5 Weird Ways Sexting Online Improved my Sex Life (IRL)

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Getting laid can be fucking hard sometimes. Sometimes you just have no idea what you should say, or you go too hard too fast. Sometimes you're too shy and strikeout. Regardless of your problem - whether going full throttle or not giving it enough gas - you may be surprised to hear it from me that you should take a break from trying to get laid in RL and try sexting instead.

While you may feel lazy or defeated if you're only getting digital sex lately, you shouldn't. Honestly, if you've hit a dreaded sexual dry spell or if you're too busy to arrange a dick appointment I wholeheartedly encourage you to sext.

Why? Well, when you're sexting, you're creating a sexual scenario in your head. You're walking through everything from flirting to foreplay to getting it on. It's like mental practice for actual sex.

I hit a dry spell that was almost so long that I probably could have been considered a virgin again. Honestly, it was that bad. I was so busy building my career that sex wasn't even on my priority list. So when I finally had time and energy to start flirting again, it was like learning to walk again after a car accident. It was horrible. I had no fucking idea what I was doing.

So, after a few embarrassing attempts, I turned to my phone for relief. I started talking to people online and through dating apps that were well out of reach. I started talking to people that I knew would never travel thousands of miles to reach me but that would definitely be interested in exchanging nudes and dirty texts.

After sexting, for a while, I regained confidence in my sexual abilities and felt like I was ready to start flirting it attainable people again. And honestly, I hit a home run the first night I tried to get someone to go home with me.

If you're having trouble getting laid in real life, you should stick to sexting until you get your groove back. Here are a few weird and unexpected ways sexting changed my sex life for the better:

how sexting improved my sex life

  1. Sexting Improved My Flirting Game x100

    When it comes to flirting, sexting is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills. Since everything you're doing over sexting (apart from sending nudes) consists of words - and the occasional emoji - you'll get a pretty good idea of what women want to hear from you.

    You'll get a great idea of what kind of lines you should use to pick up a girl at a bar or whenever you're out.

    Plus, you can get a good idea of what you're doing wrong. Since sexting requires much less engagement and effort, girls are likely just to stop messaging back if you say or do something that they don't find sexy at all. While internet rejection isn't fun, at least there's less of a sting than rejection in real life.

    Honestly, you'll learn very quickly from sexing what you should say and exactly when to say it. Girls will be impressed with how you know what to say without being too cheesy or too sexual. You'll learn how to create that gradual build that eventually leads to sex.

  2. I Know What Women Want

    Communication is a skill that a lot of people have yet to learn. And when it comes to asking what people want in bed, it can be a little awkward at first.

    But since sexting is all communication - more words than actual physical action - you'll learn to ask what a woman wants. This will help you when it comes to communication in bed. Sure, it's sexy when a guy knows all the right moves without uttering a word. But it's uncomfortable when I guy doesn't say anything in bed. Don't worry about being the silent and sexy Don Juan. Be more concerned with asking what she wants, how she wants it, and if what you're doing feels good.

    Plus, when you're sexting a girl is going to tell you exactly what they want you to do with them. They're going to tell you that they wish you were doing x, y, and z to them. Because that's what sexting is. Sexting is just talking really really dirty and explicitly telling someone how you're imagining them fucking you.

  3. I NEVER Skip Foreplay

    One thing I've learned from sexting is how important foreplay is. Honestly, if you're skipping foreplay, you don't deserve to have sex. While guys can go from zero to one-hundred in a matter of seconds, women need some time to warm up the engine… if you catch what I mean. You can't just skip the making out and the feeling up in order to get straight to the fucking.

    Honestly, learn to enjoy foreplay. You should be getting just as much satisfaction knowing that you're good in bed as you get from actually getting off.

    Plus, tons of surveys show that women and men both wish that foreplay lasted longer. Sure, quickies have their place but don't skip foreplay.

  4. My Dirty Talk is Off the Charts

    Like I said earlier, sexting is essentially talking really really dirty over text. So naturally, after I put in some serious hours sexting, my dirty talk was off the charts.

    Women agree that they don't like it when guys are silent in bed. Girls specifically have said that they think it's weird when guys don't even make moaning noises much less speak. Talking dirty is pretty important when it comes to having steamy sex.

    You should definitely say things that would make you blush if anyone heard you say that in the light of day. When it comes to what's said between the sheets the dirtier, the better. Plus, women live for erotica, so why wouldn't you want to talk dirty in bed?

  5. Social Media Flirting is Second Nature

    Flirting over social media is one of the most challenging things for a lot of people in the digital age. It's fucking hard to talk to people over text on social media and make sure that your intention and inflection comes across. The last thing you want is for someone to mistake something you think sounds cute and sarcastic in your head for something outright rude.

    But when you're doing the majority of your communication over text, you quickly learn what works and what doesn't. You learn when emojis are appropriate and when they kill the mood. You learn how to communicate without all the context that comes with speaking in person.

    Learning how to do this definitely helped my game because I was instantly getting laid 100x more because of the people I was flirting with over social media.