Here Are the Top 3 Sexting Sites [2019 List]

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Sexting doesn't get the credit it deserves. Of course, we'd all prefer the real thing over texting when it comes to sex, but there's still a sensation that you get from sexting that's incomparable to anything else. Especially if you have yet to hook up with the person you're sexting, it can build the sexual tension even greater and make for the real thing to be even more exciting. Or, if you're not planning on having sex with someone in your area, you could always enjoy a good sexting convo with practically anyone in the world as a way to unwind and choose something other than porn to relieve your desires.

Bottom line is, everyone can benefit from sexting. If you're single you can use it as a way to get sexual satisfaction or warm up your potential partners, if you're in a relationship you can use it as a way to be more intimate with your lover, and long distance couples can even send each other touches through their phones. There's a reason to sext for anyone, whether it's for pleasure or to practice your skills, and there are a few places where you can do that online.

Here are three websites you can use to find people to sext with and have some of the best conversations of your life.

top 3 sexting sites


If you're more of a visual person like myself, then you'll enjoy SnapSext. It's a sexting site where there's an emphasis on photos and videos; meaning that everyone on the sites likes to exchange nudes with the people they sext. It's definitely your more unconventional dating "app," as it connects you with people who want to sext rather than date, but that might be even better in my opinion.

The way it works is that you sign up on the website to create your account, and then you set up your profile that others will see. While you're signing up you can indicate what it is you're looking for, such as online dates, threesomes, or friends with benefits. You'll notice once you get access to SnapSext that it sort of looks like a dirty version of Facebook. Users can post to their profiles that will show up in the 'newsfeed' of other members, and you can share whatever you want. After browsing the site for a few minutes, you'll see that no one on this site is shy. Be prepared to be bombarded with literally hundreds of nudes each time you log onto SnapSext.

I like SnapSext because of the fact that it's so visual-oriented, and it's the best place to get nudes if you're looking for them, and to find a consistent sexting partner. Everyone on the site is looking for the same thing as you, so you don't have to feel so awkward about anything.

Try SnapSext today and see for yourself just how many nudes you'll get sent.


If you're looking for something more mobile-friendly, then Arousr is the best option for you. While you can still access it through your desktop, Arousr also comes in a mobile-friendly app and can be accessed through your mobile browser, as well. It's a lot more secure than other sites of its nature, and you sign up using your phone number.

Arousr is a safe choice if you're willing to chat with what they call their chat hosts. These are girls that work for the site, basically, that are available to chat with you either over text, phone call, or video chat. They have a variety of girls and surely have someone you'd want to chat with. The good thing about having these girls is that you'll never have to guess if they're real or not. All of their photos and videos are real, and so is their conversation. Just because they're getting paid for talking to you doesn't mean they don't enjoy it or will put their full effort into it. Besides, these girls know what they're doing, and will surely give you one of the best sexting experiences of your life. They're also much easier to talk to than a random person you're trying to to get to know, and they're more open about everything.

You could take the opportunity when chatting with one of their girls and ask them any question you have regarding sex, and I guarantee they'll be more than willing to answer. plus, they're more likely to explore your fantasies with you and will be open to new things, plus whatever you want to do.

Once you sign up for Arousr you'll automatically receive 100 free credits to use toward your first chat or to get photos and videos from their plenty of girls online. All you need to do to get started is pick the girl you want to talk to and send a text to her phone number.

I like Arousr for the fact that it's easily accessible on your mobile phone, and you can text girls instead of Snapchatting them, plus, you also have the option for 1-on-1 video chat.


Last, but definitely not least, we have SextLocal, another mobile-friendly site that lets you chat up local girls for sexting. You can browse through the profiles of people in your area and chat with any girls you find interesting. Once you've talked to a few people, you'll see that SextLocal will begin to recommend you profiles to chat with based on your previous engagements. This way, you'll see more people that you'd be interested in talking to than not.

There is a surprising amount of users on SextLocal. It's not as known SnapSext or Arousr, but it's been drawing a lot more attention as of late. You'll find that there are tons of girls ready to chat with you, and the best part is that SextLocal also lets you video chat with users.

The best thing about SextLocal is that you can start sexting ASAP. The only downside to them is they're not as secure as something like Arousr, so there tends to be a lot of fake profiles or bots trying to talk to you. As long as you're familiar with some of their tactics you should be able to spot them pretty easily; and remember, if it seems to good to be true, it just might be.