your house if this person turns out to be a full crazy person.

    Choose a place within walking distance, or that's easy to get to via public transport or Uber if you plan on consuming any amount of liquid courage. If you're going to meet for coffee, drive and make sure you remember where your car is.

    If you want to, have a friend call you a half-hour or so into your meeting so you can get out if you need to! Crazies are everywhere!

    Or Go Straight to Your Place

    If you already know this person and you know that they're at a reasonable spot on crazy vs. hot matrix then why not go straight to your place?

    I recommend giving your apartment or house a speed clean before they get there! Throw all the dishes in the sink, hide the dirty laundry in your closet, and light a candle or something.

    Give yourself a once over too! Put on some deodorant, slap on some nice smelling aftershave, and change out of your sweatpants!

    Use Protection!

    I mean do I really have to explain myself on this one? Just stay safe, okay kids?

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