Try this Controversial Sexting App Before it Gets Banned

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When it comes to sexting, I'd expect a lot of people usually use Snapchat. Those who really trust their partner probably sext over text messaging, but is that really safe with all those hackers out there? The last thing you want is to end up as a part of another Fappening.

But what about those of us who want to sext with complete privacy? Or almost complete privacy? What about those of us who want to make sure there is virtually no possible way for our nudes to get back to us? What about those of us who don't want to sext someone that we already know, but we'd instead find a stranger online?

Whether you're concerned with keeping your nudes away from your ex (or current partner) or keeping them from being linked back to you, there's a sexting app that you absolutely have to try. However, because of the level of anonymity that they give their users, they keep popping up in court cases.

With the ever-present threat of being thrown out of the app store from Apple looming over this particular app, you may want to get your experience with the app in now before you can't!

So what app are we talking about? Read on to find out…

controversial sexting apps you need to try

Kik: The king of sexting apps

Kik has become one of the best sketchy-slash-sexting apps out there. I'm sure if you've been around teenagers or been on the internet you've heard the term "Kik me" or "You got kik?" over a thousand times.

Apart from Snapchat, Kik is one of the most popular chat apps used by young people. And while Snapchat admittedly has a sexy side, Kik has a filthy side. People use the app to do everything from communicating with their friends on gaming apps or social media to straight up sell drugs. The people who aren't using the app for contraband or to arrange their next World of Warcraft raid, are using it to sext!

If you aren't telling someone you explicitly know to Kik you for any number of reasons, odds are if you tweet out your username and a request for people to Kik you, you're going to get nudes.

Yes, strangers will take the liberty to send immediate unsolicited dick pics to your username if you put it out there.

Dick pics aside, Kik is a really great way to communicate with people who you want to sext with. It's a highly customizable app that allows you to change your username at will. Usernames are how users contact one another. So if you decide you want a fresh start, you can change your username and start all over without any of your former friends having contact with you!

Another reason why Kik is the choice sexting app for many is that the app doesn't store your messages or data up in a cloud or on their servers. All of your information is stored on your phone (which is why it makes it an appealing app for drug dealers). So if you want to delete your messages, they will actually be deleted forever if you choose to delete them.

With the ability to change your username at will and have control over who stores your sexts, you can see why it's a choice app for those looking to sext too. Plus, because "Kik me" is almost a universal codeword for "sext me" it won't be difficult for you to find a stranger to message. Additionally, if you're on dating apps, you'll find that a lot of people list their Kik username. These are more options for you to Kik! People on fetish sites and roulette sites usually also give out their Kik in place of a social media account or phone number.

However, if Kik doesn't seem like it suits your needs, we listed a couple more weird and crazy apps that you can use to get your rocks off too:

  • Omegle: For sexting strangers

    If you're looking for some serious internet strange, then you should look to Omegle - which I regard as the best roulette site out there.

    Fortunately, they're still in the app store - for now. The site works as your basic roulette site in most respects. You can log on - without logging in - and connect with a random user over text or webcam. If you want to have a specific kind of conversation - a cough, cough, like sexting - then you can add interests to an interests box. You type them in separated by commas, and then the app will connect you with someone with a similar interest - like sexting!

    You can also connect to college chat if you're interested in talking to people who are strictly your own age or in the same college as you! All you have to do is confirm your student email.

    You can use a section of the site that's more targeted toward adults which is an unmoderated cam section. Or you can choose to go to the moderated section in hopes of seeing less faceless torsos with their dicks out.

  • Kaboom: For self destructing sexts

    So, let's say you're having a particularly steamy conversation in the DMs (because that's where it goes down, duh). And let's say you want to send a nude or particularly compromising message, but you don't want it to last forever. This is where Kaboom comes in. It'll self destruct your sexts. Similar to what Snapchat already does, Kaboom makes your messages disappear over different platforms.

    This is helpful those people who want to keep their conversations private and keep them on the same platform instead of handing out their personal information and other social media profiles.

  • Confide: For ultimate privacy

    This app promises the same kind of "privacy and security as the spoken word." And when that comes to sexts and dirty photos, this is the most secure app you could possibly use to communicate. Not only does the app encrypt your data, but it also makes messages disappear after they've been read over once.

    This feature is great because it ensures that no one can keep your messages and use them against you later. Plus, the chat is screenshot proof. While Snapchat promises to disappear your messages too, that app is not immune to screenshots which can pose a problem for important or very private people. And similar to Kik there is no data stored on Confide's servers… but no data will be stored on your phone either. Everything is wiped after it's read.

    This app is free to use, but upgrades will cost you!

  • Signal: Encrypt your sexts

    Signal is very similar to Confide in many ways! However, Signal is extremely simple and bare bones - which makes it very easy to use. It's just like sexting except your conversations are encrypted.

    You can also make it, so your messages have an expiration date. Sure, you can delete them on your own, or you can set the app to delete them after a certain amount of time automatically.