Free Sexting: Here’s Exactly how to Find Girls Online to Sext With

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Everyone loves sexting. And if you say otherwise you're a liar.

Everyone loves getting a steamy text or photo every once in a while. But if your inbox has been a little PG-13 lately, how do you fix that? Sure, you can pay a sex worker to pay attention to you, or you can try these places to find girls to sext with online for free!

Free Sexting Apps

  1. Twitter

    As predicted, Twitter has become the new Tumblr. Since Tumblr put a ban on pornographic images - both photos and illustrations - and "female presenting nipples" - whatever the hell that means - there has been a mass exodus from Tumblr to Twitter.

    While a lot of those people are just normal people looking for a different place to share photos and their emo poetry, there are a ton of people looking for a new place to express their sexuality.

    Yes, a lot of people making the jump from Tumblr to Twitter are sex workers and are looking to sell their contact info and nudes. But there are plenty of people who just like being a little slutty on the internet. A lot of these people are tweeting about the Tumblr-apocalypse, so that's a sure-fire keyword to use if you're searching for them.

    Twitter is going to be a great place for horny people (as if it wasn't already) with all these users jumping off the sinking ship that is Tumblr. It's not going to be hard to find someone on there who's down to sext with you.

  2. Instagram

    While not everyone has a Twitter, you can be pretty sure that most of your friends have an Instagram… which means that almost everyone and their mom has an Instagram.

    Instagram is a great site to pick up on friends of friends and cute acquaintances. I mean, how many times have you met someone at a bar only to add them on Instagram because you don't want to give them your number and you never speak again… but you do mutually drool over each other's photos.

    That's the kind of person you should make digital moves on. Add cute friends of friends and start throwing likes at their photos. Honestly, you never know what can happen in the DMs (that been rumored to be where "it goes down").

    Not only will you find a lot of sexting opportunities, but you'll also find plenty of opportunities to maybe meet up in real life! Instagram is a great hunting ground for when you're feeling sexy.

  3. Kik and Snapchat Username Sites

    If you're looking for a little digital strange, then you need look no further than sites like Kikusernames and Snapchatusernames.

    Plenty of people who use these chat platforms are looking to talk with strangers. Some of these girls are looking to sell access to a more premium account or will ask you to pay them for nudes or their time. But on the bright side, these accounts will tend to be lower tier accounts where they'll send sexy yet somewhat censored versions of what they'll post on their other accounts.

    However, some of them just want to sext. Honestly, some girls throw their username up there because they're bored or they just want to sext because they're too busy to go out and find dudes to fuck in real life. I mean you wouldn't want to deny them easy masturbation material, would you?

    That's right. So get on those sites and scroll until you find a girl or a username that tickles your fancy.

  4. Omegle and other anon chat sites

    If you haven't been on Omegle or Chatroulette in a while, then boy are you missing out on plenty of people who want to chat. What I love about this site is that you can choose just how anonymous you want to be.

    You can go on cam and show off your pretty lil' face, or you can angle that bad boy down toward your chest and become a faceless torso. Or you can go on a text chat and choose how much information you give to the other person.

    I recommend going on chat and meeting some people and giving things a test drive. I usually give the person a random number or obscure interest to put into the interests tag in case I get disconnected with that person. From there I see if we are into the same things sexually. Make sure you hit them with that A/S/L question first. There are a lot of people that will lie about their sex and age to suit what they think your interests might be based on your info.

    If your sexting sesh goes well, I'd then take things to the next level and give them your Kik or something. If not - or if you want to remain a mystery - you can disconnect and let that experience be a one-off!

  5. Fetish sites

    If you haven't cruised fetish sites like Fetlife for people to sext with then, you are most certainly missing out.

    Unlike vanilla dating sites - which we'll get to in a second - there's already the expectation that you are somewhat freaky. The topic of sex is already at the surface, so it's not that uncomfortable when you send off a steamy message to your new friend on the site.

    Fetlife is a great way to meet people to physically hook up with locally or when you're traveling. However, if you want to keep things strictly digital plenty of people do that too. A lot of users are looking for people to message with on Kik in order to fulfill their fantasies that their current partner can't meet, or they're too scared to fulfill (like there are plenty of women out there looking for lesbian experiences but aren't down to actually meet up with anyone right off the bat).

    So if you're looking for a strong woman to take control via text or if you're looking to dominate, you're bound to find someone who's down to exchange numbers and sexts.

  6. Tinder and other dating sites

    Okay, let's talk about vanilla sites for all of you out there who have no interest in any shade of gray.

    While Tinder is billed as a dating site, let's be honest: it's a hookup site. Plus no one ever really talks on Tinder. For every 30 matches you get, you might talk to one or two people. It sucks, but it's a reality.

    A lot of people are scared to hook up - because they don't want to find out too late that they're getting coffee with a serial killer - but they will want to talk dirty over the app. I've had plenty of conversations on Tinder that have bled over into other texting apps. These conversations definitely got steamy, but I never met up with any of these people.

    I recommend casting your net wide on location-based dating sites if you're just looking to sext. Set your location radius to the widest possible mileage and you'll find plenty of people you won't be close enough to meet but will want to sext.

  7. Missed connections

    Okay, everyone has this person in their contacts. Everyone has a girl on Snapchat or in their phone contacts or on Instagram that they almost banged.

    Everyone has that person they met on vacation with but never quite sealed the deal with.

    This person is obviously into you. So why not get steamy over text?

    Try to rekindle things with some subtle moves. Who knows, maybe you'll find a spark while you're sexting.