SnapCheat Guide - Find Real Girls Looking to Cheat on Snapchat

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Infidelity can arguably be considered a part of human nature, or at least it sure seems like it. There's no way you can go your whole life without meeting someone who's been cheated on, or even worse, you've been cheated on.

But ever wonder why people cheat?

Yeah, me too, but that's between those people and their therapists. We're here not to judge, but to get you laid with someone who'd down to cheat on their partner through none other than Snapchat. Although it's probably not surprising to you that you can cheat with someone through Snapchat, it may surprise you to know that there's a website people can join to find these people.

What's that website called?

Most popular cheating apps


The answer to your prayers, free sexy Snapchat girls, is here!

SnapCheat is a snap dating site made for people who want to enjoy some Snapchat sexting with girls in relationships. There's always been an appeal to something you can't have, especially girls with boyfriends. I guarantee that there's been a girl you find insanely hot and would do anything for, but she's got a boyfriend and probably wouldn't leave you for him, let alone fuck you. Those girls are great, but even better are the ones who don't care; the ones who are so dissatisfied with their relationship that they're always looking for some outside entertainment.

That's where SnapCheat comes in.

SnapCheat is a different kind of dating site. While there are already sites out there for affair dating, none of them are like SnapCheat, and that's for the simple fact that they don't get you Snapchat girls for free.

You may have noticed as of late a new trend that gained traction just this past year in porn called "private Snapchats" or "premium Snapchats." These are Snapchat accounts set up by girls, from professional pornstars to camgirls, and amateurs, who give private access to their content to paying customers. They post nothing other than fully nude snaps to their stories for members to watch, and will also occasionally send you a private Snapchat or chat with you, depending on the girl and what she offers. It's an excellent option for new daily content, but you can get just about the same thing with a girl from SnapCheat. While they may not (but sometimes they do) post porn or teaser-snaps on their stories every day, you get something even better - dirty snaps sent to you personally.

The idea of SnapCheat is to connect you with a girl, who has a boyfriend, husband, or whatever, looking for some fun and exchange dirty snaps over Snapchat with another guy. That means that you could find your own Snap-sexting buddy through SnapCheat, and if you play it right, you could end up in bed with her.

So how's it done?

Create Your Account

The first step in finding a girl on SnapCheat to Snapchat-cheat on her man is to create your account on SnapCheat, obviously. There's no way you're getting any of the usernames of the girls on this site without being a member yourself to protect them - plus, it makes it exclusive. But thankfully, getting access to SnapCheat isn't hard. Their sign-up process is super simple; you'll only have to answer a few questions and enter your e-mail address.

Once you've got that down, you're ready to enter SnapCheat. There, you'll be able to finish setting up your profile, including setting a profile picture, a description - all the usual dating site information you want to share about yourself, as well as your Snapchat username.

Searching for Girls

When you finish setting up your account, you'll notice that you'll have some matches with a number of girls that are in your area. This is a great place to start if you want to find a girl to Snapchat-cheat with because they'll be someone local. SnapCheat does the work for you and will match you with the women in your area who are on the site, but if you want to go beyond that and don't really care whether or not they're a local, you can chat with anyone on SnapCheat.

If you do, however, want the highest chances possible for moving your sex from Snapchat to the bedroom, then sticking with the women in your area is the best move. However, you still may want to have a couple of girls you like to Snapchat with every now and then for some sexy content, and for that, you can add whoever you want from this site. To get the most out of your experience from SnapCheat, I'd definitely recommend adding a couple of foreign girls, whether they be in different cities, states, or countries, there's a lot of beautiful women bored with their relationship seeking your attention.


This is the most crucial step for getting a girl on SnapCheat to share her username with you. When you message a girl on here, you're basically giving them a preview of what it'd be like to Snapchat with you. Even though you're sending pictures and videos mostly, you still need to be able to keep up a conversation, especially if you're going to sext. Photos can only go so far before they get boring and repetitive, especially when you only have so many body parts, that your words make all the difference.

Girls don't want to Snapchat-cheat with someone who can't satisfy them, so you'll need to speak like you have what they need. To do this, there's a couple of pointers you should remember. One of them is to never start your first message to a girl with anything sexual. This may seem counterintuitive when SnapCheat is based around sex, but trust me, these girls don't want a horndog in their messages the first time you're contacting them.

Another thing to remember is that you should never pester or beg a girl for her Snapchat username; she's not a pornstar or one of those premium Snapchat girls that are asking for your money, and if she doesn't want to Snapchat you someone else will, so don't get stuck when you strike out.


When you've successfully acquired a girl's username, the next thing you're going to want to do is add her. She's given you the key to her nudes all you have to do is unlock the door.

Now obviously every girl on SnapCheat is well aware of what the site is all about, but again, you should still never just send a dick pic upon first snap. You'll get blocked very quickly. Besides, you want to build up to the good stuff and have her practically beg to see it. The way you do this is by teasing - that's what Snapchat sexting is all about.

When you have an app centered around instant gratification and a "disappearing" feature, you're going to have to keep her attention and keep her interested. Like I said, your words are going to have to suffice for a while. My personal favorite tip for Snapchat sexting is to treat it like a strip-tease. Your first snap should feature you fully clothed, and you should ask her if she wants to see more. From there, you just keep going and saying, as well as showing, whatever feels natural.