Local Sexting Made Simple: How to Get Laid Using Your Phone

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If there's one thing you should use your phone for, it's to get laid.

Because let's face it, we all tend to use our phones for the dumbest things and end up spending too much time on them than what's necessary. If you're going to be spending that much time on your phone, you might as well actually get something out of it that you can enjoy, and what's better than sex?

Very few things, I'll tell you that.

But since so many people are using their phones all the time, that's good news for you. Why? Because there's millions of people online looking for sex. Two of the leading dating apps on the market, Bumble and Tinder, have a combined 90 million users using their apps alone. While not everyone on there is looking for just casual sex, a good amount of people are. There's no way you can log onto these apps without coming across people who aren't looking for a good night instead of a good relationship.

There are also plenty of other ways you can get laid with your phone. The only thing you need to do is figure out how, and that's what I'm here to help you with.

how to get laid using your phone

Method 1: Download Dating/Hookup Apps

As I mentioned, there's a plethora of people on dating apps looking to hookup. Similarly, you can find an even wider range of people on hookup-specific apps that focus on casual sex relationships instead of traditional ones.

Yes, these exist.

While downloading Tinder and swiping through the locals in your area is as good an option as any, you may or may not have better luck signing up for a hookup app, depending on where you live. I've found that hookup apps are really only worth it if you live in a metropolitan area or large city, like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, etc. This is because most people in smaller towns aren't into the idea, don't know about these apps, or don't want to feel weird downloading a hookup app to their phone. For some reason, there's more stigma against these apps than having Tinder on your phone even though it's practically the same thing; just more upfront.

But if you do happen to live in a city like that, then I highly suggest you go for an app like CasualX or Feeld to find someone to hook up with. These apps are focused on casual encounters between their users and provide people with a platform to express their sexual interests and desires. What I find most beneficial about using these apps over traditional dating apps is there's no bullshit to cut around. People who join these apps know what it entails, and they're proud of the fact that all they want is casual sex, and so should you. There's a lot of misconceptions about the type of people on hookup apps, but they're ordinary people who just enjoy sex and are straightforward about it.

If you're not in a busy city location with a large population, however, you can still luck out with Tinder or Bumble. I don't know of any other dating apps that have a decent hookup success rate since most other apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Plenty of Fish are strictly for the serious daters. These two apps, however, are known to get people laid. People go on Tinder with one of two things in mind - to get laid, or to meet someone they could potentially make a relationship out of. There's a good mix of both, and usually, you can tell who's who from their profile bios. People won't beat around the bush if they're brave, but sometimes, you just have to ask if they're down for something casual and let them know that's all you're looking for. Once you start with honesty, even if they're not up for it, it'll guarantee you more success than pretending to be interested in dating.

Method 2: Slide in the DMs

I'm assuming you're on social media, because, well - who isn't? But if you didn't know, social media was, and continues to act like, a dating app before Tinder exploded. People have been following people because they find them attractive, in hopes of getting to know them or fuck them, for years. It's a technique that people have had both successes and failures with, and one that never hurts to try. You'll be surprised to find that it tends to work out more often than not if you can catch onto a few hints.

There's a couple of different ways of knowing beforehand whether shooting your shot will work out or not depending on which social site you're using. On Instagram, it's pretty easy. If you've just followed somebody and they followed you back, along with a spam of liking all of your posts, or at least a good majority of them, then they more than likely find you attractive. Depending who they are, they might also follow-up with a DM themselves replying to an Instagram story you've posted, or simply compliment you. Or, they could be waiting for you to do that.

With Snapchat, something similar happens. If anytime you post a selfie they're replying to you with heart-eye emojis, or are the first ones to view it, they could have a Snapchat-crush on you. This makes it easier for you to shoot your shot with them if they display these behaviors, or on the other hand, if you're the one doing it to them and they don't seem to mind it, you basically have your foot in the door. Just make sure you're not overbearing them with compliments on their stories, and try to have a conversation about something besides sex before you ask to meet up.

With Twitter, there's a few more different ways to tell if you could potentially hook up with someone or not. One way is through their favoriting tweets feature. If someone constantly favorites the things you tweet, that's often used as a way to hint at someone that you think they're attractive. If they reply to your tweets often, especially through DM, then that could also be another sign. Another thing unique to Twitter is something called subtweeting. This is when people make indirect tweets about you, but you know they are because they're oddly specific, or you just have that feeling that they are. The person making the tweet won't mention you with your '@' name; they'll simply just start the tweet.

You could use any of these methods to figure out if someone's into you, or you could use them yourself to express interest in someone before shooting your shot.

Method 3: Look Through Your Contacts

Last but not least, the most direct manner possible for getting laid using your phone is to hit up someone already in your contacts. There's got to be at least one person you've been eyeing or wouldn't mind getting in bed within your phone. This method goes back to the old days when booty calls were a thing. Now, I guess, you could call them booty texts, since that's everyone's preferred method of communication these days. If you choose to go with this method, make sure you pick someone you know you have a chance with. Don't just pick out the hottest person in your contacts if the situation is iffy, be it because they're in a relationship, you guys had a falling out, or you just haven't talked to them in ages because that could go pretty bad. A random text out of the blue from someone you haven't spoken to in forever asking something like "U up?" or "Wyd?" or anything more explicit can be creepy. You can always still try, though, but you'd probably want to start by asking how they've been and if they'd like to meet to catch up. Otherwise, stick with someone you know might say yes to hooking up with you.

You never want to start out with a dirty text, though, because you're sure to get your number blocked. Instead, you should start out with a "Hi" at least, and build up to it.