Hottest Sexts Ever: 35 Real World Examples That Work

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Sexting is an art form. It takes skill to be able to turn someone on enough with your words, through a screen, without even touching them. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical, and sexting gives you the perfect opportunity to give that to your partner.

There are many benefits to sexting that make it worth the effort. Sexting can be a great stress reliever, a substitute for porn, a way to get more intimate with your partner, etc. There's no shortage of reasons why sexting is great, and it's something I believe that more people should have fun with.

Of course, not everyone knows what to say all the time, especially if you're sexting someone new. It can be difficult to keep the conversation going if you don't sext very much, and it's easy to let it die. However, if you want to keep the fire going and ignite the possibility of some of the sexiest text convos you've ever had, then you're going to need some inspiration.

Or, you could just need new material to jack off to.

I'm not judging; sometimes reading a good, detailed description of what someone plans to do to you (or someone else, in this case) can be a huge turn on and get your mind, and body going. But whatever you're looking for, we asked 35 people to show us the hottest sexts they'd received in the last month. Check them out below!

Top 3 Sexting Techniques

  1. The begger

    "I met this guy at a bar and got his number. I didn't want to go home with him, but we were flirting all night, and he texted me when I left the bar at 2 A.M. to go home. I got in bed and he started to text me, sending multiple texts. If I weren't drunk, I probably would've been annoyed, but he sent me some of the hottest stuff I'd ever been told. One text in particular that got me to start touching myself and thinking about him was when he begged me to come over, saying:

    'Please let me eat you out, I want you to ride my face so bad.'"

  2. Bend it over

    "This guy I've been seeing works a lot, and we only have time to fuck with each other on the weekends. During the week he'll text me though, and this one time he sent me a pretty unexpected text at 8 in the morning! He said:

    'I have the meanest morning wood at work right now, I wish you were here so I could bend you over my desk and fuck you from the back until you cum.'"

  3. The voice memo

    "If you've never tried sexting with voice memos before I highly recommend it. This girl I was messaging started sending me voice memos of her moaning while she fingered herself, and I told her everything I wanted to do to her for her to get off to. In one of the voice messages, she moaned super load and said:

    'Come fuck me daddy.' Needless to say, I was over there in the next 10 minutes."

  4. If you ain't choking…

    "This guy I met off Grindr was eager to see me again after our first time hooking up. He had lots of energy in bed, which I liked, and he wasn't shy to admit what he wanted. This one day he texted me with very specific instructions, saying:

    'I want to shove your dick to the back of my throat so I can choke on it.'"

  5. Trying something new

    "I think it's good to have sex with someone who's different than you and can show you new things. I hooked up with this cute girl from one of my classes, but before we got together, she was texting me some dirty stuff. One thing she said that stood out to me was:

    'If you've never fucked sideways before I'm going to make you do it tomorrow.'"

  6. You can have it your way

    "To me, the sexiest thing a man can do for me is to want to genuinely please me. This one guy I had been hooking up with that I met off Tinder was exactly like that. One day, we were texting and talking about sex, obviously, and he was telling me what he wanted me to do to him. I then asked, 'What do I get?' to which he responded with:

    'Whatever you want. I'll do whatever you want me to just to hear you moan.'"

  7. The ball gag

    "I've never been one for kinky stuff, but this one guy I was hooking up with at the time was pretty into bondage. He was one of the hottest guys I'd ever seen, so I was up for anything with him when it came to sex. One night we were texting about what I'd be willing to do, and he politely asked me:

    'Would you let me put a ball gag in your mouth? I want to fuck you with your mouth wide open.'"

  8. Outdoors

    "I was planning to go on a hike with a guy from my gym that I'd been seeing for a couple of weeks. We were texting about the details, and I hadn't seen him in a few days and was really excited and hoped we could head back to one of our places afterward, but he surprised me with something better when he said:

    'I'm fucking you once we get to the top. I want to see your body surrounded by nature.'"

  9. Goddess

    "Call me narcissistic, but I love when guys worship me and my body. It really turns me on when they go on about how much they find me attractive, and my favorite compliment I've gotten so far was from this guy who said:

    'You look like an ethereal goddess,' after I sent him a nude of myself in the sunlight."

  10. Pulling a quickie

    "We were both on campus when the guy I'd made my FWB for the semester texted me on some horny sh*t. I found it funny at first, but then he kept going and saying things that made me want him just as bad. We both had a small gap between our classes so we decided to meet up in the restroom of a secluded building when he said: 'I seriously can't wait, come meet me so I can fuck the shit out of you already.'"

  11. The best compliment

    "Personally, I love when a guy notices the small details about my body that I appreciate about myself. When you bring it up during sexting, it makes the person, or at least me, want you even more. This is how I felt when my boyfriend texted me:

    'I love your tits and the birthmark on top of your left nipple so much, I can't to suck on them.'"

  12. Look up

    "This girl loved to suck my dick, like really enjoyed it. I never met anyone who enjoyed giving head that much, and one time she drove me crazy just by saying:

    'I want to get on my knees for you and stare up at you while my mouth is around your d*ck.'"

  13. Use your tongue

    "This one guy loved to get super detailed with his sexts, and I loved it. My favorite thing about him was how good he ate me out, and he loved to remind me about it. One time we were texting in hypothetical questions about what we would do to each other the next time I saw him, and he said:

    'What if I used my tongue all over your body, stopping at your clit, and licking you up and down until you begged for more?"

  14. Just a taste

    "Sexts don't have to be super detailed and long if you're just referring to something that already happened. For instance, this guy texted me after hooking up:

    'I love the way you taste.'"

  15. What would you like to eat?

    "I was planning to hang out with a new guy, and we settled on going to dinner. I asked him what he felt like eating and he quickly said: 'You.'"