Top 7 Nude Snap Codes to Follow in 2019

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The year is 2019, and adult entertainment has never been so easy to find. In a world where the average person has a device in their pocket capable of accessing a vast collection of knowledge (and porn) whenever they please, it's not surprising that everyone is watching porn.

But after a while, the average porno just doesn't do it for you anymore. That's where Snapchat comes in.

Snapchat is great because it's so much more than a communication app. It gives people the opportunity to show the world a glimpse of their life without ever leaving their bedroom. It's also pretty sweet that all of those adult entertainment stars let you follow them too. Now, let me share a few of their snapchats with you.

Carter Cruise

Snap Code: @Cartercruise

I'll even save you some work and link her subreddit here too.

Carter Cruise is a smoking hot young woman from Atlanta, Georgia - standing at 5 foot, four inches tall, and rocking a killer body. There's almost no chance that you've never seen her before since, beginning in 2013, she's been starring in hundreds of adult films like Second Chances, Meet Carter, and Twisted Fate.

She became so successful in the porn industry that, well - she got out of it. Now she is a successful DJ, but (thank god) she still does a little 'erotic' work on the side. She puts on a real show for her followers, and if you were smart, you'd add her ASAP.

Lucy Doll

Snap Code: @Lucydollxxxxx Subreddit: r/LucyDoll

Lucy Doll has to be one of the cutest porn actresses I've seen in a while. She's full of spunk (both kinds) and ready to entertain anybody with enough cash to deserve it. You can find hundreds of her videos across various streaming sites like Pornhub - and when you do, you'll see why she's such a high-ticket item for people on Snapchat.

She's also a big fan of the whole 'spitroast' thing, so if you're a guy who enjoys watching a girl take it from both sides, you're in luck. Her Snapchat stories regularly feature similar activities, plus some other spicy games. Go ahead, add her.

Naomi Woods

Snap Code: @naomiwoodsxxx1 Subreddit: r/NaomiWoods

You've seen this girl before - there's no doubt about it. She's one of those porn actresses that could have easily been a supermodel but decided against it. She's so beautiful that people on the internet buy her used underwear and socks. Think about that. That's not even attraction at that point; it's just worship.

Anyways, Naomi Woods is known for getting nasty with her co-stars before, during, and after shooting. Her sexual appetite is through the roof, and on Snapcha, it really shows. But if you think that show is free, you're out of your mind. Charging around $20, Naomi receives the much-needed support from her fans that she deserves. Also, gotta get to that bag, am I right? Go and add her, guys. It's worth the money.

Janice Griffith

Snap Code: @thejanicesnap Subreddit: r/NaomiWoods

Janice Griffith has to be one of the most underrated pornstars of our generation. She can give head like a champ, she's fucking beautiful from head to toe, and she's even got a rack that's a 10/10. What more could you want from her? Oh, that's right - her Snap Code.

Well now that you have it, you're free to add her and wake up every morning to a brand new(d) Snapchat story featuring the hottest pornstar you know. And isn't that worth the $20 charge? What would you rather have - a medium pizza with one topping, or a nude snapchat story pushing twenty minutes long, every single day? It shouldn't be that hard of a choice.

Melissa May

Snap Code: @MelissaMayXOXO Subreddit: None :(

Melissa May is new to the game. She's got a handful of videos on the internet for her fans to enjoy, but her main game is Snapchat. I'm sure when she realized she could make over three grand a month showing her titties to paying customers, she suddenly lost interest in getting fucked over by the porn studios.

I've seen a few of her leaked snapchat 'premium' videos, and I gotta say - wow. She carries this attitude of young carelessness, and it's hot - especially when you see what kind of cock-gobbling demon she becomes after a few spankings. Go ahead and add her on Snapchat and find out exactly what I'm talking about.

Jessa Rhodes

Snap Code: @missjessarhodes Subreddit: r/JessRhodes

Jessa Rhodes is the sexy stepmom you've always wanted but never got. She's got the face of an angel and the rack of a Barbie doll. She's into rough anal, and even rougher foreplay. When you're dealing with Jessa Rhodes, you know you're dealing with a pro. She sucks dicks like a champ and from what I've seen in her leaked video, she likes her friends to join her on her sexual expeditions.

Her Snap Codes is available on the internet, but if you want to access, you're going to have to take out a little cash. Take a look at her subreddit to see if she seems like your cup of tea. Or your cup of smoking-hot-MILF. Or whatever.

Adria Rae

Snap Code: @adriaraexxx Subreddit: None :(

Adria Rae. Oh boy. She's my all-time favorite porn star, and her Snapchat is my #1 source of fresh Adria content. I used to go look up her name on every porn site imaginable. Now I just open by Snapchat in the morning, and all my stress is expelled from me. When you look at her face, it's easy to see why so many young men from all over the nation are giving her $20 a month to look at her naked.

The best part is that she doesn't even really strip for you. It's mostly videos of her doing arousing things to her boyfriend, or girlfriend, or whoever she's in the mood for on that day. Really though, she's a demon, and she's waiting for you to add her on Snapchat right now. Go! Do it! And try not to get lost on her subreddit for too long.