How to Sext: 15 Real Life Examples ( and 1 Thing You Must Never Do )

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Have you ever started sexting and instantly blank on what to say? Don't worry; we've all been there. Sexting is hard. When all your brain blood is elsewhere how are you supposed to think of something sexy and creative to say to your designated sexting partner.

I love sexting. I think sexting is great for people both in and out of relationships, for people who are looking for some sexy masturbation material and for those looking to maintain a connection despite the physical distance.

Sexting has been revolutionized by smartphones. What was once done while looking over one's shoulder on a PC in the living room can now happen wherever you can find 4G or a wifi connection.

For those of us who were born after the advent of the internet - and those who remember dial-up and pagers who kept up with technological advances - sexting is just as much as a part of our sex life as foreplay or vibrators.

So since sexting is practically necessary if you want to date (casually or seriously), how can you make sure that you're not making a fool out of yourself everytime you attempt a sexy text?

Lucky for you, I spend about 95% of my time on the internet and on my phone, so I've become something of a sex-pert especially when it comes to everything sexy and digital!

Before I throw some sensual examples at you, let's talk about the one sext you should NEVER send:

How to sext

"Ooh, haha, then what? ;)"

There are so many things that are wrong with this sext I don't know where to begin. But let's look at each mistake that was made with this sext!

If you find yourself oohing and ahhing while you're sexting, you're totally letting the person on the other end of that sext down completely. Oohs aren't sexy unless you can actually hear them. That goes for almost all other onomatopoeia that you might think to throw into a sext. It's not cute. It's not creative. And it doesn't add to the fantasy that you're trying to create with your partner! It's lazy, and that's bullshit. If you're sexting, you need to put in just as much effort as your partner. So instead of oohing describe how they'd make you moan if they were there. Describe how you just moaned reading that text. Or better yet send them a voice recording of you moaning along with a verbal sext!

If your sext is a few words long, then you're definitely doing something wrong. If you just got a long, detailed text describing all the salacious things your partner wants to do to you, and you have the nerve to respond with that, then you don't deserve to have anyone sext you ever again. It's so lazy and insulting to make your partner do all the work! Even digitally! I know it's hard to type with one hand but take your hand off your junk for a second and give a full-assed reply, not this half-assed bullshit.

  1. "I want you to lie back and let me take care of you, tonight"

    This is a great sext to send someone to give them an idea where your conversation is going or to give them a hint as to what may be waiting for them the next time you see them.

    Plus, no matter the gender of the recipient of this text, they know that they're going to get a treat. Everyone likes to lay back and be a selfish lover every once in a while, so give them that fantasy with a few quick keystrokes.

  2. "I want you right now"

    This is a great way to show your lover how horny you are for them. One of these texts will give your partner a good idea of how badly you want to fuck them right now.

    Everyone wants to feel wanted - especially sexually - and honestly, this is a great way to show someone that you're interested. No beating around the bush here. This is a great way to kick of a sexy conversation that leads to nudes and masturbation or a great way to start to tease someone until you meet up with them later.

  3. "...I want you to tell me what you want to do to me."

    Conversation maintenance is something you're going to have to do with sexting too. After you tell your partner exactly what you wished you were doing to them at this very moment, hit them with one of these texts.

    This is a great way to keep your partner from responding with lazy bullshit like the first sext I described. And this kind of text also pushed the conversation along. This is a great way to encourage your partner to share their fantasies or to get your partner to describe something sexy so you can take a break from leading the conversation and focus on your own satisfaction.

  4. "I've been bad, I need to be punished."

    Fancy a little bit of roleplaying? So do I! This is a great way to flirt with your partner in a dirty way and get the conversation started. And it's another great way to hint at your fantasy.

    Maybe you did something naughty at work and needed to be punished. Maybe you failed a test and needed some extra credit. Maybe you need to atone for your sins. Idk what your fantasy is, but it's never a bad idea to work it into sexting.

  5. "We should do this... how hot is this, let's try it later."

    Why not attach a link to give your partner a few ideas. It's never a bad idea to attach some porn or a clip from a particularly steamy part of a movie or TV show to set the scene.

    I've done this plenty of times in my own sexting. It's great for describing complicated positions or scenarios without jumping through verbal hoops - which is hard enough to do when you're not distracted by how horny you are!

  6. "Remember when we...?"

    If you've had any previous real life experience with this person or previous sexting experience, why not take some time to reminisce on the good ol' times?

    Memories are a great way to get the juices flowin' or keep the conversation alive. Plus, if you're getting close to an orgasm and need to invoke a sexy memory quick, this is the kind of sext you should definitely send!

  7. "God that sounds so sexy, I'm so turned on right now. Tell me more?"

    If you're going to be a selfish sexter, this is how you ought to do it. You should at least give them a little information about your current state.

    This is a great way to hint that you need them to keep texting without being a total lame-o about it. You give them some sexy info about how turned on you are and then you beg them for more. Just hope they don't make you keep begging for it (wink, wink).