Here's How to Find Nude Snapchat Usernames

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There are a hundred different websites and methods used by guys all over the world to help them secure those sweet, sweet snapchat usernames. Because when you're looking for some quality sexual content, and you've had your fill of porn, there's nothing better than sexting with a real hottie on the other side.

With internet porn on an almost exponential rise in popularity over the past ten years, it's hard to imagine a person getting sick of something that beautiful. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

And when internet porn isn't doing the job anymore, it's time to take a break and explore the exciting new world of snapchat - and all of the usernames that come along with it. Let me show you the best way to find nude snapchat usernames. Let's go.


NSFW_Snapchat should always be your first stop when looking for snapchat usernames. It's a website that many of us are already familiar with, ao you know that it's quality. We've all been to those sketchy forums that have nothing but bots and pop-up ads. Reddit is nothing like that - thank god.

This subreddit is all about Snapchat porn. With everything from pornstars' 'premium' account leaks to snapchat nip slips of famous celebrities - this subreddit has it all. But wait a minute. We aren't looking for porn - we are looking for usernames. That's why it ALSO has real nude girls posting there every day looking for guys to sext them.

I know it might seem illegitimate at times, but it's legit - most of the time. You have to be careful about those catfish snooping around Reddit, looking to take advantage of any poor sob with a credit card. Your best bet is googling the girls' usernames before adding them. If their username pops up along with a bunch of nudies of the same girl, then she's probably good to go.

However if nothing besides other blog posts featuring her name show up where she's asking people to add her, then she is probably a he, and he is stealing your info. Besides a large amount of original nude snapchat content, this subreddit has a very active user base that is constantly posting, reviewing and voting on which post is the best - giving you fresh content every few hours. Check it out.


Now, hear me out. I'm not here to try and tell you that every single girl on Tinder is slutty enough to share some private photos with you - because that's not the case. While tons of girls in your area are swarming Tinder every minute, only a few handfuls of them are down to sext a stranger.

I've developed a fool-proof method for attracting these girls and making them want to stick around. First, you're going to need a Tinder account. Obviously.

Second, you'll need a great attitude because you're going to be dealing with a lot of rejection here in a minute. Basically, what we want to do is make a bio that says little else besides, "just looking for some fun." By adding this as your bio, and hopefully some above-average photos, girls will want to talk to you, but they can't say they haven't been warned. Oh, and be sure to make your searching distance is set to 100 miles. That way you can add strangers from around the country that you've never even heard of before.

Once you've racked up a few matches, you're going to want to start things off slow. After a couple of baseline messages between you and her, you should be a little more direct. Ask her if she has a snapchat first. If she sends you her snapchat, you're good. It's safe to say you've been rejected once she says, "yes" or doesn't reply at all. Sometimes a "yes" can be recoverable with the right responses, but if it's that much work to get her snapchat, then getting her to send pictures of her asshole is going to be a real challenge.

After a decent amount of rejection, you should have closed at least one deal with a hottie. Now, do this over and over again until you have a collection of snapchat usernames longer than Santa's naughty list. Now go get them you, brave boy.


Truesnaps is perfect for anyone who loves receiving nudes and hates putting in any effort. By using a premium snapchat service like TrueSnaps, anybody can pay a small fee of around $20 a month to have actual pornstars send you snapchats - not to mention the daily snapchat stories that they post.

Models like Lena Paul and Bailey Bae are available on the site for anyone who's got the cash. If you're a really big spender and want to treat these girls to come gifts, they've all got their Amazon Wishlist linked on their pages. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a bunch of kinky sex stuff, but it's just a bunch of normal-people stuff like socks and furniture.

Anyways, sites like TrueSnaps are the easiest way possible for you to collect nude snapchat usernames - plain and simple. Just be careful which site you choose. Some of the lesser-known sites are known for stealing peoples credit card info and usually aren't even connected to the models in any way. Pretty scummy, right?

If you just so happen to be a broke-ass-bitch like myself, you can always just head on over to Reddit to fill the void in your heart for pornstars' premium snapchat stories. Of course, it's not the same as the real thing, but it's not bad.

Word of Warning

If you think you can just click on the first link on Google after you search "dirty usernames snapchat" then you're already dead in the water. Sites like those that seem too good to be true, usually are.

You aren't going to get any legit usernames by using a site that has nothing besides 'dirty usernames' plastered all over the homepage. Odds are, most of them are fake. I'm talking about hundreds of fake accounts that'll promise you everything they can before asking you for your credit card number.

The fake accounts are used to get your snapchat username, which the fake people can sell later to other sites that want to lure you into their own unique scam as well.

That's why you have to be as careful as you can with your info. Be sure NOT to give your card info to anybody other than legit sites with legit reviews. It'd probably be best for you to ask Reddit for some resources since every other snapchat username site is a complete fucking scam. Reddit knows what it's doing. Now, have fun out there, and good luck!