Your Ultimate Guide to Snap Sext [Is It Worth It!?]

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Sure, there are tons of sites out there that claim to help you get laid, but how much of these actually work?

Let's take a look at one of these sites that you must've heard of by now called Snap Sext. This website is another hookup dating site that focuses on users being able to trade and post photos and videos, hence the name 'Snap Sext.' It's sort of like what Snapchat would be like as a website. The goal of Snap Sext is to connect horny individuals with one another to trade pictures and, eventually, hook up. Depending what you're looking for, you can indicate when you're signing up for Snap Sext (which is free, by the way) if you're looking for online dates, threesomes, or a friend with benefits.

Notice that there's no "relationship" option. That's because Snap Sext is all about casual dating and hooking up. You won't have to worry about suppressing your sexuality (but don't go overboard) and your real intentions on Snap sext because everyone is there for the same thing - sex. That's the beauty of this site; there's nothing but transparency.

If this sounds like something you feel like you need to be a part of, here's what you need to know about Snap Sext.

SnapSext Benefits

First Impression

This site is definitely for the more extreme, and as a favor to you, I'm warning you - be prepared for a ton of nudes. There's a reason why Snap Sext focuses on pictures and video, and that's because people really like to share them. You may find it surprising, but some people do not shy away from showing off their nudes online, and Snap Sext provides them with the perfect place to post them. When I said that this place is full of nudes, I mean it. You can view the most popular member photos and videos from your home page, as well as cams.

One thing I enjoy about Snap Sext is the fact that they allow members to live stream, and there's always girls online. You can get fully nude shows for free from amateurs, or you can check out some of their premium live cams from girls from CamSoda.

Overall, the layout of Snap Sext is pretty easy to figure out. It's all laid out for you, and the tools are easy to navigate so you can switch from your message to your homepage to your profile settings, and everything else they have to offer.

Are The Women Real?

In my experience, sites like these are just too good to be true and turn out to be a scam. A popular trick for some 'dating' sites to get people to join, stay, and spend money, is to use fake profiles and automated messaging systems.

Have you ever signed up for a dating site, only to get messages from women wanting to chat with you just minutes after creating your profile? Then, when you wanted to respond, you had to purchase a membership to access that "upgraded feature?"

Yeah, that's how that trick works.

Snap Sext holds up their promise of hosting no fake accounts, though, since I didn't have any of that happen to me. It's also pretty easy to spot who would have a fake profile on this website since members upload their own photos and posts. If a profile had very little photos, they could be fake, or contrastingly, if they have a lot of photos, but no text posts, they could be a fake account. It's best to use caution when messaging anyone you don't know online - and remember, if they ask you for any personal info in your first messages, block them.

That's not to scare you away from Snap Sext, though, it's just a friendly reminder.

After uploading some profile pictures and posting the cliché "Hi, I'm new here" post, I started to look for women I could talk to. It's not hard to come across someone you find attractive on Snap Sext, but I wanted to find someone near me. When you sign up, you could click the option of having the site only show you members near you, or members with photos, but I didn't choose to do that so I could see all the members. A good way to start up a conversation and to see if Snap Sext is for real or not is to just pick out any girl you find attractive on the 'who's online now' tab in your home page. These users are currently online and will be likely to respond faster. I messaged a girl and waited only 5 minutes for a response, and to my surprise, she seemed pretty enthusiastic to talk to me.

She asked me what I was doing on the site, to which I replied that I wasn't sure and just wanted to see where it could go, and she said she could help make the sign-up worth my while. Easy to say I was ecstatic, and instead of just talking on the site we actually exchanged Snapchats and got to talking (and then some) there.

Snap Sext also has a couple of different chat options. You could talk to people through video chat, group chat, and live stream, as well as regular messages.

Can You Actually Hook Up?

So the girl that I met off the website that I started Snapchatting with turned into something more than sexting for me. I can't say if you'll be guaranteed to hook up with everyone you talk to on Snap Sext, but I'll say it's definitely possible if they're in your area. This girl lived 5 miles from me, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if she'd like to meet up. After we'd been snapping each other for about a week, I brought it up.

Long story short, she was wondering why I hadn't asked sooner, and we met up. The rest I'll let you imagine for yourselves, but it was one of the best experiences I've had. Casual sex can be really fun if you let yourself be confident enough to go for it.

Final Thoughts

It seems that Snap Sext appears to be one of the leading hookup sites online, and I can see why. It's super simple to sign-up, and the site is straightforward. All you need to do is exchange pictures and videos, and hook up. While that last part requires a little more effort and caution, you should be able to run into plenty of women who'd be down to hook up in your area.

Although, I will say this site works better in certain areas than other, meaning that if you live in a small town, you might find some trouble in meeting women near you. But if that's not an issue for you and you just want to enjoy some hot sexting and look at photos and videos of beautiful naked women, then it's still more than worth the sign-up. Take a look at Snap Sext for yourself and you'll find that you'll agree with me when I say it's totally worth it.