Top 5 Sites to Find Snapchat Usernames

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You hear a lot about premium sexy snapchat accounts a lot on social media and blog posts, but when have you actually added one of them? If you're like me, you're dying to find a website that'll give you endless names and endless nudes.

I'm about to list out the top 5 sites anyone can use to find sexy snapchats for free - and some that aren't.

Let's get into makes these five sites so useful for anyone looking to sext, chat, or just follow. Anybody from random teens on the internet, to well-known names in the porn industry, are ready to add you.


Ah, Reddit. It used to be the ultimate source of sketchy content in general until they finally started cracking down on illegal subreddits. Don't worry lads; they've still got porn and lots of it. So much in fact, that the amount of NSFW subreddits is slowly surpassing the number of regular ones.

One of those wonderful NSFW subreddits is called r/NSFW_Snapchat and it's the closest you'll get to sexting with a hot stranger outside of Tinder. Hopefully, you haven't already been sucked into that page, because we've got plenty more where that came from.

NSFW_Snapchat is a site that lets girls and guys post a quick nude, and sometimes even a username. There's also a lot of screen-recorded content from paid snapchat accounts that gets put up there, which is nice. Pretty sure I just saw a video on the homepage of NSFW_Snapchat of Lana Rhodes getting creampied, and then another one of Naomi Woods getting more of the same.

See? That's the kind of content that puts NSFW_Snapchat a the #1 spot on this list. Oh, and if you feel like texting some random hot teen, browse by 'new' on the page's feed. That way you can catch all of the new usernames getting put up right away! Best of luck to you.

If you're looking for something a little more structures, there's this site called that gives you the chance to add famous pornstars on snapchat! Girls like aliciacrissy, hotlaura1, and kittysnaps19 are all waiting on the site for you to add them on snapchat.

The site has a section where they display usernames belonging to a huge range of professional snapchatters that are all ready to start sexting at a moments notice. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I recently added about 5 of these snaps on my phone before writing this article. Long story short, I got 3 of them to work, and I got two of them to snap me back!

If you want most of these girls to send you some really nasty nudes then you should consider talking to them more. Even the girls who want nothing more than to suck your cock dry need a little extra conversational comfort before you start sending off dozens of dick pics. Not that I'm telling you how to go about this, but I'm just speaking from experience.

When you're browsing this site, you might come across a scam username. Avoid those. They'll immediately ask you for your credit card info, and they'll never even send you a picture of their face. I know it sucks, but that's the price you've gotta pay when you're looking for virtual sex on the internet. Just be careful, OK?

Most of us have all heard about this site at one point or another, but have you ever really jumped in and immersed yourself into its content? I hadn't until today, but I'm glad I did. Seriously, this site is a gold mine for anyone looking for premium snapchats.

In case you aren't aware, premium snapchat accounts are created by famous pornstars or titty streamers to rake in as much cash as humanly possible, while still providing a service. I might sound mad, but that's just because I want strangers on the internet to buy me things on my Amazon Wishlist too. Damnit.

Anyways, these accounts are a hell of a lot better than anything you'll find on Reddit or snaphotnames. These girls upload stories all day long of them in sexy clothes, masturbating, and getting fucked sometimes by their boyfriends. Pretty nice, right? Well, premium content comes at a premium price, folks. And these girls aren't cheap.

Some of them are giving out their premium snapchat usernames for as low as $20 a month, while some are asking for over $40. Depending on your checking accounts balance, you might not be able to afford such a service. I know I can't. Don't fret - just go back on Reddit.


This one is one of the most dangerous sites on this list, but it's also the most exciting. If you're worried about your computer getting a virus, don't be. The only way you're going to get caught up in some bullshit on this site is if you do it to yourself.

Catfish are everywhere, and the only way for you to dodge them is by using your wits. Don't be the guy who falls for a girl on Reddit and instantly gives her his credit card info. Actually, never give away your card info to anyone other than a legit porn site. Otherwise, you'll end up with your account overdrawn and nobody will be to blame other than yourself.

It's OK, we've all been there at one point or another, and there's no shame in it. Just don't let it happen again.

Anyways, this site is for horny girls to post a picture of themselves and include their snapchat username. Next, they ask for you to write your username in the comment section so they can confirm you. There are more bots and fake account on this site than real ones, but if you ever find a legit girl who's looking to chat, it's a great experience for both of you.

Just be sure to keep that credit card hidden away for now. If you need to - Venmo them. Just be sure they're not going to get your money and delete your account from their friendslist. It's happened before.

Those are my tops sites for snapchat usernames, and they're an excellent resource for anyone who's fed up with fishing for sluts on Tinder. They're just too few and too far between, you know?