5 Celebrity Snapchat Usernames You Need to Follow

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Celebrities are well known for doing outrageous things on camera, and with the new wave of snapchat hype - it's obvious that nothing has changed.

With everything from nip-slips, to good old fashioned entertainment available on snapchat, these five celebrities are must-follows. Not to mention, none of these accounts will raise any eyebrows if you open them out in public. Well, some of them.

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Kylie Jenner

Her username is kylizzlemynizzl, and she's well worth the follow. Kylie Jenner is a television personality, model, fashion designer, and social media influencer. She's also pretty fucking gorgeous if you ask me. Sure, she's had some work done, but if you wanted an all-natural woman, then you should have followed her sister.

Kylie is in her mid-twenties, and you know what that means - she likes to party. This is evident by her snapchat stories that have been known to be pretty wild. She often shows clips of her friends getting fucked up with her and most of the time she's wearing an outfit that could make a minister abandon his practice entirely.

Recently her snapchat was hacked by someone claiming to have her 'intimate videos' all ready to share with the world - which I'm still waiting on. Sadly, the guy was probably paid off by the family not to post anything, but I mean, who cares? The whole reason why her family is famous in the first place is BECAUSE of a sex tape. Well, that and a murderous football player.

Anyways, Kylie is a ton of fun to follow and if you add her, you might get a sneak peek at her next nip slip before anyone else.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has to be my favorite snapchat legends of all time. She used to be a Disney star on her own TV show when she was a teenager, but as the years went by and Bella grew up a little, she became a universal sex symbol. Here's a link to her NSFW subreddit - in case you're wondering how hot she is.

She's a short redheaded girl with a big ass and some of the best fake tits I've ever seen. If you clicked on that subreddit link and came back, you're a stronger man than I. For every kind who fantasized about her on Disney; this one is for you. Her snapchat is bellathornedab - which is your reward for returning.

You'd be surprised to find out how easy it is to get caught up in an endless subreddit browsing session - especially when it involves naked celebrities. And yes, Bella regularly posts nip slips and other sexy videos of her flirting/fondling her friends after a few drinks. Thank god all of these young celebrities like to drink.

Even though there are more than enough videos and photos of this girl's tits, following her on snapchat just makes you feel that much closer to her. And just like Kylie's snapchat, you might be able to catch a nip slip in real time, and you know what that means - it's time to screenshot. Go add her and enjoy yourself.

Kendall Jenner

It's a popular opinion to believe Kylie Jenner is hotter than her sister Kendall, but I don't think that could be further from the truth. Kendall (in my opinion) is more beautiful than Kylie in every way - mostly because of her natural look. Her snapchat is: kendalljener if you feel like adding one of the hottest 'celebrities' of 2019.

Kendall, much like her sister, enjoys herself a little partying, so it's safe to say her snapchats are entertaining. If you end up following Kylie and Kendall, you'll find that there is a lot of cross-over in their selfies. They're sisters. What are you guna do? Complain?

Kendall is known to have some pretty scandalous snapchat stories in her day. When she went to Coachella she wore this completely see-through lace top that the paparazzi couldn't get enough of, and neither could her fans. Her snapchat (as well as her sisters) was full of videos featuring the top, and since then there have been many other sexy outfits featured.

By following the Jenner girls, you can get a taste of their extravagant lifestyle as well as their sexy little outfits. PLus who knows? The next nip slip might be tomorrow, so go add her. Quick!

Peyton List

Peyton List is yet another Disney girl - which is a good sign. Her snapchat is: lalapeyton, and it is fantastic on so many different levels. Just to start - Peyton is 20 years old, so she's just one year away from being hammered-drunk on her snapchat story every other night. And everyone knows that when a Disney star turns 21, she's bound to give in to her wild side.

Following Peyton on snapchat is a good time for no other reason than because she is so god damned beautiful. If you want to check out her subreddit, click right here. For those of you who haven't seen her before, I could only describe her as a girl that would make you do a double take if you ever saw her in public. She's almost like Hayden Panettiere, but younger and not married.

On top of being drop-dead gorgeous, she's also got a cute little butt and a pair of supreme 20-year-old titties. Because she's only had a couple of nip slips on social media, the next one has to be coming soon. I mean, it's been months.

ANyways, add her on snapchat if you're looking for your daily dose of sexy blonde celebrity. Once again, her username is: lalapeyton - and she's waiting for you to add her right now.

Mia Khalifa

Fading away from porn a bit in the last few years, Mia Khalifa has become somewhat of an internet personality. After being on the Roosterteeth podcast, and various other platforms for interviews, she's all over snapchat.

Her snapchat is incredible, to put it lightly. Here is a link to her subreddit, where you can see her in all of her G-cup glory. Wow - I never really noticed before, but her face is so beautiful. I guess I never looked up from her tits after all this time, but she could be (and probably is) a model.

Her snapchat username is: thedcsportsgirl

I'm not quite sure why she went with the innocent username, because sometimes her snapchats are anything but, I mean, how can you walk around with a face like that and titties the size of Texas without making a big deal about it on snapchat? The short answer is; you can't. That's why her snapchat is so entertaining as well as boner-provoking. Just do yourself a favor and add her ASAP.