3 Controversial Sexting Websites That Actually Work

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If you've ever taken an interest in sexting then you've probably also taken an interest in what the internet has to offer you. Searching for sexting sites is next to impossible when you don't know what to look for.

So for your convenience, I've gathered my extensive knowledge about sexting sites so that just about anyone can get sexting within minutes. Free of charge. With these three sites, you'll be swimming in pussy pics like it's 2013 again. Let's get into it.

top 3 sexting sites

  1. SextLocal

    SextLocal isn't just sitting at the top of my list for no reason, folks. It's earned its place among the greatest of greats by providing an excellent service to their users. What's the service you ask? Well, anonymous sexting of course!

    When you sign up for this site, you get instantly matched with local girls who are interested in nothing but sexting. It sounds hard to believe, I know, but you'd be a fool not to seize this opportunity while you still have the chance. Sites like this one usually cause quite the upset in the "adult" business and for a good reason.

    People end up getting so upset that sites like SextLocal are taking up all of their web traffic that they actually get the sites shut down through a series of dumb, nonsense loopholes in web-law. It's a pretty scummy move, but it's just part of the cycle I suppose.

    By paying a small monthly fee you unlock the ability to chat up one of these girls literally whenever you want to. You don't even have to be jerking off either. Sometimes they just want o talk with you and see how your day is going. It's pretty nice.

    The girls aren't just sweet on you either - they're horny as all hell, not to mention hotter than hellfire. It's going to get real toasty up in this piece if you don't watch yourself.

    These girls are willing to have conversation after conversation with you about anything that comes into your head. If you enter a chat with some girl who you really bond with, you might even be able to secure her snapchat or maybe even her Instagram. You never know what's in store for you on SextLocal.

    That's probably why so many other sites are getting jealous over the amount of "stolen" web traffic. It's just so damn sad to me how hard people work on sites like these, just to see them get ripped from the face of the internet a day later. You better take advantage of this site right now before it's just another fact hidden within the deep history of the internet.

  2. JustHookup

    JustHookup has to easily be the second best sexting site a guy can find on the web today. It's #2 spot was not just handed to them. Well, I guess It's just me making this so... Maybe I did.

    It doesn't matter. This site is without a doubt the next best thing, and when SextLocal inevitably gets shut down, this site is going to get that #1 rank it wants so badly - and deserves. It's actually very similar to Sextlocal except for a few minor differences.

    When you log into SextLocal, you're greeted by a simple message or two, while JustHookup is like diving on a like hand grenade full of messages from cuties all over your town. Sure, they might not be as eager to chat with you, but when you've got numbers as they do - it doesn't really matter.

    There's just such a thrill when you sign into this site and see all those thirty girls trying to chat with you. Besides the obvious difference in the number of users, JustHookup has a few more differences that set it apart from its counterpart. See, the thing about SextLocal is that it's just for sexting.

    Originally JustHookup was made for people that want nothing more than to hook up with people in their town, but it's turned into something else entirely. After years of use, the site started to notice the vast amount of people that were only using the chat feature instead of actually meeting up to fuck.

    For some odd reason, the people on this site are dedicated to finding someone to sext with - no strings attached. Pretty great right? It's a reaction I haven't seen happen on any other sexting or hookup sites in all my years. It's safe to say that this site will most likely be taken away from us all soon enough. Two years is an awfully long time to exist for a hookup site.

    There is a membership fee, but I can tell you with all honesty - it's worth it. Every goddamn penny. Ever since I got my own membership I noticed my inbox has been overflowing with messages from cute girls in my town that just want to exchange snapchat usernames. Go head over to the site if you don't believe me. You can thank me later.

  3. Omegle

    A weird choice, I know, but using Omegle to find people to sext with is kind of a no-brainer. I mean, it's a site that people go onto so they can chat the night away with strangers from all over the world.

    The site's catchphrase is literally "talk to strangers!" for Christ's sake. It can't get any better than that if you're looking for a site for sexting with real people, any time of the day.

    When your site is full of people trying to talk with strangers, it's kind of a given that they are all horny as all hell. There's just something about chatting with a real person somewhere around the world. You don't know their age, name, sex, or gender, so there's a possibility that you'll end up chatting with an old lady, but there's also (statistically) a higher chance that you're actually talking with a hot 18-year-old college girl with a dripping snatch.

    Oh yeah, and the best part about this site is that it's F R E E. Totaly free. These other sites for sexting always have the chance of stealing your card info, or charging you extra monthly fees, or maybe even steal your identity. On Omegle, you can browse and chat all day long without ever spending a penny. As long as you have an internet connection, you'll be able to chat with these girls and maybe even get someones snapchat!

    I've only been on the site every week since it came out, so it's easy for me to tell you how great it is, but if you want to go check it out for yourself then I'd say that's a pretty good idea. There aren't any sketchy pop-up ads or credit card questions. Just sexy chatting, nonstop.


    Oh, and don't get lost down the rabbit hole of Omegle. It can be , and you'd have no idea how long you've been looking at that monitor. Have fun!